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The Advance Iron Mower

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THE ATTENTION OF FARMERS IS CALLED TO I _ I I W25L . " Which rmbodics 11 the principies of a first-class machine. In it iro combined all the advantages of the best Mowers in UMthSiVeOTlffrlSowii. No machine that is made umtains within itself so many that recomTd To Jñfíit is a FRONT CUT. four feet, and fuur feet tbree in;b machine, bod carries with it all the advantages of.a front over w "ut madifne The question has been settled everywhere in the teM few year in avor of the front cut and now in the mind of the intelligent buyer it simply becomes a quertiop as to the relaUve menu of the different front cut m2ChlThe Cutting Bar has irnpai ted to it a rocking motion, and is under perfect coutrol of the driver. It can be lifted from the ground or tilted at pleusure. 3. All uearing is'íncased in iron and protected from dust and dirt, 4. It is simple in constructiou and easily attended to. 5. It is durable- is streng in all its parts, and not likely to get out of repair. 6. It starts casüy, and will not clog. 7. It runs noiselessly. 8. It is tlie lightest draft machine in the aiarket. 9. It is tbc best workiug and most convenient Mower in use. Tbis machine is manufactured by the Ann Arbor Agricultural Co., and for sale by JOHN FTJSTlSrttGcA. 3VT.


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