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- - ■ I II I . - - . III I Says a Southern journal: "Mrs' Simmonds, while cutting her cora with ' a síckle, in tho field, th other day, mdlycui herfoot," A sickle is an uníandy thing to pare coras with. finy vray, )ut as there was probably no rnzor 'at iand, sbe took tho first thing that sho ould find, Whcn a woman starts to do a thing, sho te bound to accomplish her mrpose. And there is no doubt bu what she rould have used an axo if she íadn't fuund the sickle Th short baoklng counh, wiilch leáis to conuniptlon. ia cui ed y I'iao'a ó ur . Soraethlng tbat wiU qulet the nerven, gire ítreugth to the body, tuduce reireehing sleep, mprove the quality of the blood, aoú puiiiy and brightt'ii tho complexión, is what many ersons would be very glad to obtain. Carter's ron Pilis are made for exictly thls class of .roubles, and are remarkabíy EUccebBlul in accompllsMng the ends dcsired, as named above. They are useful for bolh metí and iromen. Sofd by druggists. Pdcf, 50 cents a 3oz. See advsrtl.ocnifiít. For 35 teaks 1 have bteu affl;cted with Catarrh so that I have been coi'flued to my room 'or two mouths at a time. I have trieil all the humbucs in hopea of relleí but to no Bucees until I met with aD olil frieud who bad used Ely's Creara Balín and advlsed iue to t,ry it. I procured abottletoplease hira, and froin the flrst apDllcation I ft.und relh-f. It is the best remed I have c-vr tried.- VY. G. Matïinws, Justice of tho Peacc, Shenandoah, loira. 'Th Fkeijuextly Recommexded.- Mr. H. C. Mooney, of Aztoriu, lij,, writeg us that Allen's Lung Balsara, which he has eold for flfteen years, sells betttr than arjy otht-r cough remedy, and gives general satigfao.tlon. ' lis frequectly recommended by the medica! profeelanbeie. Samaritan Nendne, the great nervino conqueror, ie guaranreecl to aive satisfaction, or money refunded. Gtt at Drugsiets, $1 50. Valuible akd Convenient.- Bkown's Beoxchial Thochïs are n Bate aml sure rme dy for Bronchitis, Coogbs, tnrt othtr troublee nf the Throat and LuLgs. Sold unly in boxes. Prta?, 25 cents. "Samaritan Jfervbit cuied our daughter'a Ufe-!ongcpUepsy." Key. P. P. Shirley, Chi cago, Iil 8t. Cloud, Mlnn., Nov. 5, 1838. Dr. Pincelly: Dftr Sir- I have recently moved here from MaoH, Mich. I had been tatins; your Zoa Phor, or "W'omn's Frlend," and when I got here, uiuch to my disappointment, I was un able to flnd it here. I have for four yeare been a suöercr from female dlëoases, brought on by ten year o) kard work on a f arm. Mneh or the time I ha-r not been able to be on my feet, but I im satis fied that with a few more hottles of your medicine I sh&ll be a well woman. I encloie pay for two bottlps. Pipase send a? soon as posslble. Mrs. E. P. Rowe. 8KINNV MEN. "Wells' Heoltft Benewer" ieatoret health und vigor, cures Dyapepula, Impotence. tl. Cattle Wanted. ?arties having cattle for sale