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Make 820 for Christmas. The publishers of Rutledge's Monthly offer twelve valuable rewards in their Monthly for December, amon ? which is the following: We will give $20.00 to the person telling ua how many verses there are containing but three words each in the Old Testament Scriptures by December lOth, 1883. Should two or more correct answers be received, the reward will be divided. The money will be forwarded to the winner December 15th, 1883. Persons trying for the reward must send 20 cents in silver (no postage stampa taken) with their answer, for which they will receive the January Monthly, in whioh the name and address of the winner of the reward and the correct answer wül be published, and in which several more valuable rewards will be offered. Address Rutledge Publishing Company, Easton, Penn. It never happened to any man since the beginning of the world, 'and never will, to have all things acoording to his desire, or to whom fortune was never oppoBite or adverse. An Answer Wanted. Can any one bring ub a case of kidney or liver oomplaint that Electric Bitters will not speedily cure? We say they can not, as thousands of oases already permanently cured and who are daily recommending Electric Bitters, will prove. Bright's disease, diabetes, weak back, or any urinary complaint quickly cured. They purify the blood, regúlate the bowels, and act directly on the diseased parts. Every bottle guaranteed. For sale at 50c a bottle by Eberbach & Son. "Blessed is the lot of a contented man," says the real estáte agent, "if he ha paid cash for it and the usual commissions." Griggs' Glycebine öalve.- The best on earth can truly be said of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a suro cure for cutB, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will positively cure piles, tetter and all skin eruptions. . Satisfaction guaranteed ormoney refunded O nly 25 oente. For sale by Eberbaoh & Son. Although it is dangerous to have too inuch knowledge of certain subjects, it ju still more dangerous to be total ly ignorant of them. We all Believe -That it is a long lañe that has no turning; that many a shaft at random sent, flnds a mark the areher little meant; that no remedy sold will oure coughs, colds, cronp, whoopintf cough and all throat and lung tronbles so quickly and permanently as Dr. BigeIow'b Positivo Cure; that our druggist, Eberbach & Son, is very generous to give trial bottles of this remedy f ree of charge. Capt. AHen, Kev. Mr. JEhvood, M. F. Ghiinon and Messrs. Crozier and Oonway addressed an audience oL 800 persons in Ypsilanti last evening. Quite a delegation from this city whs present. Now that it is an established fact that oleanliness is next to goriliness, there are people curious to know what godliness is next to. A Lady's Perfeet Componlon. Paini.iísk ChiLDBIRTH, a new book, tells liow an}' womrtti may hecome a uiother wilbout sufferitig any pain whatever. It also tclls how to prevent und overeóme raorning sickness, gwelled limbs, and all other evils attwding prognaney. Physiciasa hinhly íecomraend it aa the wife'3 true private companioo. Send two-cent stamp íor full descriptivo circular, testimoniáis, etc., sent in sealed envelope. Addruss, Fkank TnoMAs & Co., Puba., Baltimore. Md. "Yes, in y wife is a good poker player," says a Long Islana farmer. And then, he adds; "Ske is also just as handy with the tonga." How many hard-working ministers and lawyers sit at their desks and in their studies, who are suffering from overwork or indigestión, dyspepsia, nervousness, sleeplessnesa and irritability, who might by the use of Bheumatio Syrup regúlate their digestivo organs, cure their dyspepsia, sleep soundly and thus rest their nerves and be the better fitted for theif daily labors. Try it and you will be oonvinced of its merita. There is an oíd proverb which says, "you cannot get more out of a bottle than was put in t." That is a mistake. A man can get all that was put in the bottle and in addition to this can get $10 or thirty days. "Dr. Benson's Skin Cure eradicated my pimples. They used to break out eontinually." Steve T. Harrison, Kochster, N. Y. $1. at druggists. An exohange gives a lot of advice "How to catch a husband." Tne simplest way to catch him would be to leave him alone with the good-looking maid servant and then come upon him unawares. The most brilliant shades possible, on all fabrics are made by the Diamond Dyes. Unequalled for brilliancy and durability. 1Ü ets. Discretion is more necessai'y to women than eloquence, because they have less trouble to Bpeak well thau to speak little. Isador Spooner.LudingtoD, Mioh.,says: "As a kidney, liver and ague tonic, Brown's Iron Bitters has no equal." Oíd age is the night of life, as night is the oid age of the day. Still, night is f uil of magnificence; and, for man, it is more brilliant than the dav. Messrs. Judson Bros., druggists, Brighton, says: "We huve a larpe sale in Brown's Iron Bitters, and flnd it givmg good satisfaction." "Oh, you can laugh !" exelainied Fendersou, "but perhaps I'm not bo great a fool as I seem to be." "As for that, Fendy," replied Fogg, "we all know you are not .Itwouldbe simply impossible." Now is the time to treat eatarrh of long standing. Ely's Oream Balm reaches obstinate cases, where other remedies fail. In il lies the relief you seek. Prioe 50 cents. Apply into nostrils with the finger. A gentleman from Orwell, Pa., called my attention to Ely's Cream Balm as a remedy for catarrh, hay fever, etc. He was so eftrneot in asserting it to be a possitive cure(himself having been oured by it) that I purchased a stook. Tha Balm has already eñected cures. P. F. Hyatt, M. IX, Bordentown, N. J. After having used a laige number o preparations for catarrh, I have become satisfled that of them all Ely's Oream Balm gives me the most relief. I can recommend it to any one who may have catarrh, cold in the head or hay fever S. B. Lewis, Principal graded school Clinton, Wis.


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