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The Late Dr. Davis

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Thefollowingbrief biographical notioe ■was read at the funeral of the late Parmenio Davis, M. D., by his brother Lorenzo Davis of this cit : Dr. Davis was bom in Oovington, Gennessee County, N. Y., April 22, 1816. Hia parentH were religious people. His early eduoation was obtained in the district school, and from his early ohildhood showed those sterling qualities of character which has been conspicuous in his mature manhood. He has always maintained a character for steadiness of purpose in all the relations of life, sooially and professionally, whion secured for Mm the highest esteem, not only of his immediate friends, but also of his neighbors and his professional brethren, having never by any departure from professional courtesy incurred their dispieasure or forfeited his right to their high esteem. His strict and conscientious devotion to his patients won for him their highest regard, while at the game time it seoured for him the sympathy and good-will of his medical oontemporaries. H loved his chosen profession and never was so happy as when through his efforts. he saw his patients, rich or poor on the road to recovery. His religious life was undemonstrative onlv as it wss seen in a constant and strict adherence to the highest morality. His was the quiet and unostentatious lifeof a true christian manhood, a life of deeds more than of words. Though he held to his particular creed in politics and medióme with great tenacity, his gentle nature never llowed him to assume the position of a bigot, but was always ready to acoord to others the right claimed for himself to think and act in accord with the best light attainable. His preliminary medical education was obtained in the offloe of Dr. E. Warner of the town in which he was born. He graduated and took nis degree of M. D. from the Western Medical college of Willoughby, Ohio. Dr. Davis was always a close student while in the practice of his profession, a kind and obliging neighbor, an affectionate husband, and example of uprightness before his family, a friend to the unfortunate, a safe counselor with his professional brethren, and an honest man.


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