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Freedom Was The Gift Of Eternal

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juBtice, whioh carne to the negro through the white man's wrangling. The republioan party furnished forty acres and a mulé, gave the freedman's bank and the oivil right bill- both busted. The republicana are very anxious that Randall shall be elected speaker. Of late it has been industriously remarked by the republican press that his only opponent, who can succeed, is a southern man. The statement that he comes from a little south of the Ohio nas been taken up with sly words of caution by democratie papers opposed to Carlisle. When the Amerioan people find in the ohair of speaker a man of broad statesmansliip, the conolusion will be speedily reached that it mattere not whence an American citizen comes when he asks and receives office bo he be an honest man, a wise and capable statesman, and worthily fill his high place to the honor, glory and progress of the country. It is a pity the repuDlioan party can not even oontemplate the selection of a gentleman on whom to waste the minority vote in the election of a speaker by the house without unpleasant suggestions from republican papers. Keifer would of oourse like to be complimented. It would be a grateful approval of his oourse as speaker. To pass him by is a marked and delibérate laok of oourtesy, go pronounced as to suggest some very strong ground for it. Mere unpopularity would not explain it. We are relieved trom speoulation if the accusations of republican papers made when he was elected left any room tor speculation. The papers of Mb own party intímate that if he does not voluntarially retire, inquiry will be made as to the manner of his former election. If he does retire under that threat, he confesses that he is in danger. It is a pity that our republican friends can engage in nothinp that does not always after wear unplasant odors and require cooking up or deodorization. Trk democrats will meet to-morrow evening to nomínate a candidate for speaker of the house of representativos. Of the three prominent gentlemen mentioned- Carlisle, Bandall and Cox, the former seems to lead in the race. And why should Carlisle be the coming man? It is not because he is a genial good tellow, gifted with personal magnetism, not beoause he is a politician, oapable of scheming and forming combinations for personal advancement of politioal ends, for he is neither of these. It is because, along with a demonstrated fairness, ooolness, and readiness in the management of parliamentary bodies, he is a broad statesman of strongly knit intellectual and moral fiber. Not only the democratie party and its popular representativo branch, but the American people now, more than at any time, need just such a man in that important position. His eleotion will mark a new era in the progress of democracy and a new starting point in progress of the American people toward attention to those things which have been so long neglected in our narrow sectional and mere partisan wrangles. We believe he will be elected, because the times cali for such a man, and all that can be known of the drift of sentiment among the members of the new house tend that way. The demócrata enjoy one liberty whioh the republican presa and politicians must envy them; they have the liberty to discuss the merits of candidates for the presidency and to advocate anybody, and any democrat has the liberty to be a. candidato. But Arthur is a candidato, and no republican paper dare object, or advocate the merits of any other mar, and no public man can be a known aspirant without drawiug upon his head the attacks of the office holding machine, against which no republican paper will dare to peep. All the office holders have to work for Arthur, and this is also their own interest. They run the machine and can beat down any republican who attempts to be a rival. The republican masses have a poor opinión of Arthur, and the republioan editors in general do not like him; but they have to keep praising him, and ascribing deserts to him which, if true, would make him peerless. Arthur is the head of the maohine, and is organizing the sold south to nomínate him, without represeutmg a single electoral vote. Bepublican journals talk of the solid democratie south, but the solid south is to dicate to their party by delegations of office holders, representing no votes. Republicana must feel a strong disposition to join the democratie party in order to be able to ay their souls are their own in the matter of the presidency.


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