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The anima' convention oí che national range opened tn Washington on the 31st of November. Twenty-seven states were repre8entel by masters of Btate granges. William Saunden, of the agricultura! department, íirst master ei the national grange, delivered an addrese. Worthy Master J. J. Woodman of Michigan, delivered the annual, reviewing toe purposes oí he order. He asBerted that the grange organlzation was In a more prosperous conditlon now than for many yeare, anuís ranks were rapidly fllllng np. PARDONED. The Prei-Ident has finally pardoned Sergeant Masón, vho attemptcd to shoot Gnlteau. NEWS NOTIE I AN EX-MOLLIE MAGUIRE. The Rochester, N. Y. Post Express publishe a letter from a man who says he knew O'Donnell, soon to be tried In London for the killing of Carey. He says O'Donnell was one of the chiefs of the Mollie Maguires, of PennsyJvania, and that in conjunction wtth Dan Kelly, Jim Carroll and "Red shirt," was in severa] "jobs." Threeof bis eonf ederates were hanged. ü'Donnell, who formerly called himeelf Thomas Moran, ia the only one lef t. NOT ENOUQH WATER IN HER BOILER. The othcr afternoon a lout! report like the discharge of a 20 pounder was heard in Kincardine, and while the cltizens were conjecturing the cause, word waa received that the tug Erie Belle, owned by Odette & Wherry 01 Windsor, which had arrived in port to take off the beach the schooaer Carter, had blown up, and that all hands were lost. On going to the 6ceneofthe disaster it was found that the boiler had exploded and the vessel herself was lost, but fortuuately the lives of eieht of the crew of twelve had been saved. What caused the accideütwill never be known. It is snpposed that the pump which eupplied the boiler had become choked ia soine manner, and that the trouble was not notieed by the chief engtneer who was in charc The wattr got low, and when the pump,- ili.i ?roe some iuto the boiler It had the same ffeut n. sparks ongunpowdtr. The nanios of luc c r n on the tug vrhen the explosión happened were as follows : Captain, Jotra Tobin; mate,Wm. Tobin; first enlucer, Wm. Osaood; second engiuter, Frank Eiktnhurst; üremen, Wm. Johnson and VVm. Saylcs; watchman Daniel Fluía) sou; deck liauds, Henry Peocock, Frank Conroy, Isaac Dreu6haw, LewisSuiith, ard aook, uameunkuokn, formerly employed on the tug Hatehett. The followlug lost "their lives: 'Wm, Osgod of Lorain, Ohio; Frank Eickenburst of St, Louis, Mo. ; Engineer Vm. Sjyles of Detroit; oue fireman and Ihe cook. 'Tue Kmcardioe lifeboat was manued aud the crew, who wore siruggling in the wa er, were p'.cked up. THE VERDICT of the coroner'6 jury in the Wiscoirsin capítol disaster holds the coutractor guilty of gross negligeoee la causlng a certaiu pier to be lm properly repaired and the supeivislug architect and Consulting architect in contrlbutiug by thelr neglect to the falliug of the building. A BREAK FOIi LIBERTY. Thequietlittle burg of Sandwich, Oot, was startleü the other evening by the report that there had been an escapj of prlgoners from the eounty jdil. Investigatiou coutirreed the report, and revealed the fac.t that Greenwood, one of the cunelemned murderers of Maher, of Detroit, Luke Phipps, the man who murdered his wife on a ferry boat a few months ago, aud auother prisoner had eseaped. Tney sawed the bars ín the ward, and scaledaH-foot wall. and made their way to the river wheretheysecured a boat and rowed directly to Sprinjfwells, where they were seen in a saloou and recugniited. They shortly after weut to Detroit, which was the last eeen of tbt-m. Their escape was well planned, but nol executed with oat outside assistance, and to discover who aided them, and to return the convicts to prison, Sheriff .ticEwan and his assistants will devote their time unceasingíy. A large reward is of fered by the Canadian authorities. The esped prisoners were supplied with revolvers and knives with which they threatcned the lives of their fe'low prisonera ff they raised an a'arm. COSTLY XESLieE.NCE. Iu the suit of Mary O'Connor against Samu el J. Keely, a manufacturcr of Manayunk, near Philadelphia, to rvcover dauisgis íor personal injuries, plaintiff got averdictof $10,000. The girl was employed ia defendant'smill, and during afire a year ago, iu the absence of a tire escape, jumped from the. window to save her Ufe. She now uses crutehes. It was shown that the Board of Fire Escapes notiflea the owner of the building to erecc an eceape. A DBAD DEFAULTBR. A. B. Johason, of Ulica, N. Y. wh.s suicidid a few weeks ago was a defaulter to the extent of $300,000 to the McDonnel estáte of Kochester, N. Y. The knowledee of his guilt and itB conquecces compellcd him to take hls oivn life. U.I.EGALLÏ IMPRISONED.