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How To Fall Asleep

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I had often noüced that whon engaged m deop thought, particulnrly at night, tbere secmed to bu something like a compression of tha eyelids, the upper ones espeeially and tile eyes themsclves wore apparently turned upward, as if looking in that direction, Tnis invai-iablyoccurred;and the moment that, by an effort, I arrested the course oL thought, and i'reed the mind from the subject with which it was cngaged, the eyes vesumed their mormal posilion and thc compression oí the lids coased. Now it oocurted to me one night that I would not allovv the eyes to tnrn upward, bui keep them determinedjy in tlioopposite position, as it' looking down; and having done so for a short lime, J. found that the mind did not revert to the thouffhts with which it had been pied, iml lsoonfeli asloep. I tried the plan sgain witli the same result; and liter an oxperience of two yoars, I can truly say that, unless vhen something specially annoyingorworryingoecurred I havo always been able to go to sleep very shortiy after retiring to rost. There may oeeas'ionlly be some düiiculty in keeping the eyes in the positiou 1 havedecribed, Lmt a determinded effort to do so m all that is required, and 1 am certain that if kopt in the down-looking po3ition itwill be fouad that composuro and sleep will be the result. It may be aaid that as the continucd effort to keep the eyeballs in a oertain position so diverls the attention as to tree the mind from a disngrceable subjeet with wliieh it had been engaged, sleep -vill iollow as a natural oonsequonce. It is not improbable that tiiis is to some extent correct; and if so, it is well that by means so simple and o easily adopted, such a desirable result can be sooured. But 1 think this is not the only nor the principie reason. The position in which the eyes shonld be keoi is the natural ono; they are at case in it; and when there is no oemprejsiou of the lids or knitting of the brows, the musclesoounected with andsurrounding the eyes are relaxed. This is the condition ia niuoh more favorable íor sleep tban lor mental actirity or aeep thought


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