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The Terror of the South. Jasi-eh, Fla. - Mr. Broadman W. Wilson travelingfor A. G. Alford & Co., dealers in Fhearrns and Cutlery, Baltimore, was prostrated here, with the "break-bonefever;" ho asserts that in his own, as well as in the e ase of many others, the only thing found to ï'elieve this painful malady was St. Jacobs Oil. Ihis wonderhu pam-curc has the endorsement of such men as Ex-Postmaster General James, Senator Daniel W. Voorhees, andan army of others. Positive, beer; comparativo tiglit; suporlative, arrest.- N. Y. Journal. Kheumatism is the most painful and most troublesome disease that alflicts hunianity It comes wheii we least expeet it and when we havo no timo to be interviewed by it. The only roliable remedy thet we ever found is Johnson 's Anodync Liniment. It is the name of the printer that generally foots the bill. - Boston Star. Ncadly all diseases that ailliet humanity origínate in ihc stomacb, liyer or bowels, and migkt be prevented iL peoplo would use a little cornmon sense but they will not. They rather take Parson' s Purgative PMs, because one is a dose. The striker who doesn't succeed suffers capital punishment. - Boston Star. Bütlek, N, Y.. Feu. 25, '82. llheumalic Synq Co.: Gents - I wish to expresa my appreciation of your wonderful remedy for íhe cure of rheumatism, dvspepsia and general debihty. I have been a great sulïerer f rom that terrible disease - rheumatism - for more than a year, and could get no rest or relief day nor-night for the vvhole time. Like almost everybody else similarly afflicted, I tried many different remedies, and consultad a nuniher of nhvsicians. But tina; only temporary relief from any of these sources I almost despaired of ever again being restored to my normal condition, and once more f ree from pain. At this time, hearing so many reeommend your liheumatic Syrup as an infallable cure forrheumatism.and knowthat they had been troubled tlie same myself and were now permanontly cured by the use of your remedy, I was inspired by their unbounded f;iith in its healing povvers, and resolved to test its efh'cacy in my own case; and the result of it all is that after taking fout bottles, my rheumatism had all disappeared, añd now, thanks to your Rheumatic Syrup, It'eltliko anewman, andcheerftlly reeommend the liheumatic Syrup to all who are suftering with rheumatism. John Keynolds. If a beggar abuses you tío not mind it, for it is only a vague-raat. - Judge. Mensman'h PjcitonizkI) Meef Toxic. the only preparation of beef (.-ontainiiiíí its entire nutritlous properties It contalns blood-inakinK, force-nencrating and life-sustaininj? properties; invaluiible for Indigestión, DYSrEPSlA, nervous prostration, and all iorms of general deblllty; also, in all cnfeeLled condiüona, whether the result of oxliaustion nervous prostration. overwork, oracutedisease.particularlyif reyultingfroin pulmonarycomphiints. CASWELL, IIAZAKD & Oo., Proprictors. New York. Sold by Uruggistn. Fob twenty years I was a sufiercr dnrlng the eummer monlhs with Hay Fever. I procured a bottle of Ely's Cream Balm, and was cured before it wasused. - Chaklotïe Pabkeii, VVaverly, N. Y. Frice 50c. By taking reveuge, a man is but even with nis enemy ; but in passing it ovtr ho is superior. - Bacon. Important. VVben you vieit or leave New York City save Baggage Expressage and Carriage Hire and stop at the Grand Union Hotel opposite Grand Central Depot. Elegant rooms fltted up at a cost of one million dollars, red eed to $1 and upwards per day. European Plan. Eleyator. ite6taurant supplie d witn the best. Horse cars, stages a nd elevated railroaö to all depots. Families can live better for less money at the brand Union Hotel than at any other first-class hotel in the city. . Buil Bill is to guide the Earl of Dunraven, Lord Mandeville and some Hartford gentlemen tliroagh a liunting trip in the far West. The medical proporties of petroleum nave long beeu known to the aborigines, and since Carboliue,the deordorized extract of petroleum has become so well known as a bair restoier and dressing, petroleum is becoming famous as a new medical agent, and taires front rank among the ntw remedies as a hair dressing. Carboline is 6imply immense. Try it. Somebody has said that mean men are the best at guessing conondrum8. This comes from the fact that they hate to give anything up.- New York News. Tampico, Tenn. - Rev. D. F. Manly, says: "Brown's 1 ron Bitters relieved rué oí indigestión and nervousness after pbysieians failed." He is most to bïmne who breaks the law- do matter unclcr what provocat ion he act.