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"brave Kate Shelley"

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The presentation maclc, a iew uays ag-j, by a committf e ot the Iowa legislature, of a special gold medal to Kale Shelley, at Boone, in that state, vas made the occasion of a mamnioth celebration, comprising a procession, speeches, music and a banquet. Kate Shelley is now 18. About dusk on the night of July G, 1881, a terrible storm hroke over tliat section of iowa. The Des Moines rivcr rose six feet in ari hour. The hurricane ble-.v down houses and carried away every portable object. The vvindow of Kate's home aflbrded a view of Honey creek railroad bridge, and looking out she sawa train go down intn thp. ahvss helow. No one was at .11 ljJ Lllvj ílU V Oö KJ lr 'T ■ --■ ■-- f ■■ ■- nomo but her mother and a little broth3r and sister. Kate did not wring her hands anti wish sho were a man to brave the storm. Shc kncw the sufferers raust aeed assistance, and that the next train must be warned. So she lighted a lantern, donned a waterproof cloak, and faced the pouring rain, the luritl lightening, and tho unknown dangers of the storm, and painfully climbed the steep bluö to the track. Goicg out on the rereiaining portion of the bridge she waveó her tóntern andcalled out loudly, and was answered by the engineer of the lust freight tiain, the sole survivor, who had managed to crawl upon some of the bridge timbers, He urged lier to liasten to the nearest station and give warning to the coming express train. Retracing her steps, Kato then procuuded to Molngona, about a mile distant. Before her journey's end lay the high trestle bridge over tho Des Moiues, about 500 f eet long. Just as she reaohed it lier lautern was blown out, But in pilchy darkness, save for the lillies of Jightñirg, she erossed over on _ her hands and knecs, crawling from tie to tie. Thcn rapklly running the short distance remaining she arrived in tini;'. Tho expross train and it.s passengers wero saved. The story of Kate Sheiley's brave ace was soon the topic of admiration throughout the country. Several funda were slarted for her and she has been made rich. Tho state legislatura last winter ordered a medal struck to commemorate the noble action of this girl of 16, and it has León formally presented t "Bravo Kateo Shelley."


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