- I'ARDOSED. In 1878, Berland Boland, aged 15, of Boston, atteinpted to tapa til), iu a store, but was discovered by one of the employés, whom Bolaud ftabbed in the arm, cutling an artery, wlrich resulttd In his deatb. Bo!aud was conTicted of murilcr in thj eecond degree, aud penteu-.ed to state crison. Ithas just bem di8covercd by friends that the statutes próvido that no persou under 16 shall be seut to state prison, and that the boy shou'cl haye heen ciiarged with manslaughtfr. The pardon i the resalt. THB 1.A9T OP A BAD LOT. Andy Taylor, the last of the thrre notorious Taylor brotber? . was liangpd at Loudou, Tenn., the other day. He was the last survivorof the Taylor brothers who murdered two sheriffs aud captured a railroad train with 100 passeugers on board, compelling üie engineer to run the train 20 miles at a dangerous rate of speed. The crimes of these men are the most daring recordcd in the annals of crime. He went to the scaffold curslng God and died like a brute. aogie's aqoxï. A San Francisco dippateh says : The grand jury indicted Miss Iltll, claining to be the wife of bcnator Sharon, and Wiu. M. Nelsoa, her attorn.'y, for forgery, perjury aud coKspiraey. Both were admitted to bail THEI:; JU3TPESEUT3. The trial in Ho rard eounty, Arkansas,of the coljred rioters, iudicted for murderiug Wyott several months ago, nded a sentencing three men to be hanged and twenty-nine to terms of imprisonment ranging from fivc to eighteen years. A RBPUTATION WORTII $150,000. Rev. John Wilder, colored, of Pittsburgh, Pa., has prepared papers in a 6uit, for conspiracy and defamation of character aeainst Rev. Drs. Mtlliean, Sloan and Wilson, ministers of the Rcformed Presbyterian chareb, asKinji $150,000 damages, and alieging that defendants by couBpiring to declare him a monomaniac injured his reputation so he could not pursue bis proíeesion and cain a living. NORMAL SCHOOL DESTROÏED. A fire at Carbondale, 111., totally destroved the State Normal Unlversity at that city. ïwo ire eDgines sent from Cairo arrived too late to be of 6ervice, and were not taken off the cars. The origln of the fire is unknown. No lives were Io3t. The building was the finest in the rtate. é "didn't know it was loadbd." EvansDaviK of Zanesville, O., put a cap on a eun, supposed no4, to be loaded, polnted It at the breast of his 8-year old sou, theu called a i-year old boy to pull the trigiier aud shoot his Drother The gun was loaded and the boy killed. The father is frantic. OKI ifl E. BANK CASHIER SHOT. At Kushville. Ind., EdwardPayn?, cashier of the Rushvllle úationul bank, was awakened by a noise in the kitehen and etarted down stalrs and met a burglar coming up, who urdered him back. threatening to shoot. Pajne hurled a yessel at lilm whereupon the burglar üred a, Bhot whlch took cfttct in Payne's right luug. He now Hes in a critieal condition. Tke bur glar is at large and imkiioivi,. AH AGED COUPI.E BUTCIIEHED. A special from llickman, Ky., glves an accouut of a horrible doublé tnurder, the victims belng Hulsman King and wife, an old and respected couple. Tueir son Arthur vieited the house and lound hls mother dead in a pool of clotted blood. He gave au alarm, and the neighpors found the father ín the barn povered wlth shuck8 and partly eatcn by rats A Germán peddler ie suspected. The house was robbed of $2,000. KOBBED 1SY OOWBOY. .Information from Denver is to the tffect that a mail and express trainen the Southern Pacifle was robbed by covboys at Cage station, near Cummings, A. T., near New Mexico line. The train was wrecked by spread'.ng the rails. The engineer was killed, and several of the passengers injured, -one serlouBly. The robfaera Eecured about $t),). ]ip had a "sniups ïif." O wen f. piunkett, a elgarmaker eroployed in a faptory at 32 Bowry, New York, was shot dead by a dissolute feilo'w named John gcullin, Sculliu worked at a bench near the murdered man on tbc top floor of the building. Between the two was another workman. Without any known cause Scullln drew a revolver and flred at the other workman. The ball missed Ha mark, anxl Scullin recocked the weapon and Ured at Plunkett, who iell dead. Seullln wa6 arrested, and when taken to prison sald he bought a revolver to shoot