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COOK HOUSE, EH. HUDSON, Proprletor, Newly Furnished. The leading house in Ann Arbor. ST. JAMES HOTEL. JL. STONE, Proprletor. The b8t house in the city for Washtenaw county people. Fine rooms, well furnished. Bveryth'nïc strictly first clwss. J. M. MARTIN, A TTORNEY-AT-LAW. Office- Opera House A Block, Pi No. 2, Ann Arbor, Mich. ' W W. NICHOLS, DENTAL OFFICE, over Joe T. Jacobs' Clothng store. Ann Arbor, Mich. WILL1AM CASPARY, T AKERY AND CONFECTIONERY, Cor. Fourth and AnnStreeU. JOSEPH CLINTON, Merchant Tailor. shop over Wm. Allaby's boot and shoe store, Ali work guaranteed ór no charge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, A TTORNEY AT LAW. iYOfflce, Nos. 2 and 3 Hill's Opera House, Ann Arbor, Mich. O. C. JÈNKINS, SURQEON BENTIST. Rooms No. 1 South Main Street, oppoaite the First National Bank Ann Arbor, Mich. antonIsïsele, Ë.EALER IN MONUMOTTS and Gravestones manufactured f rom 'innessee and Italian rble and Scotch and -imerican Granite Shop Oor. Detroit and Catherine sts., Ann Arbor., Mich. JACOB HALLER & SON, DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, Spectacles, Plated Ware, Gold Pens and Fine Jewelry. Special attention given to repairIng Watchea and Jewelry. 46 South Main Street. 4nn Arbor. WILLIAM IIERZ, HOUSE, SIQN, Ornamental and Fresco Pain ter. Oilding, Calcimining, Qlazing and Paper iïanging AH work done in the best style and warranted to trivesatisfaction. Shop, No. 4 West 'Washington street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. S. B. PARSONS, M. D., Successor to Stone & Parsons, OFFICE AND DISPENSARY, Corner Washington and Fifth Streets, Ann Arbor, Micll. S. B.THOMPSON, A TTORNEY-AT-LAW, and in ChanXxcery; 89 years experience. Divorce and Criminal Casera specialiy. All legal business quietly and privately done. Office, Broadway, Lower Town. Particular attention paid to obtaining pensions and back iiay for soldiere. P. O. box 318, Ann Arbor. Mich. WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. PIANOS, ORGANS, SHEET MUSIC, Instructlon Books, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, &c, theap at Wilsey's Music Rooms, east side Public Square, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The largest and beet Stock of Musical Goqds ever brought into Tashtenaw Countr. Violin and Quitar Strlngs a peclaltv. N. B.- It w'll bo to your interest to eriül before purchasing anythinL in the Music tlncv C, F. BURKHARDT, -"XTTVTOLESALE and Retail Manufacturer of Trf Harness and Collars, Saddles and Srldles. Also dealer in Trunks, Valis's, Whjps, B.ankets, Brushea, &c, &o Kepairiñg done neatly. No. 4 Hurón street, ANN ARBOR, - - - MICHIGAN. Abstracts of Titles on Real EstáteÍHAVE a complete compilation of the Official Records of Washtonaw Oounty to date. inclu ding 11 Tax Titles, Executions, any incumbrance on Real Estáte, that is of Record in the Registers ■ office, is shown by my books. Office, in the mee of the secretar j of the Washtenaw mutual 3 1 ,- jince ompany, in the basement of the Juse. C. H. MANLY. Ann Arbor. Mich The Ann Arbor Savings Bank (Orranized 1860, under the General Banking ,.uw f lis state) has now, induding capital S-.ick, to., te., OVKK $SO0,0O0 ASHBXS. BumiiiHas men, Guardians, Trustees, Ladies and j r persons wil! ünd this Bank a SAicE AND CONVEN11NT flet 'ichtomake Deposita and do busines?. Interest is AKowd on All Savings Deposits Of tl 00 and upward, according to the rules th bank ancl intere!,' compounded semi-annu lOlj. Wlonoy to Loan In Sums of Í23 Í5,OOO gteured by Unlncumbered Ueal Kstata and üer f ood securltlOB. DIHEIjrOK-i- ChrisUan Mack, W. W. Wlnen W. D. Harrtman, Wllllum Denble, U. . Bea Dm!] Ulscock and W. B. Smlth OFFICmBS- Chrlstlan Mac'. l'resident; VV W Wiues. Vloe-PrMidi-nt: C. K. Ilisoock, Cashier Get Youi Property Insured By C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT No 1 Soulh M;üu Si., Ann Arbor. Tbe oldest agency In the city. Estublislied a lúuarter of a century ago. Represeniing tbe f olWtrlog flrst-class compan ies : HoineliiB. Co., of N. Y., $ 7,000,000 Coatinenlal lus. Co., of N. Y. 4,207,206 Hiugara Ins. Co., of N. Y., 1,735,563 Oirard Ins. Co., of Pliila.. 1.132,486 Oriënt Ins. Co., of Hartfoi.!, 1,419,522 ..Commercial Union of Loudou, 12,000,000 rSS Rates low, Losses liberatly adiust" ad ra.' promptly paid. . C. H. MILLEN. IIIIAF (eople are airfayson the lookout I %■ L for cliances to increase their I J r earniugs, and in time become I M La wealthy. Thoee who do not im prove their opportunities remain in poverty, We otter a great chance to make money. We wot tny men, womeo, boys and girls to work for usrtjgitt In their own localities. Anyonecan dothewoflkM"perly f rom the flrst start. The business wil[pJ' more than ten limes ordinary 3ages. Expensiv tutflts furnished free. No one who engages fails to rnake money rapidly. THi can devote your whole time to the work, or nir our spare moments. Full Information and UI tkcX is needed sent free. Address Stinson & Co. Portland. Me f% ■■ f s(JB not, life is sweeping by ; go and U L %r I 4are, before you die, soniething A r a% I miglity and sublime ; leave lie lik V I bind to conquer time." Sixty aUars a week in your own town ; flre dollar outit tree. No risk. Everything new. Capital not SUired. We will furnish you ererything. llany are making for unes. Ladies make as mucu as men. and boys and glrls make great pay. Reader, if you want business at which you n ke great pay all the time, write for th par lars to H. Hjillïtt &Co., Portla 11IU


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