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A Remarkable Family

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Mortimer Dancher, aged 121 ,years, dit.'d at the rehidence of his son in Derrvnane, Lesueur County, Minn. a short time ago. Mr."Daneherjwas the lastjsurviving brother of a reniarkable family, whichfor downrightloiigevity surpass es anything in the records of modern times." Not only this, bilt in another county Mr. Daneher's mother died in the lülst year, his oldest brother at the age of 108 years, his second at the age of 117 years, 7 months and tvventy dayH acd himsolf soon after at the age of 121 years. The father was the shortest-lived of the family, having died at the age of eighty. Tho combined ages of the threebrothers reached 346 years; including the mother, 446 years, and taking in the father, 526 years. Mr. Danoher has been a remarkably healthy and active man, never having been really ill in his life. Lately, however, he has, through sheer oíd age, been confined more ov less to his bed, but was never ill-even got up and dressed himself a few daya beforehis death. The gentleman carne f rom the County Clare, Ireland. and could speak nothing outside the Celtic tongue of his ancestois Mr. Daneher possessed the full use of all his facultiea till the very last


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