himsolf, aDd a sudden fit came on him to shoot somebody, when he shot Plunkett. k. NK1V KNtlLlKU FIEND'S WORK. A Parallel to the Snmnitt Blurdor Enactetl In New Hainpshlre. Tne inhabltants of 1. aconta, New Hampshire, were startled the uther morning by the story of a frightful tragedy enacted withln thelr midst. About four o'clock in the morning 8. S. Andrews was awakened by a woman'e Ecream6, and immediately aroused hls son,with whom he hurried to the house of James Ruddy, a neighbor, f rom which the screams proceeded. Hert-, lying on the ground under the front wlndow of the house, they found Mrs. Ruddy, her body terribly hacked and bleeding prof usely. Af ter properiy caring for tbo wounded woman and aummoning additional aid, the door of Ruddy'i house was forced open, when flamea burst fonh. An alarm of flre was sounded and the flames extinguished, when an examination of the premises led to the discovery of the dead bodies of the husband and only ebild (aged 18 monthi) of Mrs. Ruddy lying on the kitchen floor, both cut in a terrible manner and covered with bedding that had been saiurated with kerostne and flred. They were sobadly dlsflgured by the flre as to be almost unrccojjnizdble. Horrible as were the discoveries thus far made, tho horror of the m-ighbera was 6tlll further intensifled on iurther seaich. In a bed room they found the trunk of the lifelees body of a woman. Here another attempt to oblitérate traces of the by flre had been made, the bed clolhing having been saturated with oil and piled upon the body ; but the match that was applted to it had failed to ignite it, thus leaving the horror exposed. One of ber lesa had been chopped off, and with the rtmainlng leg had beenbouud to the body with a clothes-line. A Mr. Ford wae amone those who entered the hou6e, and he at once recognized tbe remains as thoee of his wifc. The coroner was summoried and a jurT im. panekd, when Mrs. Ruddy was examined and made her statement of what 6ue knew of the tragedy. She testifled that the famlly, ineludlnc herself, husband and ohild, also Thomas 8imon, an EnglishmaD and acqualntanc.e, retired about 9 o'clock the previous nighi Continuing she satd : "At 11 o'clock Samon came into the front room aBd looked out of the window, saylng he was nervous and could not sleep. I got up and made him a cup of tea and went back to bed. At 4 o'clock Samon again came luto the front room aDd acted queerly, then went back into the kitcheu. My husbaud and I got up, and he also went into the kitchen. I soon hcard a fall, and going out found my hushand hauging over a cnair, with his arms down. Samon atarted for me, aud struck me with a hatchtt. on the head. I grabbed his arm, but he then struck me and threw me to tho floor. He went Into the front room and killed the baby, who was crying. While he was there 1 tried to unlock the kitchen door, but he returned again and struck me on the head.knoeklagmedown. I latd perfectiy quiet. He went back into the front room and got baby and then came back f.rd poured featherá and straw ovor us and went out I got up and tried to open the front wiudow, but could not. I then broke a pane of glass and juuiped through. He was very nervous in the kitchen nearly all night." THE VEBDICT- ARBEST Of AMON. The corroner'í Jury rendered a verdict that Mrs. Ford, Mr. Ruddy and the latter's child came to tleir deaths at the hacds of Thomas Samon, and the alleged rrurderer was arreste d near Plymouth, about '12 miles Trom the scène of the tragedy. He dii uot resist arrest and was jaüed, at Plymouth. He denied all knowledge of the afta'ir. Suspicion existing against Ford, the murdered woman'e husband, he wae also arrcsted and held at Laconia. At Ford's and Samon's there was no eTldence of Mrs. Ford's murder, and it is thought her death was accidental at Samon's hands; that wishing to conceal the body he took it to Ruddy's, whence, ptrhaps, he thought he could carry it f rom the house during the night; that Ruddy refueed to assist him, wheh a etruggle ensued. The sup position is that Mrs Ford died either from strangulation or drugglng, ai she frequfnily iDdulged in strong drink. ÏHB VICTIM. James Ruddy wasan employé of the Lácenla car works, about 49 years of age ; his wifc, is 3ö years of age, and, os before atated, their child was 18 montas oíd. Mrs Ford was about the saaie age as Mrs. Ruddy. The hatchet with which the crime was probablycommitted was found in the river. newjeesey'b viciim. A special dispatch to the Chicago News