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The following from that staunoh democratie paper, The Monroe Democrat, is not very complimentary to Judge Joslyn : "Judge Joslyn oceupied one hour and twenty minutes in delivering what lawyers outside the case pronounce one of the most remarkable and astonishing charges ever heard or read. The Judge saw fit near the close to insult the prosecution, and through them the people of the county, by re-eohoing, at least by insinuation, the charge made by h's sonin-law, Mr. Whitman, that the prosecution had assumed the nature of a persecution. Mr. Gilday remonstrated, and by way of adding insult to injury, the judge replied that he had made the remark for the gentleman's own good- to give him an opportunity to explain. In conversation with a juror we learned that the first ballot stood five for ronviction and seven for acquital, and that five ballots were necessary to reach a verdict. The gentleman says the judge's oharge was "too plainly in favor of the defendant"- that they clearly understood that he oonsidered Waite's and his wife'i testimony of no valué, and that while none of the jury believed the prisoner innocent, they did not feel warranted under the circumstances in sending the man to states prison." The case to whioh the above refers was the trial of Edward F. Cooper for the attempted assaBsmation of Milton Waite, at Eaet Milán, June lOth last. Those who have attended sessions of the Washtenaw circuit court, and have listened to Judge Joslyn's charges in cases in which his son-in-law, C. B. Whitman has appepred (and he appears quite numerously) will not be surprised at th article from The Moproe Democrat. It is the common remark of attomeys of this bar who appear in the trial of causes in which Whitman is retained agaiDst them, that they stand very httle showing before Judge Joslyn, and their only redresB is the supreme court which reverses as fast as taken there, case after case, mach to the diseomfiture of the father-in law. The people may well ask, "Is the Washtenaw circuit eourt a farce?


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