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The Hotel Of The Future

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The following ib the translation of an artiole in a Berlín paper, which will convey an idea of the Germán estimates of the coming American hotel : " The latest American progresa in building will be the ' mammoth hotel,' soon to be erected on the Shell Eoad, St. Augustine, Fla. This enormous hotel is to have a froatage of three English miles long, and a depth of six miles, the height of seventy seven stories ; will measure 3,840 from the ground-floor to the roof. The hotel will have no stairs, but 500 balloons will always be ready to take guests up to their rooms. No room aiters are to be ployed, but visitors will be served by a newly-patented automaton, put up in every bed room, which will do all shaying, shampooing, etc, for the guests, by a very simple and inganius mechanism. Supposing the guest requirea hot water, the automaton will be able to cali down stairs, ' a bucket of water for room 13,107,' and the water will be up in seven seconds by a patented elavator. Half an hour bef ore table d'?wíe, matead ot ringing bells, a gun (twenty-four pounder) will be flred on each floor to oall the guests to get ready for their meals. The tables in the dining-rooms will measure four miles eaob, attendanoe being performed by twelve waiters on horseback on either eide ol the table. Music during table $kote will be played gratis, by eight bands, of Beven men each. For the convenience of viaitors a railway will be built on each Hoor, as well as telegraph offices. The price of one bed-room will be from $1 to 810. The cost of this building is estimated to be $680,000,000. The billiard-room will contain nine hundred American, nmety-nine French and one English table, and most of the visitors are ezpected to be Americana. The billiard-room will be fitted out with a spittoon of one hundred feet in oircumference." It is always with pleasure that Thk Demoorat calis attention to any new enterprise. Reeen tly we had occasion to visit the Steinbach Manufacturing Company, who are doing a large business in the patent harness pad and gig tree line. This new pad is easily adjusted, and far superior to anything of the kind heretofore manufactured. They prevent horses trom having sore backs, and besides, the pad is much more durable than the old atyles. The company consiste at the following well known buiuess men: Frederich Schmid, Hutzel Bros., Heinzmann & Son, E. K. Frenauff, Frederich Wuster, Henry Mann, Chas, and Burnett Steindach. At No. 14 South Main St. is their manufactory. We trust that this company will continue to merit the patronage it is receiving. All farmers who wish saddles manufactured by the Steinbach company, should ask saddlers for the same.


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