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When a man runs for office, he niakes niany new acquaintances, many of whom he finds it very desirable to forget. The intímate friends he makes are principally of the debtor class. They are unselfish citizens, aud renlizing how much better and more comfortable it is to belong to the creditor, rather than the debtor class, it is their aim ia life to place all their acquaintances on the creditor list. They did that with me, for whioh, of course, I now, and donbtless always shall be, greatly obliged to them. By deceitful tiatteries they lead tho unsuspecting victim on to defeat and eternal ruiu. It is because of them that the life of a candidato is so full of iinpending perils, so borden ng -,vit!i cnishiugresponsibilitios. íor ofíioc sigeiftes squandered means, wastcd time, burutuer associations, buramw habita, and a general breaking down of all moral sonso. Forlunato, indeed, is it for him who is tainted with the diseaso, if his first experienco is sufficicntly severe to cure him for over after, and generallv moro fortúnate for the peopie. But thc malady vvhon once fisecl ín Üie system is incurable. The chronic omce-seeker ean íiml no. relief for his diseáge; on all street corners, in all s:mplo rooms, :it eyery freo lunch counter, you may find them, wisc looking, hungry-eyed meu they are, discussing in solemn fashion, profonnd question ■; of fiaance. Eyery city, erury village, is full of them. They are representad in C7ery corner grocery and Vv'aysido inn. Heaven will have no" attractions for them if they cannot seek office there. Heil will have no tenors, can they only bo assured that there will bo a chance for them to seivo on somo tonian


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