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It's All A Mistake--about Women Liking To Shop

It's All A Mistake--about Women Liking To Shop image
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Among the minor social belicfs long no-o elovated to a point of orthodoxy is ihe notion thai women enjoy shopping tor itself, irrespectira oi utility or necessity. Yet half the timespëiit in ]okin-- over this female penchant, if put into practical observation, might conviace the average male that this welllished belief covcred a fallaoy. ïhedaily thronged shops need not be so very misleadingif one oonsidera that everything and evoryooav, num the oldest household article to the newest baby must corno onder oversight ol tho presiding woman, and that, by 110 means, are all womcu endowed w a nianner to cope witb an! make easy the manifold duties they have to perform. Thousands oL women know they musí bare something for thia, that and the other or person, withont knowmg what they eau have; and they hannt ihe shops, hoping that hr, season's noveltiea will suggest some comptomise betwcen their necessities and the limit oi their expenditure. But they lind this task anything but a pleasure. I that typeoi woman Whlch haunts the newlv'-fumished shops from idlè, restless curiosity -a type, by the way, i rare than ís gonerally supposed who when at home, is always byerhauling Eussing and revamping, through sheer laok of ooncentrative and tvained faculty, even she doos not ouitoloveit Herrasped andharassed erves, wheo she oomea home, gamsay the supposition. Indeed, ao pther pureh feminine work, except, perhaps, lig at all compares with shoppmg, Eor usmg np a woman's nervous foroo.


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