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Monday evening the oouncil chamber was crowdu j, many ladies being present. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. T.'F. Leonard and a dozen others pe itioned the councü to order the gutter n the east and west sides of Detroit and rourth-sts., f rom Ann to Cathariue-sts., hanged, grade established and glitter aved not less than 10 feet in width f rom tie line of the sidewalk or ourb stone. The petition of E. B. Hall for permisión to ereot a frame building on the orner of Ann and Second-sts., was reerred to the tire department committee, with power to act. A loug communication from Frank loward on the question of graoting a harter to a corporation for the construciion of water works, was read and laid upoQ the table until the next regular meeting. At this point the recorder took up the iquor bond pc tition, but was interrupted n reading it by a motion of Aid. Khodes ;o defer all remaining petitions until the next meeting. The motion prevailed and the petition wen over till next week, when, as the liquor bouds have been aproved, its consideration will be of no particular consequence as affecting this year. BONDS APPBOVED. A committee was appointed to examine the various bfmds presented for approval, and on its recommcndation the bonds of the following were approved: Liquor bonds - John Clair, Frederick Rettich, August Herz,, Ludwig Walz, Peter Long, John Beahan, Nathan H. Drake, Charles Haeuser, Charles Binder, Anton Braham, Wm. F. Kapp, Wm. H. Mclntyre, Martin & Fischer, Albright Gwinner, Emanuel Wfigner, John Goetz & Son, J. L. Stone, John Frey, Millman & üollins, George Clarken, F. Rettioh, Jr., Leonard & Walsh, Fred. Besimer, C. F. Kapp, Wm. Frank, Stone & Co., C. P. Carey, J. Jacob Koch, Michael Steeb. DRÜOGISTS' BONDS. H. J. Brown & Co., Eugene Mann, Tohn Moore, J. J. Goodyear and Eberíach & Son. CONSTABLES' BONDS. James K. Murry, William Merithew, Paul Scball, Jasper Imus and Jacob W. ïhaw. MISCBIiLANBOTJS. Mayor Harriman appointed Aldermen Kearns, Biggs and Luick members of ;he oommittee on markets. E. S. Manly was elected one of the comtnissioners of the fifth ward cemetery 'or the term of three years ending in January, 1887. The recorder was directed to advertise 'or bids for doing the city medical work !or the ensuiDg year. Aid. Lawrence was requested to defeud :he city and procure necessary assistance in the case brought by Catherine Burns Eor injuries received from a detective sidewalk, Mr. Kmne, city attorney, having been retained by Mrs. Burna before bis election to the office. A. F. Hangsterfer & Co., were granted the privilege of building a stairway to the second floor of their building, on Washington-st side. The sum of $300 was transferred from the contingent fund to the general street fund, to be expended on Detroit-st„ under the direction of ihe general street committee. The city attorney was directed to prepare an ordinance prohibiting ball playing in the city. The number of patrolmen for the ensuing year was fixed at three. The appointment by the mayor o: Prof. C. E. Greene, C. A. Gardner anc Conrad Krapf, as a standing committee on public buildings, was confirm d. Tlie following census enumerators were appointed: Martin Clark, Joseph Donnelly, Mrs. N. H. Pierce. There are in the different departments of the university 180 lady students. Every hotel and public building ahoulc be provided with fire escapes. Let the powers that be see that the law is en iorced. M. C. Sheehan is the right man in the right place. As manager of the skating rink he knows his business and give general satisfaetion to all.


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