- Wellington. The first medical echool íor women iu Canada wlinepjaVTojnOjctobeiJ,. Afí1:LÍI"S5llk. Inchronlcdysptp'ifl'tiH 1,1 is Dlksi:l and 'iver '■'""'" IJ "■ ■ ■ LH V plaint.iindinchrunk n V BtltBRATEB ■ IJ col stlpation and fyfV SBPlrWl loyond all compari éfflïiPvilvr' .Mm un1 vital energy of "i tablo Invigorant ia confeaweül y u n1. STOMACH- f equaled. EVllUBlE F1 For Halo by all I-M m M ' ■ hI DrugKiats - t From Mrs. .John Spitier. No. 28 Wilt St., Fort VVayne, Ind. j I have suffere J for eixteen years with spasmodic pain in my head, and general nervoue debility. Recently I had a severo attaek oí pain in my head, caused by weakness and nervous exhaustion. I really thought I Bhould die, my husband said we would test Zoa-Phora thoroughly. ]Ie gave it to me aceording to directipns for a eevere case, and in less than two hours I had complete reüef. I advise all ladies who suffer from uervous or sick headache, or any form of female weakness, to use Zoa-Phora. There is no medicine to compare with it. May 15, 1882. Sold by Druggists. Mother SffAS'8 WORM SYRTTP," ior feverishness rastlessncss, worms constipation. Tasteless üóc Joy to the Invalid.- Persons affllcted with any of thejdiseases arislng írom a disordered liver, stomach nervous debility, dyspepsia or liver complaint, should try Perry Dayts' Pain Killer. It seldom f ails to effect a cure in a very short time. Look Out For Frauda! Tho genuino "Rough on Ooms" is made only by E. S, VVulls (Proprletor of "Rough on Kats") and has Uiughlng f aco or a man on labels. 15c. & 25c. Boules H ay-fevek. After trving in vain for eleven years to cure my Hay Feyer, I purch6ed a 'bottle of Ely's Crearn Balm, which entirely relieved me.- It. W. Harris, Letter Carrier, Newark, N. J. 'ROUGH ON KATS." Clears out rats, mlce, roaches, bed-bugs. antB. yermln. chlDmunks. Ugly bïotehes and stubborn sores are curcd by Smuritan Nenine. $1.50 "BUCHU-PAIBA. ' Quick. complete cure, all auuoying Kidney and Urlnary Dtseasee. 1 Tiib habit of running over boots or shoes correeted with Lvon's Patent Heel Stiffenere. One Detroit lady saved last year over $100 by using Briggs' self stamping transfer patterns. A larpre iltustratd catalogue is mailed for 20c. or sample on receipt of stamps to G. L. Fox, 230 Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Mr. P. Rucker, of Davis Mills, Va., says: "Dr. Richmond's Samariian Nervine cured my dauehter's fits." Cali for it at your Druggi'stP. " Krazer Axle (ïrease Is best tn the world. Vt&ier Axle Grease is best In the world. b'razer Axle Grense Is best in the world A dull proser is more endurable than a dull joker.- Burke. , Vigor, strength and healtb, all fonnd in one bottle of Brown's Iron Bitters. Origina'.ityisnothingbutjuaiciousimitauon. Voltaire. ._ Pain-Killar! FOR SALE 3Y ALL DRUGGISTS. r .íi.llN-J.l.L.l_.i_.IVe(1Irien(}of „i, who wanta sure and afe medicine which can be freely used internally or exnally, without fear of harm and with certainty of relief, lts prioe brinijs it wlthtn the range of all, and it will annunüy save many times lts coat in doctor bilis. Price 25 and 50 cents, and ïl pc bottle. Driectionsaccoinpany each bottle. l'OR SALE B Y ALL, DKUGGISTS. HUNTS REMEDY THE BEST KIDNEY ano LIVER MEDICINE. TÏEVER KNOWN TO FAIL. " I bad sulf ered twenty years with severe diaease of the kidneys : before using Hunt's Kemedv two days I was relieved, and am now well." JOSHUA TUTH1J.L. " My phy3ician3 thought that I was paralyzed on one side. I wa9 terribly afflicted with rheumatism f rom 1809 to 1880. ] was cured by Hunt's Hemedy." STEPHEN O. MASON., " Jly doctor pronounced my case Bright's Diaerse, and told me that I could live only eiüut hours. I then took Hunt's Kemedy, and wSs speedily cured." M. GOODSPEKD. " Haviug suffered twenty jears with kidney disease, and employed various physicians with outbeini? relieved, I was then cured by Hunt's Kemedy." SULIAVAN KENKER. " I have been greatly bcneüted by the use oí Hunt's ltemedy. For diseases of the kiilneys and urinary organa there is nothing superior." A. I). NICKEKSON. Albekt Holt, Esq., payraaster BBston & Albany Kailroad, writes : "Ibave tised Hunt'3 Hemedy, and my experience with it bas been such that I cancheerfully say that I ani satisfied that it will do just what it promises to do." " I was unable to riso froni bed from an attack of kidney disease. Tbe doctors could not relievo me. I was ünally completely cured by ttsinff Hunt's lieniedy." FRANK R. DICKSON. "I havo suffered extremely with kidney diseasa ; after using Hunt's Kemedy two days, I was euabled to resume business." O EO. F. CLARK. Ono trial will convlnce you. For sale by all Druggists. Send for Pamphlet to HUNT'SKEMEDÏ CO., Provldence, B. I. Frices. 15 cgata aadSlüö. f 1TI H'l return nuiit. FuTl lerrlptlo "" te to, q I CURES WH EREAU EISIFAI IS. I PJH BestConghSyrup. Tsatcs good. ISj ■M "Use intime. Bofd hydruggists. g ■pjj SOOOOO acres j on tbe lino oí tiio ■JhJA Lk WISOOXSIÏ CENTRAL R. R. Addrcss, XA.BSM Full partioulara CHARLES L..COLBY, AXI n jg Land Commiss'ner " mV EEaL ilILWAüKEE.WIS, fèlmmê :isr 7t7"xsoo3rexiir. w


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