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Parsons' Purgative Pilis

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And "Will eompletely chango tlio llood ín the entire systcrn in three months. Any pcrson who will take 1 FUI each night from 1 to 18 weeks, may be restored to sound health, if snch a thing be possiblc. For Femsile Complaints these Filis have no equul, l'hypicians uso them for the cure of IjIVEK and KIDNISY diseases. Sold everywhere, or sent by mail for 25c, in stamps. Circulara froe. I. S JOHNSON ás CO., Boston, Mass. $y M tJ-. ■'■ BJB HH v H flS Use) wili instantaneously relieve these terrible JOHNSON'S ARSODYNE LIN1MENT CUHES Influenza, Bleeding at the Ltings, Hoarseiioss. Hacking Cougta, Whooping Coagb, Chronl DlarrhoBO, Dyscntery, cholera Morbus, Kidney Troubles, and Diseases of the Spine. Suld everywhero. Circulars free. I. S. JOHNSON & CO., Boston, Mass. It is n well-known fact ttiat most of the ■ ■ M H ff 9a S B Va B I %. H BW Ilorse and C'attle I'owdcr sold in this Hf Bk B ÍS ffl IS L BB H E try is wortliless; that Sheridan's Condition IbBH 19 BB H ■JH Bm k 15 Bf 1'owderisabsolutel.vpureandveryvaluable. ■■■■ ■■ ■ BPfl Va 1U a Nolhins on Kaitli will máke hens 191 BB Bm I lili I SSÍ .' d.UkDeofe%en11nfSio!S IWB fl 11 fci ï B fc 11 W hit I fo;d. ltwill also posttlvely prevent and cure HoChoIera,Ac. Sold everywhere.or sent by mail for ?5c. In f BJ S ,f IW È SM fcSifiB E? O A stamps. Furnished in Iarne cans.price $1.00"; by mail, $1.20. %4l1lldft.dn3 %#rï'U'falElï#%, Circulars free. 1. S. JOHNSON CO., Boston, Maas. 5 TORI WAGONS SCALES,86O. JONKS, he pays the lre)ht. Iron Levrrs, Soltd Cast Steel Besriugs and Weariogs, Norway fron Furgiuj_s, Doublé Brass Beum with Patent Sprina Tare. Warranted Fiïf Ycars. ■ALL S1ZES OF SCALES KQUALLY LOW. Address, for Free Price List and Book on Scales, of Siziglisirarfcon, BINGHAMTON, N. i'. $102,400.00! SZ f TO TIIE COKSTJMEKS OF SPEAR-HEADPLÜ1GHEWINGT06AG00 ! TUE ÏRRAY nr I5IFTQ VHP PROPÍ1SE GIV. To secure the most cqnal distrlhuilon of the pifts wc Ht AKKAT UIUS Wt KKUruoc httTe aivldcd Ihe country into dlstricu. ThefolldVING OUR PATRONS. IngartlcleawlUbcdlstrftutediiiyourdtotrlcttoeon. 1SO Acres of Land In Dakota, Ne,,,merS of ■s1K,,r-H, a,l' Plug Cl.cwinBïobaccu,„n StMiïdüpïièitpWoillgSJS lOAc04Lr... ...., S-{SJ ilíao%!::íSlngWa;ci;ei S-4OOO SSt? ËSS Elgln Movcmcnt ? 15,000 00 tOSolldOold Winding Watches, „-__, IOU 8 IGo?liínfentBodÍÓcch ÖöS 2S IO U. s. OoWment fcAf -u-ach 5OO OO öO BllVer Btcm-Wintling Watih, S Sllver Stem-WfndiDg WatcUes, „..„„„ Sprlnefleld MoTcment.... ,8OO OO „giwingseia MoroTOnnt ;( O OO ïaloOMecrschanm Plpffl 4.8OO OO 80O Meerecbamn PIpca. ........... 1,300 00 2O1M) Fire Ib. boxea S;u-Ikad TubLoo f . 1"'(':W'H'':"1 Tos ooo oo Total Amount, 114000 JaTVaiue, - $14,300 00 To the coneumer srndlng to ouraddresüthc gn-ati'st numbi'rof " Spenr-hend" TaRs, wfll bc bívi n a Deed for fno 360 ftcres of Land. To the nest, a Weberstyle 2 Grand uprighi Piano, andto tho nrxi. m KU-iantBuraett Oróan. Thi a ro the ten nexl greatest mwnber of Tags. n Gom watch eac:h, and ro mi. muil th al] distribuU'd. Save tho Spear-hcad Tags and rel urn to u from May Jö to Juqo 1, 1SS1, and grt your pn'seut. P. J. SORG & COiddjetown, Ohio Chew SPEAR-HEÁD and Get a Farm!


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