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Detroit was the ecene of another cold-blooded raurder on the evenine oí November 28, (vhcn Patrolman Alonzo E. Bullard was ebot by George Wilson, whom Bullard was trylng to arre6t. The murder was a most terrible one and is all the mere horrible in its consequeuces whcn it is knewn that the murdered man leaves a wife and three little ones in aestitute circumstances. The crime lor which Wilson was wantod was the theft of a barrel of oil, and thcoil had been tracked to Wllson's house by Bullard Ihe faets were reported to headquarters, and Bullard detailed by nis ohlef to iuveetigate and make arrests. It is j.robaole Wilson knew that Bullard was waU-hmg him, and carne out of the house where he was secreted with a shot gun to frighten the ofücer away. Two mni were with Wileon wheu he was seeu by neighbors after the f ital shot had been flred. Wilson euceeeded in making bis escape The pólice boarü took spsedy action in the matter. Oiücers were at once put on nis traelr, anrt after searching for him all night, the next mornirtí were euable to trace him to rettte Ome (Jut., where he was soon after arrestcd. He oifered no resistanoe aud voluctanly trossed the river to Dttroit, and was lodged in the Central Station. Threats of lynching were freelv made, aud an extra gaard was placed on dutv-. Wilson was interviewed by a reporter, and denied any knowledse of the crime and when askcd his defence he said he was onder the iuflueuce oL liquor, and dld not know what he was doing. ïhis crime, foliowibgso quickly aitcr the sassination of GeotW C. Kimball causes ureat excitement in the city, Patrolmau Bullard was about 35 years of age. He was appoimed on the pólice forcé on April 3 last aud assigued to Trumble Avenue Pre■vnet. Hls record during liia short term in tne dcpartment is a good one. His superior olticer p.ay tUat he was a mistvvortby man who lias giveu good satisfacriou ; never sliuiciuir duty and doïng it couscientioasly. Tiie deccased lately joinci the insurauce society within the dt partrnent, f rom eacii of the mcuibtrs of which the widow wül recelve $5. IK a '.li of lix-ov:riior Greeiily. Ex Governor Greenly ciicd in E.tíon Rápida Thanksgiviug morniug, aged 70 years. Wil iiam L. Groeuly was boni at Hamilton, Madi bod Co., N. r., September 18, 1813, and gvaduated from Union College at the eatly age ot 18. Two years later ho. was admitt.(v3 to the bar at Álbany, N. Y., and prsetieed Uw in Eaton, Madleon Co., until 1830, when be went to Adrián, iiud has ever slnce been a Qignly eBteemi d citiZBD of this state. Iu the f all of 1!?37 he was nunüuated for the legisiature by the Demócrata, bul was dufeateü by James Fields. In tbe followiu!,' year hli party notuiuafcd liim for state senator in tbe district compiised of Monroc, Leuawee and Hillsdale cuuntii s, and elected him by a large majorlty. So laitutullv QKl lie rtpresiui, "s unioinuiu.o tbat h was re-elected in 1841. In L846 lie was uivi-n the stc-und place un tlie Democratie state ticket, añil with AipbeUS Felch for gdVernor, carried tlie party baiiner le vietory. Ou ilie lst of Marcii, 1847, Gov. Fi-lch was cU-cted to the üiiitfd States seuate, and Lnut.-Gov. Greenly became acting goveruor of the state, a positiou be oceupied uutil the íollowlng Januarv Subst quently, for twelye years, he held the"fflceofa justiceof tbe peace ULenawec eoumy, and iu 1S5S was mayor of Adrián. Gov. Grei-nly leaves but oue ehlkl, Marshal H. Gieenly, of Elkhart. Intl. STATE ITEMS. The First Congregational cliureh in ChesanIng was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies a few days ago. Scarlet f ever is epidemie in Ilov.ell. fieorge Fuller, a yoangman of Bay Citj-, was out huntina with several compauious on a recent Sunday,and was accidentally shot in the face, inflictiug painful, though not dangerous wounds. The Alpena Argus says white üshing at that place this year is a failure. Mrs. E. Stewart, an agedlady of Scl.ooleraft, whlealiKhtingfroinhercarriiU!;e, feil, bruaking her hip. The heirs of Crouch, the old man murdered in JacksoD, are opposed to ofïericir any reawrd. Mauy new and subitantlal buildiass have been erected In Cheeaning this season. Peck, Wood'scft Co.'s mtll at Uscoda lias cut 40,000,000 feet oí lumbcr this saason. The ncw Woode' library, atOscoi, ha9 been opened with somethina over 590 volumes slroady in the collection and 100 more to coine. Quite a number of uewsyapers are on the ñli' and the library will be kept open day and evenig, Suudays included. Saloon recelpts ia Maskeoa are estimated at $1,000 daily. , , Hillsdale College had a total attenöance of 1 (100 in al its Jepartments tor the ytar endinK Octoberl5; of these 223 were la the literary Dcoartment, 43 ia the theological, 300 iu the preparatory, 301 iu the commercial and teleiraphic, 148 in the uiusie, and 101 in the art. A i)rop2r allowauce for ïiamesappearing twice reduces the actual total to StiT. Sheriff Winney of Jackson, saye that the 6earch for the