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Grand opera house. Tueaday evening next. Ti.e play of Hamlet. The play of Hamlet at the grand opera house Tuesday evening with the young tragedian Wm. Stafford in the character of Hamlet. Minnie Hauk and her splendid company will appear at University hfill next i nday night, and judging by all indications the fashion, beauty and wealth of the city will attend the musical event of the season. Mmnie Hauk has kindly consented to sintr her famous echo song in which she shows all the wonderfui facility and execution of her voice, jumping from the fullest notes to pianissimo and produeing that phenomenal echo eflect which set the New Yorkers and Bostonians wild with delight. Minnie Hauk will wear a bright blue satín dress, made b the famous Worth of Paris, and trimmed with real Valenciennes lace. She will also wear the famous nve diamond stars which the emperor of Kussia piesented to her shortly before his tragic death. A feature of the cuieiiaiumeni is tne remarkable playmg of Mr. Constantin Sternberg, who wil] play on a fine concert grand Mendelssohn s well known ' Midsummer Night's pream." Altogether the entertainment is far above the prioes eharged tor admission, and will prove one of the finest and most satisfactory ever given in Ann Arbor. The Toronto Mail says Mr. Stafford' Hamlet ia a very careful and judicious one, and such as one would expeot from an intelligent actor and student of Shakespeare. Mr. Stafford, says the New York limes, shows much forcé and mtellinH aI Hamlet. specially throughont the tñird act, awakens much sympathv and interest. New York Evening News: The tragedy Hamlet,' which has been played by Mr. Stafford and his company throughout the week, hae seldom been produced under more gratifying auspices or by a company with brighter hopes of succes. 1 be chief artist has devoted himself to the purpose of rendenng this and other tragedies in which he has already appeared.or may appear hereafter, a source of positive stage delight. Mr. Stafford's Hamlet, which for the last week has stood the test of ngid examination, affords many proofs of careful study and mature self -examination, and is fully entitled to more than usual commendation. Mr. Edward Witting, representing the celebrated Wilham Stafiford company m the oity la8t ni?ht and reported his attraction as doing an immense business everywhere. Mr. Staflbrd will appear here on Tuesday evening next as Hamlet in Sakespeare's sublime tragedy of that name, As Mr. Stafford has a nne company an excellent performance may be looked for.


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