of any elass, please address, givlcg grade, aze, rumbera anü price, John CAbhott, Box 825 ), Denver, Col. "BüCHU-PAlBA." Quick,complie cure, all annoTing Kidncy an'i L'rlnarr Dia-as . ?1. Dr. 8andiord'o LlverluvltorAtor puriflee thiblood, aids digestión, regúlate the Iviwels. DON'T DIE IN TUE HOÜSB. "Uouh un Hait." cleans out rata. mice.fllcs. roaohes, bed-bum. 15o. MSXSIIAN'S PEPTO.NIZEÖ BEEF TOSricT tl 'r preparation of beef containlng lts eatire nutrltio i propertíes. It oontiitna blood-mcislaK, force-geuo ating and llf e-sustamic propertiei ; lavaluable fot Indio khtion, UyspiJpsja. nervous proatrauon. am ail foxma of ceneral dehlilty; alao, in all enfeobler oonditions, wnether the rwult uf oihnustlon, nertous proRtratlan, overwork, or acute disoase, partióularly if resultlnu from pulmonary cumplaints. Caswsll, Hasakd & Co., I'roprlotor. iiuw Yorlt. Solc by üruatitgts 'ROUGH ON :OHJJS." 15c. OompletO cure, hard or Roft corns warts. bnnlons. Farms m Micüigan Döscriptlyp ad prioo lUtnowready for frae distrlhation, OTer 2JQ fli-st-oluss farms rungt :g from 40 to 800 BorcB, at pricas from t2 to f 100 ,.er aore, The premlu.u larin of ÏIW icro ut 7 per acre. Addrwfi Go W. tínuTer, Ko 1 Entate and Loan Kent, HBGriswolct st,, uet o t. Mioh. QQn The BpaldiDg Genuino OQ JJU, LEAGUE BAL.!,. 30 . G. Ia Fox, ÍÍO WooUward Ave,, DETROIT, MICH. ent post pald toanyaddresa fl.10. Sne bail supplles a specialtr. siate ngentij Gr Brlgiís' t, ansí, r QQn Patte' ns by whioi, ldle-on uo their flflr 3ÏJG own atoi,t)lu. i'siimple i)y miil Iroe, gUG" UPPIIITQ Wantod. Í75 per montli easily HuCH O made sellln our wne,"soï. Pfloe Í12 Address Michiettu , St. Clalr, Mlch 1 VnDRinuK "V tor .-'ff' ' ''tarBts i téBW TPw k. Tfc. TFf yLp AH Ftrst Class Grocers Keep Tbem. ■t WAFÊR lËÈ WL gRackeRs Jê Tho Wafer t'raöSter is ick'iowlPdgoö by consneva io i$ tha best. Asfc 5 oar groeir for ifttttu. Made 07 LawreiiGe Dcpcw & "o., Detroit, Mica. jL ' ""-v Bet üi tho world f ov the f "■%. money, wrapped ín viaAt 'IL ' atïl ac.i 4 cne'in a JpmtïWü „.ji'iï bos toriehldoc m (red lyl'v wwMó0centi, I 'ealer nd foi Y jdniiwwwvmmiiij , rlee to the irade. Wa wp ür arry a oo ■ piete line of V . SJff talla and bflte, fc, iir JA OB 8ROVrW CO„ T iiir lSOJtSerioa A Y., Detroit ÍGHICULTÜOTCOLÍEGÍSTOCK For Sale. iLte'idinK purcha-ers of Short Horns aro tnvitod to inspect tho i' Uesre herd whlc 1 üiff nunibtrs 8om iiirty head. All stock registe merlc:in Short Hora Herd pook ntl om 'races auch re labl families ■ Iiise of Sharo 1, Pariauil Victoria Duvti üflü Y iiing Marr, Piicsiix Hirriot, eto. ol. Acomb 2d 3T98 Is t the hond of the Ut-rd. ynhira co i and helfers. Sou h l ivrn n :d erno a öj EBex, Berkshire anö Foïand hinaBTyine. ötocn for sale at all times t yery ras naole pnotis. Addresa Samuel Johnson. Superïnti nd nt of Farm, Pine Lands. For Sale. Xfe Offer for Sale on Wiscoissln Central Ilailroud 111000,000 very ohoice white pne. 4,500,000 In 4i n.. 11 ., Michlifno, 4.500 000 In 44 n.. 10 w.. MIchiKHü. 