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EBERBACH&SONI Dealer in Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot o( French Hair Brushes AND Enlish Tooth Brushes. W oall special attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicus of our own Importation. A ftill line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prices. STTTÜEHSTT S Are cordiallj Inrited to examine our stock as quality and prices. EBERBACH 4. SON. E. V. N. HALL, M. D. (Suecessor to Stone & Parsons.) OFFICE, Corner of Washington and Fif th-sts, Ann Arbor, Mich. This space Is paid for by LUICK BROS., Proprietors of the PLAININC MILL, Corner of Nurth and Fifth streets, who manufacture Sash and Blinda, and do all kinds of joiner's work. RUBEN KEMP F, Teacher of Piano, Organ and Theory of Music NO. 6, EAST WA8HINGT0N-ST. (Over Rinsey & Seabolt's.) HLeave orders for Piano Tuning. Emanuel Wagner, -AT- No. 33 South Main Street, At AMBB08E KEABNEY'SOld Stand, Has opened a New Grocery & Provisión Store. ALL KINDS OF CANNED AND SHELF GOODS. TEAS, COFFLES AND SPICES OF ALL KINDS AT AVERYLOW FIGURE. AILES & CO'S. PATENT FLOUR KEPT ON HAND. A FULL LINE OF TOBACCO, CIGARSAND SMOKER'S ARTICLES. Emanuel Wagner. Michigan (TentraI The JViagara Falls (Route. TIT1CHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROA1). TIMB TABLK, FEB. 17th, 1884. All trains run by Ninetieth Meridian, or Central Standard Time. OING WEST. g. os a oi 8 iSS SÍ ö! !" atioh. 5 5S, g. L SC Cg. L ?i ÍS !.. M. rA 1. M. A. M. F. . P.M. F. H. T.M. Detroit Lt. 6.55 9.30 4.00 5.60 7.55 9.15 G T Jane T.10 S.45 4.15 8.05 8.10 9.30 Wayne Jnnc... 7.50 10.18 4.41 6.85 8.40 10 03 "ilantl 8.18 10 43 5.00 7.00 9.03 10.311 A in Arbor 8.40 10.55 5.17 7.17 9.20 10 49 Doxter Í.08 5.34 7.88 9.87 Chelse 9.20 5.47 7 o3 9.50 ïrasiLike 9.45 6.07 8.18 10.10 Jactnon Ar. 10.05 ' ' 8.45 10 36 Jaekaon Lt. 10.15 12.10 6.50 a.m. 13.10 llbiou 11.00 12.45 7.38 11. 12.48 Mar.hall U.45 1.25 8.07 „ 11.48 1.13 BtUe Creek.... f.H 1.50 8.45 ?! 12.15 1.42 ffiï::: iS ï :ü ' . Lawton 1.46 6.18 1.45 Decatur 3.02 5.35 Ï.07 ÏÏZÏZzz 55 -oí :::::: Ifo iS :ïs SSTSL-z ËS ::::::: = ?S tt = New Buftalo... 3.42 4.50 7.35 4.12 ....... Mich.City 4.08 5.13 8.08 4.38 5.18 Lake 4.50 5.58 8.50 5.37 6.07 Kenaïnaton 6.00 .50 9.45 6.40 7.15 Chicago.. ... Ar 0.50 7.40 10.35 7.30 7 55 aoma ai. S é 05 h a S 3 S tation. a "fS. -aS - SS, Ü"o 1. V. A. X. P-H P-M. JhioaKO . ..Ly. 6.45 8 65 3-35 8 4j .55 jgf nKton K io:i S ::::::: ■ Sí ich"cïty::::: 8.m n.oe e.2s 1042 .w New Buffaió... 9.20 U .27 6.52 18.86 Three Oak. 9.37 7.05 8B- = &S &a = aa -g r ..,,(..., 11.30 .1U' A. M foilamo"'... 12.07 l.SS M5 6.45 100 3.17 fSffSbsz "üsL? '3 Ï.-42 :ó6 íct.8oS::ií: s!m 4.oo 7.00 9.25 3.25 .45 L? H :■::::: ?S í! ::::::: LS 51S lio . ::. 8.00 10.13 6.43 AnnAriloV .. 4.32 5.02 8.201 10.28 i 4.35 7.08 rSAiaíiM 4-50 5.18 8.38, 10.43 ' 4.52 7.18 Payn"janc 5 15 5.4 9.03 11.02 5.12 7.40 J T June .. 5.B5 6.10 9.40 1130 6.40 8.10 DroW..Ar 6.10 6.251 9.55 11.45 __5.í5 Ú The New York Exprms. a fat tram leaves Ch: eo at 4.15 in the afternoon and makes the tol ■nwine stops, Mich'gan City, tí.02; Nilea, 6.59; Kalimazoo 8.10; Battle Creek, 8.45; Jackson 9.57; Ann Arbor, 10.49; Vpsilanti 11.01; GT. Junetion, 11.44; arriving in Detroit at 11.59 P. M. Sunday exceptod. Itíaturday Sunday excepted n V'snmiM H. B. LlDTARD, f. A Chicago. On' I Manager. Dttroii To clear out my ïmiaense assortment of liquors, I will sell Four Summers Old Hand-made Sour Mash Bourbon Wh'iskey At Detroit Prices. FOR CHINA, Crockery. Glassware and Lamps, AND THE FINEST LINE OF IN THE CITY, AT THE LOWEST PBICE HOUSE. Coto STIMSON'S. ANN STBEET. CEORCE W. ELLIS, Restanrant ui Saloon NO. 4 EAST ANN STREET, OPPOSITE THE COURT HOUSE Meals, 25 Cents. Day Board, $3,50 per week. OYSTERS IN EVERY STYLE. Wines, Liquors, Beer and Cigars, al of the Best Brands, kept on hand. CEO. W. ELLIS, Prop. ANN ABBOB, MIOH. k DDI7C Send six cents tor postage, an R I tllLL. reoieve f ree, a costly box ol good which wil! help you to more mouey right awa than anvthineelse in this world. All, of eithe sex, succeed f rom first hour. The broad road t fortune opens before the workers, absolutel pnre. At once address, Tuüe Sfc Co., Augusta Maine. Toledo, Aun Arbor & Grand Trunk R'y. THROUGH TIME TABLK. Taking effect February 10, 1884. Qoing North. Going South. S i 21 STATIONS. i I 6 Ex. I Mail I Standard Time. I Ex. Mail. p. m. a. m. Leav(T Arrive a. m. p. m. 5:40 7:05 Toledo :80 4:5í 5:46 7:14 Manhatten Junction 9:2o 4:48 5:63 7:23 Alexis Junction 9:lti 4:38 6:W 8;lf Monroe Junction.... :42 3:59 643 830 Dundee 8 30 3 50 655 846 Azalia ■■ 8 20 3 40 7 10 9 03 Milán 8 0b 3 22 722 922 Urania 7 52 3 10 7 32 9 32 Pittsfleld 7 3 02 745 950 Aun Arbor 7 27 29 825 1035 South Lyon 6 5 2 10 Connections at Toledo with railroads divergine At Manhatten Junction with WheelingJ Lake Erie K. R. At Alexis Jnuction with M C R H L. S. R'y and F. P. M. R. R. At Monro Junction with L. 8. 4 M. S. R'y. At Dunde with L. 3. & M. 8.. and M. & O. R'y. At Mila with W. , St. D. & P. R'y . At Pittsfleld with L S & M S. R'y.. andat South Lyou with Detroit Oen. Superintendent. Gen. Passenger Agt. Estáte of Jesse W. Bradford. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, 58. At a session of the probate court f or the countyof Washtenaw, holden at the probate of fice in the city of Ann Arbor, on rhursday, the 2lth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of ProIn 'the matter of the estáte of Jesse W. Bradford deceased. Mary Bradford, Harriet Wing and Minnie M. Vanderwerker, executore of the last will and testament of said deceased, come into court and represent that they are now prepared to render their flnal account as such executors. Thereuponitisordered, that Saturday, the 17th day of May next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for exammiDg afld allowing such account and that the devisees, legatees and heirs at law of said deceased, and all other persons interested in gaid estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court , then to be holden at the probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, if any there be, wny the said account should not be allowed. And it is further ordered that said executors give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and the hearing ;hereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in The Ann Arlxtr Denwcrat. a newspaper printed and circulating in said county, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, (A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Doty Probate Register Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, Inhe Matter of the Estáte of Thomas Earl, deceased. , Notice is hereby given, that in persuance of an order granted to th undersigned, Administrator of the estáte of said deceased, by the Hon. Judge of Probate, for the County of WashU-natv, on the 5th day of November, A. D. 1883, there will be sold at Pubiic Vendue, to the highest bidder, at the front door of the store building on the premises flrstbelow described, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw in said State, on Saturday, the twenty-fourth day of May A L. 1884, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day subject to all encumbrances by inorteage or otherwise existing at the time of the ' death of said deceased), the following described leal Estáte, to-wit: Beginning twenty-one (81) feet south of the north-east corner of lot eight (8), thence south twenty-tbree and one-half (23 1-8) feet, thence west flfty-two (52) feet, thence south nine and one-half (9 1-2) feet, thence west to the west line of said lot, thence north thirty three (33) feet, thence east to the pla e of beginning. All in block one (I). north of Huron street. range three (3) east according to the recorded plat of the city (then village) of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County,in Michiga. RI0HM0ND Administrator. Dated, Aon Arbor, April lOth, 1884. Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, O ss In the matter of the estáte of Thomas H. Fuller, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of an order granted to the undersiened admmistratrix of the estáte of said deceased, by the Hon Judge of Probate for the county of Washtenaw. on the 27th day of March, A. I. 1884 there will be sold at Public Vendue to the highest bidder, at the late residence of said deceased on the premises below described iu the township of York, in the county of Washteuaw, in said state, on Tuesday the 13th day of May, A D 1881, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances bv mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the death ol said deceased), the following described Rea Estáte to wit: The east half of the nortli-east quarter of section twenty-four, and the northwest quarter of the north-east quarter of said section twenty-four, all in township four (4) south range six (6) east, York. in Michigan. Dated March 27. 