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Johnson's Anodyne Liniment

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PARSONS'PILLS MA-KE NEW mCH BLOOD, And will completeljr chango the blood in the chtire aystcm In three nionths. Any pcrson tiho will take 1 Pili each night from 1 to 13 weeks, may be restored to sountf health, if such a Ihing be pussible. Fop curing Female Coinplaints thege Pllls havo no f qual. rhysiciana se (hem in their practico. Sold everywere, or sent by mail for uiCbt lettcr-gtomp. Send for cironlar. I. S. JOHNSON & CO-, BOSTON, MSS. llHniliPIPi8!!! B CROUP, ASTHMA BRONCHITIS. i &í? t-M P=a Sa BUË M Ir anoously relieve these terrible ciïseases, and wil] positively K t tl J" B 1 KA cure nlne cases out of ten. Information tliat will .ave IIRII Snk inany livcs snt flree by mail. lluu't delay ii momeiit MW ■ ■ II 1 HË 3 id m. a m B ï'rcvenWon is botter íhan cure. (For Tnternal and External Use). CUKE8 neuralgia. Influenza, Snre Lonfr, Bloeding at the Lungs, u.iromc lloarseness,ii:iciuiiR i "■ . "" 'V , ?J Chronlo fiheumatism, Chronlc Dlarrhoáa, Chronic Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, KidneyTrouulej, lascases of t!) Spine and Lame liack. Sold everywliere. Send for pamphlet to I. S. Johnsox & C o., Hustoh. Mass. AnEiiKlishVctorinarySurgooiianiJChcinist. ■ M ■ ■ # ■■ I I & S A M nowtraveling in thia country, ays that nwst BJB M Mg KJ BL U H if of the Ilqrse and Cattle l'owdcrs sold here Hfl H M T B C Ifl .1 I rt I re worthlcss trash. lio s.iys Slirridans IW JM M HB I IfaflV Wmwí I Conditíon l'owders are absolutely pure and , . _ . - , Immensclr valuable. NothiiiR 011 earth wiil make ayllke Sheridan'í Conditíon Powdera. Dose, i teasp nftjl to 1 piiit food. Soli evcrywhere. or sent bv mal" br 8 letter-itamps. I. S. JOHHSOM a Co., Bosioh, .V. isa. Wüat Dyspepsialoes. It causes grieyous pains by day and mghtful dreams bv vgh It destroys the pleasure of a good dinner. It sours the disposition and makes its victim cross and pr,i: ;i It makes the breath bad, the eyes leaden, and the skin s-1'1 ■' It makes the appetite capricious and unreasonable. It causes constant grumbling and complaining. What "Brown's Iron Bitters" Does. It invigorates the weakened stomach, and enables it to ö r ■ . It promotes the enjoyment of a hearty meal. It enriches the blood, improves the liver, and cheers th' mine!. It purifies the breath, clears the eyesight, and makes the akm nattiraL It brings a regular and healthy desire for food at proper times Your Druggist sells Brown's Iron Bitters. 7


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