irom Newark, N. J., dated Noy. 35 gays: John athtman, a íarmer living on the Eagle Rock road near West Orange, eaw a trail of blood and traces of a severe struggle on the roadsi!ie this moming, while rcturning from church. He also noticed blood stains on the rocks ai.d grass leadiug to the underbrush ie the fluida jn oi'.o slde of the road, and cloaer scrutiay showed unmiBtakablc evidence that the gra?6 had been trampied upon, or that a heavy body had been dragged over It. Folluwiug thu blood stains about sixty feet to a ilump oí bue-hes, he found the deád body of a youDg and comely gir; with a frightful gash lu the lef t side of her neck and two wouuus in her right eide. He saw that the wound had been made by a very dull knife, aa the cut was jagged on tlie cdges. After the farmers and otherp, residents of the valley and on the inountains, wcre aroueed by Waehtmau, the body was iJentlfled ae thai of Pbosbe Jane Paullin, daughter of David Paullin, a shoemaker, living at Roaeland. Saturday after noon th'3 vent to Urange to make somc purchascb. As she did not return home that eveuiug hor parents were cot alarmed, as she had informeel (hem if she was delayed after nightfall, she would remain at the reeidence of Anderson, who lived at the firstmounta'n, a short distance from Oranec. It is believed tbat while on her way to Andereon's hou6e, after being delayed in Oiange longer than she expected, she was either followed by a rullinu fromOringe or else met a tramp and was seized and throttled on the road. öhe had apparently made a stout reBistance, which madUcned her assallant so that he etabbed her, and when she became weak from loss of blood and too exhausted to defend herself, he dragged her to a cluuip of bushes and aEsau ted her. Tliere was no evidence that she was ftrong enongh to struggle much at the bushes. It is tueughtthat the rufflan, after accomplishing his purpose, seeing that she was bftdly woun. ded, resolved to kill her, bo that, in case he was arrusted, he could not be identifled. Jt i3 not known thatshe had any jealous lover or that ehe had quarreled with any young man in the neighborhood. She waa a respeciable, quiet and virtuous giri, and was a popular belle at baryest dances and social house parties. Her parents never heard her speak of any person haring annoyed her, and it is therelore thought that ahe was waylaid by a tramp who murdered her because ahe resented his attempt to assault her. BAL BOOTT'S DEED. Ral Scott, of Eaton, Ind., about 12 miles from Nuncie, has been aeparated from his wife nearly two years. He returned the other day, and tried to persuade his wife to live with hlm. Unsuccessful in thia, he atabbed hls wife, killed his little boy, and took a dose of morphine, from the effect of which Lejdled. KllililtiN AVFA1RS. BUMK AT SKA. The American ship Thomax Dana, from Liverpool for New York, landed at Fayal on ihe 8th inst., tnonty-oue men being part of the crew and pasaeusjers of the French brig Rosborg, from Fierre Miguelon for St. Malo, euuk by collision October 3Ü. The rcmalnder of the crew and Dosscagers, clghty-eight, perlshed. nONOBi FOK LOWEL1-. James Rusaell Lowell, United States minister to Great Britaio, is clected rector of the Univereity of St. Andrewc, over Glbson, con servatlve member of Farliament for Dublin Unlvuriity. HICK8 PASHA VANQUISHED. A Cairo dispatch says the army of Hicks Pasha has betn destroyed by the forces of El Melidi, the fil6e propbcl,. The intellljjence of the disaster was orought to Khartoum by a Coptio official. The Sghting ie said to have continued fron. the 3d to tbe 5th instant and to have remlted In tbe complete annihllation of the JEgyptian troops. It Is etated that a European artlst was the oniy person who esoaped. The forces of El Mehil comprised, It la eetlmated, 800,000 men, and lncluded dervishei, Bedoumi, muUttos and regulare. The battle oocurred near Elobeid. El Medbl first eent forward hls dervishes. deolaring they wguld vapqulsh the rneniy byQjdivine aid. Subiequently hls regulara jolned Ín the attack and the engagement became general. The army of Hicks Faeha, whlch early in the battle waadivided intotwobodies.wa ubsequently reunited and formed Into a tquare, which the forces of tha false prop'het broke after three days oí desperate fighting. On recelpt of the atarming news a councfl of minieters was immedlatelv held and it was declded to conr-entrate at Khartoum what Efyptian troops remam at Duem, Goba and other places In the Soudan. T e