1884 Administratrix. See That ïour Deed are Recorded. AN ACT requiring the holdere of unrecorded deeds to record such deeds or furmsh the same f or record. . __. . . Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact That whenever any grantor who has heretofore conveved, or sball hereafter convey, any real estáte within this State, shall have or holi in his possession any unracorded deed or deeds, through or under which he denved title, of any lands by him so conveyed, ït shall he nis duty on the written request of his grantesor any subsequent grantee, to cause such deed or deeds to be recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of the proper county, or cause the same to be delivered to such grantee demanc'ing the sanie, for the purpose of recording, within twenty days from the time when such written request shall have been served upon hun. Sec 3 If such grantor shall neglect or refuse to record such deed. or deliver the same to such grantee, af ter having been requested soto do, as provided in the preceding section, within the time above limited, he shall be hable to said Krantee, his heirs, representaties or assigns, in the penal sum of one hundred doUars damages; and also for all actual damages occasioned by such neglect or refusal to the person or persons entitled thereto. to be recovered in an action on the case, with costs of suit. Approved June 1, 1881. Estáte ot Dettling Minors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ss. Ataseosionof the probate court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the probate offlce in the city of Ann Arbor.on Wednesday.the 16th day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty four. Present, William D. Harriman. Judge of ProIn6'the matter of the estáte of Martha Dettling. Josephine Dettling, Matilda Dettling and Frank Dettling. minors. Caroline Dettling, the guardián of said wards, comes into court and represents that sne is now prepared torenderher annnal aocountas Thereupon itis orderedthat Saturday. the lOth dav of May next. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, bè assigned for examming and allowing such account, and that the next of kin of said wards and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required toappearatasession of said court, then to be holden at the probate office, in the city o Ann Arbor, in said county. and show cause. ïf any there be, why the said account should not o allowed. And It is further ordered, that said cuardian give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in The Ann ArbirrDemocrat, a newspaper printed and circulating m said county, three successive weeks previons to saiddayohearmgiLLiAM D HARBnlASi (Atrueeopy.) Judge of Probate. Wiixiam G Doty. Probate Register OOI n for the working class. Send 10 cents II for postage. and we wlH mail you free a roval valuable box of sample goods that will put you n the way of making more money in a fuw days than you ever thought possible at any msiliei Capital not required. We ill start you You can work all the time or in spare time only The work is universally adapted to bïïh sexes, young and old. You car , eas.