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Attention, Peach Growers

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To tliose wlio lind themse.vos, for the first time, with a erop of peaches on their hands, the most important quostioa is - how to dispose of il? If a corumission dealer in a city mnrkot has not been selected, this should be nltunded to at once. It is not difflcult to ascertain the reputation of such men, and having seleeted one, stick to him. All sorts of shvsters will como alonr, as the fruit is near ripcning, offcring botter terms than any otio cïse; usuully tlicse have no regular place of business, but soll on the doek, or at the depot, if they get a consignrnent. In m:ny looalities drying or evaporatinsr, and canning faetones, have been cstablished; it wilt be wcll to asceriain if the fruit niay not be contracted for :it these on favorable terms, and tbné nvoitl inueh of the labor and uncertainly of marketing. If the erop is to bc markelei!, of course the kind of paekages lias boen decidcd upon and procured. The novice in Eeach growing'has mach trouble with is pickers. He can not afford to piek himsolf, but must watch the others. The great trouble is froui over-ripo fruit. A sinyle soft noauli will spoil a cvate or basket, should it become "leaky." Where experienced pickers are to bc had, they assort as they piek, but even in the large orchards it is now beconiing tlio eustom to assort afterwards. All the fruit properly ripe is picked, anti then taken totlie "sortera, " or "cullers," wlio makc throo or four qualilies, as may be decidod npon. ïhis work is dono in a shed fov the purpose, or tempörary tables of boards upon horses, upon whioh to spread the fruits, are placed in the orchard. The v.ery finest peaches go as "extra," and the packages of these are "twiggcd," i. e., a small braneh of peach leaves is placed at the top. A seoond and a third quality are mado by gome, vvhile others send but two. All the over-ripe, badlyshapod, speckeJ, or otherwisc fanlty peaches, are placed iu a third or fourth basket, as mav bc, to be used at home, orfedto tUe'pigs. Whcther two or three grades are sent to tha market, let the "be distinctiy marked. Let tho quality be the sime all throtigh the paCKÏlgC, II Lliu "n;i;i tvioucs lv intr nis braad icquire :i good reputation. It is allowablo to placo the top layer with tiheir colored sides uppermost, bat not to "deacon" or "top off" with large peaches, while all below are inferior. Retailors, who buy the most of the peachos sent to raarket, soon learn whioh brands turn out tlio best, and


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