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A Susceptible Bachelor

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"5o. Arthur, you say your not married- Súsceptlbleboy that you are í The rest of us, while jou have tarried. Have patronlzed Hymcn's cay car; Ten years since we leí t tlie oíd college- They tell me yon'rc rising to f ame; Yet, wtth all your aceessiou of knowledire, Tour affectlons remaln just the same. "Oldfellow, l'll make explanation: I'm tlred of this lone bachelor Ufe, And really don't flnd reputatlon A full Bubstitute íor a wlfe. Now, gentle affection Ís one thing- A sensatlon I oftcn eujoy- But &n iiulescrlbable somethtug la lacking Ín that, my dear boy. "There's Ni 11, whom I take to the operaFine figure, blueeyes and light halr- She's equallv nice for a hop, or a rète-a--tc on tbe front stair ; There's Iíattie, so vtry artistic, Gentle jane, and the gay Eleanor, kearned Prudence, who's quite athelstlc- And all the rest of a score- ''AU charming- and really I lovcd them ; Would wed any oue- for a time; Tet, if marFied Ufe did not improve them, Would long for a happier clitne. Each is öue for t.hemood or occasion; But for ever?- the risk is too grtat, I repel matrimonial invasión And reinain iu my bachelor estáte. "What of Belle- bright (untry born malden - The sweetheart of old colkgu days ! Even now boy fancy is laden Withdreauis of her loveable ways; All the restare but toys of the dance, bir; Dear Belle, a corapanion for lif e ; your hand- now l'll whisper my answer- She has promised to be my trae wlfe."


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