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Buying A Good Man's Coal Oil Laud

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At the beginniog of the oil excitement in Pcnnsylvania a vory rcligious old farnier who owned forty acres in the center of tlie "belt" had offors for his farm iintil he coulda't sleep nights. They bugan at $4,000 and went up to $00,000, but to each and every wouldbe purchaser the old man steadily rplied: "If tho Lord " has put coal-ile under my farm it isn't for me to dispute his will." One day, howevor, the agent of a syndicate came along and isked what figuro the old man would set on his acres. 'Tve bin offered $50,000." "Yes." "I'vc bin saying as how the Lorc put the ilc thcre for sonie purpose o his own. "Exactly." "Well, now, if ypLi co,uld couviiice me that abont'one' barrel in teu of tho í!o froni ibis farsa would bo used for poople to read thelr bibles by I reokon X'd set my flgoret at abont $60,000." In less tinin ihroe hours the farm Buanged


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