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An Aged. Cigarette Smoker

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The old chapel is stül standing in a fair state of preservaron, uued for the daily services of tbe San Gabriel parish; and there are in its neighborhooj a few crunibling adobo hovels left, the only remains of the once spleudid and opulent mission. In one of these lives a Mexican woman, eighty-tvo years old, who for more than half a century kas washed and ruended the priest's laces, repaired the robes, and rcmodlcd the vestments of San Gabriel. She is worth crossing the continent to soe: all white from head to foot, as if bleached by some strange gramarye; white hair, white skin, blue eyes faded to nearly white; white cotton clothes, ragged and not over clean, y et not a trace of color in them; a white linen handkerchief delicately embroidered by herself, always tied loosely around her throat. She sita on a low box, leaning against ;hc wall, with three white pillo ws at :er back, her feet on a cushion on the rround ; in front of her, another low 3ox, oí) this a lace-maker's pillow, with inotted fringo on it; at her lelt hand a jattered copper caldron holdiug hot coals to warm her fingers and to light ïer cigarettes. A match she will never use; and she has seldom been without a cigarette in her mouth' since she was six years old,


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