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Tuesday was pension day. School board meeting next Tnesday evenmg. Sophia Lyons made a flying visit to the city yesterday. A jug breaking entertainment in Fireman's hall to-morrow. Election of offieers of the Knights of Maccabees Thursday evening. Mattie Jones Stiles has been divorced from her husband, Albert Stiles. A. H. Frazer v ill defend the murderer Wilson in the Wayne circuit oourt. The senate of tbe University adopted standard time commencmgwith Sunday Dr. Conway has tied the ribbon on over 600 persons in Pt. Huron the present week. Jno. Zegler had his head cut open Tuesday while exercizing Hoffstetter's horsO, Tózer. Thera will be a grand opening of Tom and Jerry's place on Fourth street tomorrow evening. Kev. B. B. Pope's temperance sermón is now on sale at Boughton's news depot in the post-office. Dr. Bobt. E. Douglass of Stony Creek has confessed to other forgeriei. He will have his senteuce to-day. Washtenaw Chapter B. A. M. No. 6, elect offioers Monday evening and Golden Bule lodge Tuesday evening. The chairs recently stolen from the Unitanan chureh were found in a gambling dive in the third story of the Earl block. Jno. Webber, a second warder, has been sentenced to Ionia by Judge Joslyn for six months. John would abuse his family. A. C. Bliss' bowling alley is in full bias'. Every Thursday ha been set apart for ladies who may wish to roll ten-pins. Mrs. T. Lamed of Worden's Station, slipped on the sidewalk near the court house Tuesday and ruptured a ligament in her knee. Beserved seats for the Minnie Hauk concert can be secured at Geo Osius & Co's. and at Geo. Moore's on Wednsdav, Dec. 12. Our fellow townsman, C. H. Manly, has been proposed for messenger to the congressional door keeper. May he secure the appointment. One week from Sunday evening the Bev. B. B. Pope will deliver a discourse on " The 8criptural view of JMarriage " at the Methodist ehurch. Henry McOollum formerly a conductor on the Michigan Central, died some days ago in the western country. His remains will be brought here for interment. The arrest and conviction of Douglas Beahan and Frmk O'Donnell wil! break up a small gambling den which has ben under the very nose of th offioers for some time. A committee of the board of supervisors and common council will meet toduy to take into consideration the tramp nuisance and see if some means cannot be provided to prevent it. A little son of Thos. Matthews met with a senous acoident Sunday night. The nurse girl was carrying the ohild up stairs, when she slipped and feil upon the little one and broke his arm. A new time card will go into effect on the Michigan Central next Sunday, the trams to be run by standard time which will also be the time for this city, commencing with that day at noon. The members of the school of telegraphy pass resolutions on the death of J. E. Pratt, who died last week. We have been furnished with a copy of the resolutions bilt want of space prevent , their publication. It would be mighty convenient if some justice of the peace would remove hie office directly opposite the jail, for then offlcers would not be eompelled to run tramps up town, and besides it would avoid considerable talk. The exaggerated and highly colored artiole in a Chicago paper about a temperanoe meeting in Firemen's hall breaking up in a row when Dr. Oonway was here, was penned by H. F. Halford, and who he is every one know that remembers Mioh a paper as the nn Arbor Daily News. We take pleasure in nalling attention to the new advertisements of Koeh & Halier, the well known furniture dealers, A. Wilsey, who keeps the onlymusic ptore in the city and W. G. Snow, of the Ann street hvery establishment; also to the change of ada of Willis Boughton, news dealer and A. Muehlig's furniture emporium. Minnie Hauk is a great faTorite at the Koyal Courts of Europe. The Emperor of Germany has speoiilly taken her under his powerful protaotion. She has been created oourt and ohambersinger to the emperors of Germany and Russia, and is the happy possessor of quite a number of prineely decorations, which she, however, never wears exoept at court receptions. Prof. Wmchell wiil lecture at the Unitariun church next Sunday evening on the subject "Tho Theism of Evohvtion; or, Is Evolution GodleBs?" In the morning Mrs. Sunderland will speak on "The Beformation in England." Mr. Sunderland will be absent, having gone to Grand Kapids to assist in the organization of a new Unitarian morement there. One day last week two studente had their overcoats stolen from their boarding houses, and they placed the case in deputy sheriff Porter's hand. He accordingly went to work and learned enough to warrant the arrest of "Cookey" O'Donnell and "Dug" Beahan, and Monday he arrested the parties and Justic Clark senten eed iheïh to Ionia for four months each, on their plea of fuilty. The St. Thomas insnrance company elected the following officers Tuesday night: President, M. J. O'Brien; vicepresidents, W. H. Mclntyre, Jno. V. Sheehan; treasurer, A. Eiesele; recording secretary, P. H. Uegnen; assistant recording secretary, D. J. Bobs; financial secretary, C. P. Carey; marshal, Jno. O'Grady; guard. Jno. Manning; trustees, David Einsey, E.Dnffy, Wm. Caspary. ■ Adrián Press: Ex-Gov. Alpheus Felch, of Ann Arbor, was in the city Friday, returning home Saturday. The governor found many oíd acquaintances, was introduoed to many others, who had long known him by reputation and were glad to greet him personally. Though in the 77th year of his age the gorernor is in exceedingly good health, and looked as vigorous as he did 20 years ago. An attempt was made Thursday night of last week to rob Nate Burdine, in the town of Lodi. He was driving to his home in Saline, when a stranger who was riding with him aekeo for a chew of tobáceo. When Burdine reached for it, the stranger hit him upon the head and knocked him from the carriage, with the evident intention of securing $100 which Burdine had on his person. The would-be thief escaped. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw oounty agrioultmal and horticultural society will be held in the circuit court room in thip city, Thursday morning, December 18th, at 11 o'clock, for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year and for the transaction of other business. On the same day the board of managers wil] meet an hour earlier. A proposition to reorganize the society as a a joint-stock company will be submiuea. a general attendance ís desirable. Public exercise incident to the eompletion of the new library building will be held in universitv hall, Dea 12, at 7 o'clock p. m., standard time. The following is the order of exercises: Prayer by ihe Kt. Rev. Bishop Harris, of Detroit; address by Regent Shearer, of Bay City. There will also be addresses by President Angelí, Librarían E. C. Davis, and by Justice Winsor, librarían of Harvard college; dedicatory ode by the Rev. Geo. Duffield, D.D. Music will be furnished by the choral unión. The Washtenaw oounty poniological society elected the following officers 8arurday for the ensuing year: President, J. Austin Scott; reoording secretary, Jacob Ganzhorn; eorresponding secretary, Emil Baur; treasurer, E. H. Scott; vice-presidents, J. D. Baídwin, P. L. Page and Wm. Mcöreery; executive committee, J. J. Parshall, .T. E. Snmner, O. R. L. Crozier and C. H. Woodniff; clinatologist, Prof. Alexander Winchell; botanist. Prof. Volney Spaulding; ornithologist, Prof. J. B. Steere; hygiënist, Dr. A. B. Preseott.


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