force uuder Blcks Pasha was 35,f01 II had with him TO British offlcers. O'Donovuu, of the London Daily News, and an artlst connected with a Germán illustrated paprr accompauied hls army. It is underetood 8ir Evelyn Baring advised the Egyptian government to abandon the Soudan and establish a strong frontier line irom Khartoum, in the north of the Sennair province,to Suakim on the Red Sea. It Is reported thatthc receut orders for the evacuation of Egypt by British troopB has been countermanded. ÜP AND AT IT. Uostilities haye been commenced between í ranee and China in Tonquin. Three thousand Chinese troops attacked Haidong on the 17th, and a fiere'e battle was fought. The French maintained their position until late in the day when the Chinese retreated. The French lost 30 killed and woundfid. FKOM ALL, OVER THE WOKLD. Kelly, of l'ennsylvania, wants a complimentary vote. Cox is indignant because the reporthas been starled that he is out of the speakership contest. Uncle Satn owes V. nderoilt $47,050,000 in foiir per cents, and sends him a for his $1,882,000 annual interest in quarterly payments of $470,500, which is $214 84 per hour, or $3.58 tneveryone of hi6 sleeping or waking minutes. Vanderbilt has set 70 men at work to build a $50,000 family mausoleum in the Moravian cemetery at New Dnrp on Staten Island. Another rolling mili wül soon be started in Toledo by Cleveland capitalists. Nellie Bailey who murdered her husband on the plain8 in the Indian territory, will go out on $10,000 bail. " John VanDyke, a colored New Yorker, who has wasted $100,000 left him by his father two years ago, is under lock and key for threatening to kill his wife because bhe "would not replenlsh his purse. The Dayton lnsane aeylum is reported to be the scène of Iiidescribable cruelty. Kumors of scalding patients to death are üot the worst stories that ooza out of the institution. A stable and 29 valuable horses were burned in Philadelphia on the 20th. July 31, 1883, Yale college poesessed $1 924 - 338, which was $77,698 ever last year. The year's expenses wen; $332,827 The trtasurer says the funds are uot commen&urate with che growth of the university, ana urges rigid economy. Mr. Beeeher's revereDd brother, Thomas K., of Elmira, N. Y., ha announced hioaself as au independent greenback candUiate for cougress next year. He says he deerns it a christian duty togiTe voters a variety oL candidate3. .1 hnHurly, of Fultonville, N. Y., a inteer, suicided because hls family would not live with him In equaltd poverty. He was worth oxer ÍSü.OOO. Frank E. Stark, charged with the murder of of II. I. Allen at a t.heatre in Vicksbursr, Mass. is held for manslaughter. The boy Finlayson, who murdered hia grandmother iu Albany, Ore, has been captured. He said the old lady made him mad, and he crushed her head in with an axe. Ex-Senator Spencer of Alabama, who refused to appear in court in the star 'oute cases, has been aresteü in Austin, Nev. Heavy rains in Indianapolls caused a great rise in the streams anti tnuch damage to property. A eyclone at Melbourue, Ark , killed a man, his wife and two children, and crippled a woman, besldes damigiug property. Announced defiuiteiy that O'Dounell's trial will begin November 30. James Davts, secretary of the London and San Francisco banks, emberzled $5U,000 of its funds and skipped. De Brazza, the French explorer has arrWed at Stanley pool after many difficulties, said to have been placed in his wav by Stanley. A conflict Is expected between De Brazza and Makoho'e suceessor, who is devoted to Stanley. Another dynamite schemehas been unearthed in London. The plotter, a Germán sociali8t,was arre8ted. Two infernal machines were found in his room. The English press is loud in lts denunciation of the p'fcn to withdraw British troops from Twenty persons were drowned by a. steamboat explosión on Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. A Frenchman nimed Soulier, did the planing for the False Prophet. Two hundred and sixty-two national banks were organized during the past year. Another hundred sacks of undistributed mail has arrived at t'ortlaud, Oregon. General eomplaint is made of. the mismauagement ard ineffleiency ot postal arrangements over the Northern Pacific. Ellen Keed, wifeof Charles H. Reed, counsel for the assassin Guiteau, bas begun euit in Chicago for divorce on the ground of f ailure to í .pport. Mr. and Mrs. Amasa Aüen, aged respeetiveIj [)i and 93, live in Terra Haute, Ind. They have entcred upon the 