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ps=,==r THEGREATGERÍ, „iinpiiiniininiiniim!,, REMEDY íU"i!!!!!i m miv i;l!!i;illlffllll!!i!i)!!!íiiii i f J Jnl f ' ■ir1"'11111"1"1"'';,! SOBE THBOAT, !llili!ii;:nil!!líi''!l. Sorcness, Cuts, Cruises. WVk lik J ■■.■. H Anilallatlii-rijodllyaebea I lll! Illllllllll! linUP'llll :' ndpaln. HillKjC'1 "F" CENTS OTILE. 1II I IHI!lll!lll j i !-'-'i i Sl!i,n Éii iiniiiiiiii'üll li ilmlll Dealere. Direclloiw In II 'I l"' "P IK""B 8 II ii'lilli F illl'Sil1' I The CharleS "- Voge'Cr Cu' J:")!lVB;a'iljiiiii"'a'"'"'-J" Illiuiir. M., L. S. A. CATARHH.y;.,. Slvl'Oritl nM Wi whon npplicd by the ■ CJ. CIIDrpCO"-Ul "'II' be absorbed, ofHis-JÏ.'TrYy HF&nl htud of cátnrrhal vir ByN cOLy tftUJ us causing healthy serírrprift-i('niyi fcf M cretlons. ItaMaysin' HAVrEVERflJ í? ïiumatlon.protectsthe uní '-'-" H membraneoftb nosvhI a' PMiag sfromaddl■r sy H tionolcolds. cruuplete■? SH lylicaislhc sores and - ncSEB roi orc8 tast0 and BBSK wAtVJV smelt. A fow appliBHnCo.O 'B c tions relieve. A RBX5j i, thorough treatment 1 wl" positlToly euro. B'"v0 USA. I Aureeable to use. ■ - ' Kond for circular. AV'MirFVE9 Prtoe BOeents by mat! ELY BROTHERS Owego N.Y. CíiK a week in your own town. Terms aiidiiioutlit 9OO free. Address,II.Uallett&(:o.,Purtland Muine YniINfi MFni'enrc TELEGKHPYhpro andwewill I UU nu intlljj,,, you a situatlon. Circulara íree. VALENTINE BROS., Janesyill Ww. 79 a week, tlt a day at home easily made. CostlJ ' ■ outtltfree. Addrefs True&(o.,Auguata,Maine JOEST8WANTED lor tho Best and Kaiteft " sellinK Pictorial Books and Bibles. I'rices redacei 'M per cent. Nat. Pttblisiung !o., Phiiadolphia, Pa CK tn C7Í1 per day a thnme. Bample worth Í5 tree, JJ IU J.U Adcireas Stinson & ('o.. Portland. Mair.e. s- N PIjAUB to secure a Business Ed ) , ueation or Spencerian Penman yiCy . X shi iH at "e BPENCEKIAN y ƒ y1' COLLBÖB,, Detroit, MicU. t rt KJCl i culars free. IM PATE2TTS F. A. LEHMAUK, Bollcitor of Patenta, Washington. V C "8end for ( Do you wlsü to obtam good andlk i i Talld Patents? then write to or cal', Ir f . ft upon THO8. 8. SPRjLfttTE fc 'I 1 i 'illft I J J_ 8OÏ, lij West ■ "-'i'W !'f8TftIïiS!frressiit" Detroit, Jlich., Attorncya I fl''l Illiftln Pslent Causes. Kstablishcd i " " """yetre. 8eud tor pamphlet. free. JOSEPHCILLÖTR STEEL PENS SoLoBr ALLDEALERSThrouohoutTheWORLDJ 0 o LOMEDAL PARIS EXP0SITION-I87B.J Began life 12 years ago umie? the name cj WOMAFS FRIEND. Without puffery,simply on tho good w of those who havo used it, it lias made iriendi In every State in the Union. IÏOT A ClIISE AIX, But a gcntle and sure rcraedy for all thos complaints whicli destroy tliofrcshncss an I beauty, waste the strengtli, mar the happiness and usefulness ofmany OIKIS XSXi womxas. SOLR BY ALL DuLTflCISTS. Testimoníala or our Pamphlet on 'Diseases of Woinen and CMldren" Sent gratis. Every woman abovc 15 years of ago, capcciall Motbers, should read them. Addreu R. PENGELLY & CO., Kalamazoo, Mich. (H7 AU etters martod private are retd by Dr. Pengelly only HENRY'b CAXIBOLIC SALVE The most Powerfu! Healing Ointment ever Discovered. Henry's Oarbolic Salvo curea Sores. Henry's Oarbolic Salve allaya Burns. Henry's Oarbolic Salve cures Bruises. Henry's Oarbolic Salvo heal Pimples. Henry's Carbolic Salve cures Piles. Henry's Carbolic Salve neals Cuts. Ask for Henry's, and Take No Othev. ■ TWBIÏÏ-FIYE YEARS N CINCINNATI Trealing Consumption, Astlima, Bronchitis, Nasal Catarrh, Sore Thront, Loss of Voice, and ether Maladies of the Nose, Türoat and Lungs. DR. WOLFE treats the above named diseascs by Medicated Inhalations. Whtn thus adminÏ6tercd, remedies are brougbt "face tofaco" in contact with the disease; whereas, II thej are swallowed they mix i?ith the coutents o the stomach and never reacli the organs of respiration. DR. WOLFE has, by the judieious employment of Medicated Inhalations, assisted thoufands to regain their health, mauy of whom had been pronounced incurable, and given up to die by their family physician and friends. DR. WOLFE has prepared a li&t of questions for sick people to answer by mail. They are in character the same he would ask were he by the bedside of the invalid. By writlng ans'.vers to these questions any one eau send an accurate statement of his disease and reciivo and use inhaling remedies at home, in nny part of the United States or Canada, witl.out ineurring the expense and uiscomfert of making a visit to Cinciunati. Any one sending his name and post-orïice addrefs with a threu-ecut po6tage stamp, will recelvo a copy of the "Circular of Questious" by return mail. DR. WOLFE has published a medical book ealled "Common Sense, Cause and Cure of Consumption, Asthma, etc.," a copy of which he will send to any body who orders It by mail, and ineloses nine cents in postage stamps with his name and postofDce address. The book of greatvalue to any one afllicted with disease of the Nose, Throat, or Lungs. DR. WOLFE bas also published another book of 64 pages entitled ''Light alout the House we Live in," which every healthy person as well as sick ought to read. The book has a special interest to persons who have weak lungs, or any symptoms of Consumption,Asthma, Bronchitis, or Catarrh. Sent to any address lree by mail, on receipt of six cents in postage stamps. Address, DR. N. B. WOLFE, 146 Smith St, Cineiunati. W. W. 1J.-P. 40. " ImustangI Survival of the Fitteil A FAMILI MEDICINE TIIAT HAS flEALEDg M1LLI0SS DCKIMi SS IE ARS 2 MEXICAIÍ MÜSTM& LIKIMEWT.I A BALM FOR EVERY WOl'ND OfB MAN AND BEAST ! THE0LDE8T&BESTLINIMENTI IEVEB MADE IN AMEBICi SALES LARGEE, THAN ETER. I The Mexlcan Mustang Llniment liasH been known lor moro than thirtv-flvej years ns the best of all Liiiiments, forH Man and Beast. I8 sales to-day areH largcr than ever. It euros when allBH othersfail.and penetrales skin, tendonB and iiraeele, to the very bouc, SoldB cyerywüere. ;-:


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