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One of' the most notable events of the season occurred on Tuesday evening. The elegant new roller skating rink, pronounced to be the finest west of Buff aio, was thtown open to the public Long before the appointed hour the entrance was crowded, and wlien the doors opened a great rush for the ti3ket office began; but, thanks lo the able management, everybody secured entrance without being pushed and without disorder ensuing. In a very few moment s at least 300 persons had been admitted, and still the incoming crowd did not drerease in number. Very soon the floor wis crowded, and, inspired by the straiiiH of excellent musio, as performod bj the Chequamegons, everybody seemed happy and joyhil. Partioularly noticable was tlie courteous attention to all, espicially to the 1 adíes, on the part of the employees of the rink. Large handsome picturecards were distributed to the ladies and elegant fancy programmes to the gentlemen Special mention should be made of the fjinoy skating by Mr. P. O'Grady, the champion boy sknter, whose gracefully executed performances and various tricks were loudly applauded. All present expressed their admiration of the fine floor, the spacious accommolations, the excellent management aud ;he good order that was observed(during ;he evening. The building for the rink was erected Bpecially for the purpose. It is subtantially built of brick and is very imrosing. The rink itself is one of the argest we have ever seen. lts dimenions are 136 x 72 ft. It is brilliantly ighted and handsomely deoorated. The Fenton skates which are the only nes to be used on the rink, are actQowledged the best in the market, and Ue manager keeps on hand a large suply of the same in all sizes. Ampie provisión is made by the prorietor to teach new beginners the art of Manager Sheehan and the boykater will give their personal attention o this class of skaters. At the opening there were about 700 ersons present, and about 300 tickets or skates were sold.