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Tbc Democratie members elect of the lortyeigtith UongresB aeeembled in the hall of the House on the evenlng of December lst, for the purpo6e of oominating candidatos to flll ilie various electivo offices. The caucus was calleil to order by Gen. Rose.ncrans. Mr. Geddes, of Ohio, was chosen chairman of the caucas, and after the appijintim; of a secretar} and tellers, the resular work of the caucus was at once entered upon. One hundred and eight members responded to the roll-call. The balloting was conducted on the viva voce plan. John G. Carlisle, of Kentucky, was the h'ret cpn-Jidatc before the caucup, and Samuel J. Randall and 8. S. Cox following in the order naincd. Two ballots were taken, the first of which gave Carlislc 101 votes, and on the second ballot 107 votes wcre counted for hlm. Hls nomination was declared unanimous. andaekaowledgedamid 'Itafening applause. The otht-r contestante accepted their defeat very gracef ully. So large and uiianimous a vote makes the eketion of Carlislf! !tn nsfsnrpil fftf.t. "candidatos for thu minor oflices were thcn placed in nomination. John B. Clark oL Missouri was chosen clerk; John B. Leedom oí Ohio Sergeant-at-aras ; J. (i . Wintersaiith oí Texas,door-k-eeper ;Lycurgus Dalton of Indiana, postmastCTjBev. GeorgeS. LIndsay, of George town, D. C.,chaplain. At 12:30 a. m., the caun cus adjourned sine dio. THE REPÚBLICAS CAUCÜS nominatrd the oíd officere, with the single cxceptiou ot rostmaster, for which position Deputy Postmaster McNair was unanimously Domlnated.


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