ïy earn from 50 cents to $5 cvery evemng, That all who want work may test the business, we raake this unparalleled to all who are not well satisflei wewill send$l to pay for the trouble of writing us. Full particulars, directions, etc., sent free. Fortunes will be made by those who givetheir whole time to the work. Óreat sucSessabsolutelysure. Don't delay. Start now Address Stinsox & Co., Portland, Maine. RINSEY & SEABOLL i No. 6 & 8 Washington St. Have on hand a complete stock of everything in the Crocery Line. Teas, OofTees and Suars, In large amounts. and at Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of teas they Buy and Sell, r (rood proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their own Coffees every week, and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery tnrns out excjllent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them Sam. B. Revenaugn Is nnw taking the Best Class oí Pimtoirais In the City at Prices to Suit the Times i ENTRANCE THROUGH McMillan & Randall's STORE & MVT GALLERY, NO 3O EAST HURÓN ST. JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND - DIR-A-IlsT TILE. All our Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, are of umusual ntrength and Ughl weight, which material!; reduces the breakage and expense ot trThePdítching f or this clans of tilingis less expen sive as they do not require to be laid below frost. but only deep enouph to escape the plpw. Whilethi!": niore pronomiral it also afd obtaininga better ■ rail" or grade to the drain. A full assortment of -Jl siies, for ale tu sm quantities, or car load la, at tho FERBON LUMBER YA1 JAS. TOLBEKT, Agn. "Tile, the Greatest Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." To tht Editor of The Chiawo Tribune. Dwiobt, IU., March 16.- One of the strongeat and mart convinclng facts that I have yet seen with regard to tile drainage is brought out in the December report of the Agricultural Department of Illinois. It is this: ACREAGE. Acreage in corn in Livingston County, Igflj 268,5517 Aerease in corn in Logan County, 1881... 140,869 Livingston over Logan 127,738 YIELD. Yield of corn in Livingston County.1881. -6..J22 Yield of corn in Logan County, 1888 5,070,W Livingston over Logan 1908,598 In other words. Logan County has raised near lv as muoh corn on 140,859 acres as Livingston county has on 868,597 acres. Put it in another form, the farmers in Livingston County have been obliged to plow nearly doublé the acreago of land (8,597), and have raised but a verv sniall percentage of increase of corn over their brethern In Logan County, who only had to plow 140,859 acres. Let us give it another twist. A A farmer who has his land well tilled need only work eighty acres of land and grow just about as much corn as the man who plows 160 and takes all the risks nf drouth and much befides. It is not fair, then, to conclude that the greatwi labor-saving machine to-day of the age is the tile draint From the same aource of information 1 gather the following as regards the progress or tiledrainage in these two counties: Total number of feet laid in Livingston County upto 185 1 1,140,793 Total number of feet laid in Logan County upto 1881 8,1(89,46 This table provea beyond all theory that owing to the f ree use of tile that one county has been able to produce nearly as much corn on 110.1IW acres of land as another county has produced upon 288,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and the beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the work 1 Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Providencie should lengthen out the spin of our day until we saw Illinois thoroughly tile-drained, where would he put the corn that this State would produce, and what would we do with our "silver dollars?1' Samuel T. K. Prime. C CC aVeek at home. $5.00outflt free. Pay J00 absolutely No risk. Capital not reqiiired. Reader, if you want business at whicn persons of either sex, young or old, cn make great pay all the time they work, with absolute certainty , Write f or particutars to H. Haliett A Co.. Portland. Maine. THE BEST HOMES FOR TEN MILLION PEOPI.E ARE IM Minnesota, North-Dakota, Montana, Washington and Oregon, ALONG THE LINE OT THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD Throngb the flret Whet-BH of Amerita. Jte WllHon acre of the best rricultural, AU mineral, forest and grazing iands in tl United States are now open f"B,ettlement O M il 1 ioii acres of railroad lands for nale at 2.60 to 84 nr acre, on 5 years time if desired O MlllUn acres of (iovernments landj open %'he Xrt heKra Parlllr Country possee. great and rlch natural resources ft)ady to oe aeveloped into profitable indnstries. --„,■ For maps and pamphlets address and mention Land CommSU,n?NBP.StAM,ftplS: Mtoa.


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