inurdtrers of the (Jrouch family will be unintermittlng until they are brought to iustice. The btst detective talent will be. secured and put upon the trail, and they shall have all they requlre to aid tlicm in their searcn. He thinks a rtward ousht alf o to be offered as there m.iy be somc one whoin the offer di a few thousand dullurs would cause to teil somethiog about the affair, which,-in case no reward was offered. mifíht mver come to light. James White, fatli.r of the murdered Henry White, offers a rtward of (2,000. Three saloons in Allegan were destroyed by flre the other morniu)iA Ludington dealer has within a nionth boaght 2,800 muskrat skins, 300 mink, 3T0 coon, niüe bear, one wildcat, bi-sides tbe uulesol foxes and smaller game, all captured in Muson County. The St. Ignace News tells a story or a young man who went into the lumberwoodsoï Canada last summrr wtijihing only iüucty-ix pouuds, and has back, afu-r a season ol breathing the braciag breczes of Pine River, with hls avoirdupois increased toi02. i Charles Nieliolson, a well-known citizen of Jackson, went to bed late, at the Huid House a few nights ugo, asklnji to bc lelt undisturbed ui-xt duy, as he was very tireil and wai.ted rest, He was not. sel-i) again till the uext nignt about 1 1 :80 o'cloek, when Capt. Mettier, supposiug Mr. Nieholson had goneout without celug tieard, sent auother jmest to his room. Mr. Niuholson was, they found, lylns dead in bis bed, havlng apparéntly expired bhortly after ietiring. Thete is a decp-seated conlctlon in Marsbal that young Süiley commltted suicide. Mecosta Vil' 'ge has formeda stock company, witb Bharea at Ï5each, to put down a salt well. convinced iteelf thar, the saline huw exists in the earth bclow It. The Bay City Press reads it alecture to the effect, iliat salt-making in Mecosta cannot pay. The production of salt is profitabV, it says, only whcre it can be opérate'! in coiuection with a saw-mul, and the product be aftirward shipp-d by water. The Michigan Central has dccidcd to adopt central standard time lor all its liues on feunday, December 9. A fire broke out at Pinconniug, Bay countv, at 3 o'elock the other inorniuK, In beorse Caiu's restaurant, wbich is simaied nndir Ihodes' hall, where a dance was in progresa. Some claim the Ureoriginatedin Cain's kltelii'n and others say it was trom a ciuar etub. Tne property dostroyed waf as follows. S. B M.OT-is' drug store, Iops ta,500, insured; C.H. Rhodcsrhall, loss 1 1,500, no Insurance; McCormick's building, loss $3,000 and bis liquor stock $4,000; insuranco 3,5U0; Qeorge Cain s restaurant, loss l,zuu, ïuturauce ci.uvu. Beorge Barrí-, liquor stock, lose i 500; and J J Ennlng'd loss on hl meat market Is o00. Total lossis 14,000; ineuraucu $5,700. The first exaiuiuation of tue private papers of the late Byron Crouch was held the otner evening, and the most important papers lountl missing. Chicago detectives are assistlng the iocal authorities iu the search for the muriierËüzabeth Aleiander, agcd 13 years, livina four miles from Clinton, committed inleidt the other evcuicg by taking tychnine. JNo motive for the aet is known. The other nieht thrce rutilan broke lnto tra reeldeuceol Isaae Gale, a wealthy f ariner l:v ing a few miles soutlieast of üwoeeo, and hr.i tbree revolvers otit the heads of Mr. and Mr? Galc, denianrling thi-ir money, sayinf, that ttiej imlilhave no fooling, that eitlier thi-y mus hand over what money andother valuables tb house contaiued, or prepare to be served a thatfainily in JacKson County werc recent! served. Jilr. Gale hunted up and hand'id ovt 100 in cash, and two gold watches. The rol Inrs tbeo coolly helped theraselves to lom 'aki-ifS turna in eatlug and keeping guarí They then proceeded to thebarn aud hitehei np a Iior6e belonglng to Mr. thile's ttnjnt an drove olï. The neit morning tbc hor?e and busgy cc me home alone uil right, the buiïalo robe being caref ully tncked uudcr the eeat. The total number of prlsoners in the State Prison at Jackeon November 1 was 584 ; tenteneed durinir the muutli, 28 ; recapturea, 41. There were 22 released on expiratloii of sentenee, 2 by pardon and 5 escaped. The number ii prison November 30 was 579. Oí those seutenced during the month 3 eame from the Detroit Rccorder's Jourt,8 each from Newaygo and Ottawa counties, 2 from Van Buren and 1 each from Bagtnaw, liülsdal", Wavne, Ogemaw, Cass, Kalamazoo, Midland and Lenawee. Eight of these were eenUnced for Irarglary, 7 for larceny, 3 for forgery and 1 each for murder in the second degree, robbery, a3sault with intent to rape, reeeiving stolen property and aspanli with intent to murder. Tbe report that the Peninsular car works at Adrián were to be removed to Detroit is pronounced premature by the managers of the works. Sueli a chaBge is ander consideraron, hut, tl declded upon, wil! not be made for some time. The Adrián works have not, as has heen -stated, clo=ed down, but are being uscd as repair shops.


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