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He was in the Pólice Co urt. lhe judge said: "I shall givo you your choice;you can eitker work ten days on the street or pay a fine of $20." "What!" ejaculated tho prisoner, "work on the road ten days or pay a fine of $20! I don't see any choioo'there, boss. I'll teil you what Í will do. I'll shake the dice with you, best two horses out of three, to seo whether I work on the road ten days or you pay me $20. But the way you pul it, there ain't no'.chance for me. 1 can'l tuke no snch risks as that, Judge; I can't, on niy honor as a gentleman.', Buthe Push fatteninghogaforward as rapidlv as possible. Keep them Jwarm and cleanly. Charooal broken fine and mixed with cooked feed. is an excellent regulator and tonie, aiding digestión' and promoting fattening to such an extent that it is hard to believe it does not serve as food.


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