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The of life are many. Live long and bc happy. Don't r.cgieot a cough o, cold. $-eeP yourself w'ell clothed in changcabie -vreathér, and always keep a bottle of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry In your household. A single spoonful wlll cure an cjrd}n.ary cough PFCQld. Jtï coníinued use wlll cure consumptlon. Make a bbginsing. - Remember in nll things that if you do not begin yon wïl nover come to an end. ïho iirgt weed pulled up in the {fardes, tïe iu'sfc seed in ths gïound. tht) Azst dollar put in the savings bank, and first mile traveled on a jouruey are ail-important things; they make a beginning, and hold out a hope, a promise, a pledge, au assuranco that yoú are in earnest in what you have uudertaken. . How many a poor, idlo, besitating ouieas ís now creeping and crawling óa his way through the world who might have held up his head and prospered if, instead of putting oft his yesolution of industry and amendnient, ho had only made a beginning. Nervous debility, nóieated by loss of memory, universal lassitude, constant fatigue, vivid dreaming, nnatural excitements, fits of dizzines, etc, isquickly cur. ed by using Dr. Guysott's Yellow Doek and "Sarsaparllla. This remedy purifies the blood, strengthens the weak portions of the body, quiete the nerves, produces dreamless slumber, and is the only remedy that permanently cures the many distretsful allments resylljng from' nisrvoiis debiiliy. According to the United States een sns of 1880, the total mimber of improved acres of land under cultivation was 28i,77;,04g. This enibraced 4,008,907 farrus. The value of these - including fences and buildings - was $10,197.ö96,776.The value of live stock was $1,500,564, 609. The estimated of all farm productions was $2.213,402,564. The State of Illiaois had 26,115,154 acres under caltivation in 18S0; Iowa had 19.866,541 acres; Ohio, 13,081,091 acres; Missouri, 16,745,031 acres. Indiana, 13,933,72Q acres; iennylvania, 13,423,007 acres, and Texas, 12.650.314 acres. Michigan had 8,296,, 862 acres under cultivaron the same year. The noxt census will show many changes in the above list. In hundreds of instances wliere Hot Springs and other treatmentfailed to cure scrofula and syphilitlc disorders, the sufferer has sought and found a cure in Dr. Guysott's Yellow Doek and Sarsaparilla. It enriches the blood, strengtliena the urinaryand digestiyeorjïans, and quickl}rerr,Qves all indications óf ill hcalth and íilood disease, from a pimple to a running sore, from a headache to a rheumatic pain. lts superiority over all other blood purifieis and strèngthening medicines is admitted by all who test its curative effect and influence. Excusable.- A gentleman in Eickmond, Virginia, hda serrnt named Joe. Ono moming ho lay in bd till nine o'clock, but no Joe and co lire. The impossibility of sharingwith water tkirty degrees' below freezing-point brought improcations on the tardy domestie's head, wkea the door opened, and Annt Polly leisurely began to light the tire. Whero inthunder" (ths historian is nothing if not accurate) "is that son oí yonrs? I've been waiting for him two blessod houri." "Now, Marge Trv, you must 'ouse Joe," aid his mother in her most ooneiliaing tone- "you relly must 'cuse Joe, dis momia' -Joe dead. ' '- Harper's Magatine for May.


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