5,000.000 In 31 n., 4 e., Michigan. 100,0 In 'X n., 6 e-, Micul. an -And sorao forty other eroupa. Bond lor list contalning full descriptlons au.l eetimatas. DAVID PRESTON & CO., Pe-fcroi-b, Mich.ASK FOK THE A eeaulne Havana for 5 conts. ManuCaeturdd by V.Z MHE1..K Michigan are,, Detroit, Dualera o rrespenti witi ui. c ain c jh: i-t x Cyred without the knife or loss of blood by DR, DE COU 24 Woodward Avenue, Detroit Mich, Come to Detroit and see patiënte whom I have etired. Beware of ad verti8ed nostrums. Consuitation free. Write for Detroit references. Catar rH CREAMBALfll Sf iteSPts Cm3ses no Pfl!iJOSaADí ivca Relief al. t MrtWFMWje ÁJE -Tboioiif !, mL v,YEm Trement wil] ■bTLS pij with Fingir. yv Ls.A. Give it a I. Ts ■ r.i W fc f% oo centB-by malí i . _istred Send fo1 circular. KlV UHOTHKHS, Drniarfsts, üswego. N, Y. WPK'ï'i'Ba. 'eeeneratioi ; ir gfe, STOMACH Lfe thi grand requlreIkf 9lh_-.nK KtV ment which makes 83 H TtS?1 Wm jS Hostetter'oStomacn H 1 EL 11 Bitters lo elfcetlve " 4 - BpW ' as an Invigorant, Kor ale by aü (iruffgiKts and dea1 era eenerally. gg Liver and Kidney xieaiecly, Curatlves Hops, Stalt, Busïivi, Man- Ídrake, Dao.ielioa, aarsapariflá, & cara Saprada, etc., combmed v, ith Rn ft greeabfe Aromatic Elixir. m THËfcUEE DÏSTMIA & IMfiJiSÉl É. Act xmsv. the Livor ana EMney, Wfi Kí,13H}XATBÍÍKÍr BOWBLa, They cure Rhaumalism, aad all 9 rmry troubiea. They invigorate. H nouriali, ítrengthen and quie a a thfl Nervoiis System. w A A a Tonic they havo r.o kqual. T&ke nono but Hops on4 jiit Biitera. C-, H POR SALE P V ALL DZALERS. S ■ Hopmand Malt Bittors Co. fii BSa DETI5OIT, MIOK. K9 IS A SOVEREIGN REMEDY Fcr all Cooayleiiiit pe-viliar te, "VÑronEEisr, TOtTKG OB OLD. HUSBANDSj o f i Vi'ÏVES MOTHEES ( Sickly DACGHTEKS SHOULD ytJW AfiOt'T 1T. S;'ï-D V ALL IJll,-6aMTS. fDiseases of Woifta and CMldren" -ti: ij.-atii. Y.xctj woiri uhortí 15 years o' 3-, espseiilh , -iiould rf.i í. Addren R, PeNGELLY & CO., Kalamazoo, Micíw 0 '- ' Ali iftttcri marlcad prívate 'í reaJ b,r Dr. PeageUj a} H I B m Ofiíí-oiu New Vork i'i SngEPSLEPTEQ FITK ■S9 Sf ttorIfrcrtAmmjQZirniilofJllfdi&n )üt, JtA. HMOTOle (l.tto of ï,oD(ioni7ho tnaksïflijvi clalty cf Bpilopcy, has wilhont doubt trctoU nií cate morec3C9thün anyotíiorj'vln phyelclan, BissnccMi liusslraply becn p.fton'ishhi, v.'o htivo l;o:í of tiuui o! CTer Lo yefira' síeJlng Biiecossfolty oivctl hj hlm. Ht lias publislu-il & 'íh-Ik víii tiiis cüBi'rtw, wlilcn hí sand vkIi a larga lwïtM..