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Mu. Gladstone's franchise bill, which the lords have agreed to pass, makes every householdera voter. Within a few years England will doubtless take tho ene rcmaining step - a short one -to universal manhood sufl'rage. The Smilhsonian institution at Washington has recentlj receiyed a eominunication from F. Minkewitch of Russia, who offers to sell to tho United States government the manuscript, in Russian, of an original, ancieut, eulogistic, acrostic poeni o:i George Wash'.ngton, Tho poeni was accidently discovered in a lot of wasto paper bought at a sale in that country. He asks for the original manuscript $8,000. but will take $3,500 for a copy. It has been suggested that it might be purchased, if sufficiently meritorious, and placed in an appropriate niche at the top of the Washington monument. .Almost every inventor has tormented his brain with efforts to origínate a car coupler that will do business autoruatically and reduce the rate of mort&lity among railroad men. The chief obstacle in the way of a successful automatic coupler is the various height in cars. A Rockland, Me,, man is said to overeóme this and to have devised have a shackle which wiil work on all kiads of cars. lt will be given a trial on one of the roads going out of Boston and if it is all that is claimed for it, the Rockland man will tnake his fortune. But these things aro so far, sometimos, when they seera so near. An old soldier of Baltimore claims to have in his possession a letter which clearly proves that John Wilkes Booth did not assassinate President Lincoln from any political motives but to satisfy a personal revengo. It seems that Booth had a friend who was condemned to be shot as a confedérate spy, and he visited Mr. Linoln in his friend's behalf. Mr. Linoln was cold, but af ter Booth had one down on his kneea aad bathed ,incoln's hand in tears he relented and roniised that the spy should be saved. 'he next day Booth lear&ed that the man had boen shot, and he became wild with rage and concocted a scheme f assassination which he afterwards ulfilled. Ax excursión ot several iiundred busiess men and capitalists from New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore will isit the World's Expositioa at New Orleans on the 8th of January. They o for the purpose of gaining ïnformaon as to the commercial resources of he South and future prospects of openng up new avenues of trade with that ection and American markets. The excursión will go via Cincinnati & oui&Tüle to New ürleans, and returnng will visit the principal Southern ities. Siity graduates from Girard College, Philadelphia, will visit tho Vorld's Exposition as a delegation, nd will be entertained by the French itizens of New Orleans m honor of tephen Girard, founder of the college nd America's French benefactor of ducation. W ith reference to the recently pubïshed assertions that American intersts in Mexico aro in great jeopardy on ccount of the hatred entertaiDed )y people of that country toward the Jnited States since the war of 1847, Señor Romero, Mexican Minister, says .he Mexican s are on the contrary very amicably disposed toward this country ; hat the interests of foreigners in Mexio, America included, are in no more anger there than they would be in the Jnited States, particulary under the administration of Gen. Cortez, who will rotect with a strong hand their lives and property. And besides revolutions are no longer possible in Mexico, not only on account of the good sense of he people. but also by reason of tho facilities enjoyed by tho government to uppress at its birth any revolutionary morement. Pbeliminaky measures for the incorjoration of a school for Cbristian woi-kers have been taken in Sprlngfield.Mass. 'rominent men in Springfield, New fork and Boston are interesteü in the enterprise. The school will be opened Jan. 1 under the presidency of the Rev. X A. Reed of Springfield assisted by an efficiënt corps of teachers. Present arrangements reduce the expense to students to the mean cost of board, books, etc. The object is to train in two years' course of study young men of Jhristian character who wish to fit thomselves for Sunday school superiatendents, secretarles oí young men's Oaristian associations, pastors' lay assistants, Bible colporteurs and readers, and for lay home mission work. The work hastlie approval of Messrs. Moody Pentocost, Sayford and other prominent gospel workers, who say there is a postive demand 'at living wages for a large number of young men trained to this service. Colonel Samuel W. Goode of Atlanta 8 now ergaged d the good work of maturing practical plans to induce immigration, chiefly from Canada, to the cheap and fertile unoecupied lands of Georgia. The advertisements of furnished houses to rent in a Washington paper indícate that the lowest price a desirable house can be procured for is f75 a month and the highest $3,733. Miles W. Downing of Fort Plain, an enlhusiastic admirer of Gov. Cleveland won thefollowing on him; $170, 42 boies of cigars, $25 suit of clothes, $?5 overeoat, two hats, $10 pair of boots flve gallons of oysters and a caso o lager.


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