79th year of their wedded lite, and are not ready for a divorce yet. Gen. Washington and Gen. Shermaii, by a curious hlstorkal coincidence, lssued their farewell orders to the army on the same day a century apart - November 1, 1783-1883. Grant Sells, a son of an extensive live stock broker of Indianapolis, forged his father's name for $5,000, and then fctarted out to see the world. But he only went as far as Cincinnati, when the offleers took the young man in Bharge. The charges of fraud against Mre. Bel va Lockwood, the female lawyer of Washington, ftre to be investigated by the grand jury. Fair prospect that Burrows of Michigan will be appointed United States Judge in Dakota. In one of the newly otganized Indian courts at the Nez Perce Aeency in Idaho ten cates came up during the past month, resulting in nlne convictions and one acquittal. The court is composed entire ly of Indians. The report that Secretary Teller decided the right of appeal to McGarrahan in the New tdria case is a mistake. The case will be argued December 5. Citizans of Alaska sk Gea. Geo. P. IUrie to represent that territory in Washington, and use his efforts to obtain some sort of civil government for them. Cyrus Jefferson, the wealthiest Citizen of Wyoming county, N. Y., is dead, at the ripe old age of 80 years. Flve hundred trac'c laborers on the Pittsourgh, l'ort Wayne & Chicago railroad were diso.harged the other day. A colored clergyman, namcd Fare. of Louisvllle, Ky.,asked Mrs. Walker, also colored, to marry him. She fleiv lato a rage, and shot the man. The Kansas grain and flax product for 1883 was worth $93,440,00 ■. Corn carne first- 200,000,000 bushels. Heary rains recently overflowed Pogue's run at Indianapolis, and did $350,0u0 damage In the northeastern part of the city. The tonnage of the country bas increased the past year as follows : Steam, 58,308 ; canal boat, 10,792; sailing, 2,530; total,71,ö30. Barge tonnaire has decreased, 23,911 tons. If Hicks Pasha is defeated, the Soudan may he abaudoned. Mahmoud Pasha, why led the Euyptians in the disaster at Toka, will be court-martialed. Rev. Wm. Mitehell, the newly installed pastor of the Wcstboro, Mass., Cougregat.ional Church, has been arrested on a charge of stealing books. It is etatcd that when arrested he offercd $1,000 to have the matter kept quiet. The postal letter carriers of Chica o have decided to memorialize Conaress to pass a bilí granting the men in the carrier service a vacation of thirty days each year. John Halns, a truckman of Reading, Pa., has just died at 101 years of age, British evacuation of Egypt indeönitely postponed by order of tbc Euglish governraent. The latest infernal machine plot in Loudon was simply a seheme of the Germán socialist Wollf, tó óbtain a reward. Lawrence Weldon of 111., has been appointed judge of the court of claims. An express train passing through Lanesvtlle, Vt., deinolished a wagon, and William Milutosh, wife and danghter, and Rev. Joseph Howe, were killed. The Supreme Court of the United States decido that the Brooklvn bridge cannot be declared a r.uisance or unlawful strueture. Miss Mattie Gillett, the missing school girl of Aurora, 111., has been found in Cas9opolls, Mich. Prof. Haines of Chicago, finds nothing to show that Zora Burns was treated to noxious drugs precedine her murder. The father of Zora Burns U lcsine 1,1 reason. MissGordon, a lady teacher of Cincinnat! will have charge of the Rugby schools this winter. There are about 125,000,000 white s ia the Toledo hatchery. The Massachusetts supremo court has decided that a woman may serve on the state board of health, lunacy and charlty. After a week's trial at Akron.O., Carsou Lakeeotajudgtnentof five cents against the Beacon pubilshlng company for libel; he sued The Vanderbilt mausoleum ou Staten islaml will cost $70,000. Tbe wlfe of Comrree3manLowry of Indiana, wrote all of hls campaign speeches, and by peisonal work secured over 20i) votes íor hlm A flght oecarred at Murraysville, Pa., over the possession of a natural gas well, and in the melee one person was killed and several others were seriously injured. James haggerty ot New Haven, (Jonn., i sadly afflicted; Hls llttle daughter died, and the remains were embalmed. The undtrtaker left a mixture to be applied to the face of the deed cMd, and in some way a llttle a-year old eister drank some of lt, and died in a íew miuutes. Both children were buried in one grave.


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