-if hls woiicvfnlíuro ïreo to ony aafi frorwhompy ici.dtïiei'. ■ r!v%e.nd I. O.Addrofl T(i mlTisüc-üvci.. .vletiwa ftu -o to ftildrees ï.r. .E K&MlULfi. ' Joliïi .Maw TgotK 3O DAYS' TRÏAL RLBCi'Ko-voliTAIC BELT imd oiher K!ctíV -■ Applianci8 ari sent on otí Day's Trial 5 MSJ ONl-7 YOU.Nü OH ttLB. who are auSíriüfi froa Nerviius Exbaaatiüil, Lot VitaJUy, Wasting Weallnes es, and all dieases oí a Kindrecl Nature, resuliing rrotu ainver causea. Speetiy relief aurt Oopiste rsturat!on to Health, Vigor and Moaiiooli (íuaranteed. tíend at onos forlIlustnitedlManhlw freo. Addrosa, Voltaic Bett Oo., Marshall, Mick. CThe Oldest Medici; in the Woria i m nrobably Dr. ISAAC THOMPSOJÍ'S II elebráted. Eyo Watell Tblq krtlole ís a carefully prepaïöd physlcian'a pTMOrtptlon, and has beeo yi constant use fíir nerly a century, and nutwltisiantliri&r tlie many otb prepamtion3 that bavO been IntrCKluced into the markfít. i)i salo oí íhis article ia eonatantly Increas1' g. If th e üiictiona are f olio wed It will neTerfail We car( ipuiarly 'UTite he attention oí pky slohtns to US KOfltS, John L. Thompson, Scuaa, & C'o., Troy, íí X. j SENS1B1 f g jKxi'wj of ttrt body, wíi'ís Mu v -ttUfanea th U;ñ iiüidKKWííp lftyn3 nlgal, ao3 t) radical curacurtoin, itía cuy, darfcU 11)4 cheap. öeat by jaaiU CircDiari $ee. EtiaLESTON X2trSS CO.. CWcflffO. TU ÜÏSfPMifLÏFfl STEEL PENS Solo By ALLDEJJSTkssíkíhoutTheWQRLD GOLD MEDALPARia EXPOSITION-I87q 3&tlö-;'fBwboüks,lnclua- vM8 vJSEVaiñS 11(l postrj" . r -oo bs Bafl "Al }fi3l Sf:a"lthors-1i'000ollJ'EIVgjS jJJjJMIBeBantly ill., Ï2.75. Seoí lifbh-, 7"T - ■■ : 5!TkE AT, 7Ö7 BroatwjrÍNZ Ibayc a ncalii ve rotnedy fer tíi?abüvn dWeftsa; by lt tío tus&nda of case of the worst f.itd nd oí íoit( etanuiug have been cared. Indead. no ííroacls myfalt Id lts eñlcacy, that I wíil seiul TWíi aOTTí ES KRHE; toseUicrwühaVil.UAlü.UTUaATlSfíonthlsdlsoasaJ tüftavsulTerer. Giro Eipipwnn.l I', o. ndtireos. , i)B. T. A. SL.JCCM, 181 Pearl St.. New frS. Easy tü use. A ce: -ini cure. Not oxppiiiive. TUrofi moiuna' treatjncnt In ono packago. Good for C'oM ín the ílí'íid, Ht-adache, Dlzzinesa, }íuy Fever, dtó, Fifly cems. By all DniggiGts. or ly mail. E. T. IlAZEInXK. Warreu. Pk AGENTS WANTEDfovS7WHSBB Family Knittin Mach'ne ever inveoted. Wiil inlt a pair tu stuckings rrith HiíEi. -id TOE courLirri In 20 minut8. ltwil] uiio kuit h great variety w faney-work for which tliere Ís always & ruaüy marbet 8end for circular and térro to tho Tuomblv KulLtl ti Muchlae Co.t 163 Tromont street. Bos ton, Masb. 44 THE 3EST 18 CHEAPCST." BorsePcwera ■ nnLOnEnO Clowr Hollín lS'.i!t-d to all Fiictioaj. ) Wríto for fijkb IUus. Pamphlei had l'rices to ïlio Aultman iS: Tajlcr Co,, Mansficld ObíO. f ARTIFICIAL LIM5S. r Eett aud Cheapest. Satísfactíon hÉl Guaranteed. Suldler' 4ioTt Ordin f f promptly öttendcd to. Apply to II i CHflS. H. EVSNS, OOlf'T NANUF'R, ll i3 W. 4U St. CINCIUN ATI. O. Su AGENTS wanted Ín thls town to sell our XXX Blonded lea. Gold Band China Cup and Sauoer glven wltheach poond. l'rlceOOc. Uoalers end for particular. JAS. B. ('uhk 283Greeaw ehst.fí. Y. ,M __ _. _ _A nw treatment - A [ ZSS ï #T pof itive Dr.Wtí %J'CliJJ' Payne 3HarshallU-wn,ri W.N. l'. I- 18


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