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It is rumored that Senator Conger is about to re6ign. Cheboygan thlnks it is large enough to have a'city charter. EmraitR. Jones, forSO years a resident of Dundee, is dead. Marttnus.L. Shutts, a'resident of Ypsilantl, sinee 1857, is dead. One Kalamazoo flrm shipped 11,000 barrels of flour during October. Michigan lumber men predict a great demand or hemlock in the near fature. The old country spelling school is being revived in many parts of the state. The survlvors of the original Third Michigan Infantry meet in Lansing Dec. 12. A society for mutual protectton sgain6t dead oeats has been orgauized In Mason. A workingman's society witli 125 members hae been organized in Battle Creek. J. Loyd Breeze a Detroit newspaper man, has bought the Detroit Daily times. Silas Stevens, for 40 years a resident of Berin tovvnship, Ottawa county, is dead. James Poland of Antrim township, Shiawasee county was killed by the cars a few days ago. Port Huron will soon have a new jail, engine house and market building on the court house quare . Muskegon is justly proud of thefact that it s the largest lumber manufacturiug town in he world. Benjamin Hundey, íormerly a prominent nstness man of Homer, died in iola, Kansas ecently. The basket factory at Muekegon, recently urchased by Alcxanáer Rogers, will be renoved to Lakeside. A young man named Johnson was sent in tie Calumet mine on Saturday, and the next morning was found dead. Mrs. Ann Newton of Pontiac, and Frank Wileon of Jackson, won tirst prizes at the reent National fat cattle ehovr. A decrease in the earnings of the Michigan Central railroad renders it necessary for the working force to be greatly reduced. The Michigan Short-Horn Cattle Breeders will hold their fourth annual meeting in the Capítol at Lansing December 2 and 3. Thcre was a Ihunder shower at By City he other morning and a enow storm before ight. Summer and winter the same day . Wm. Reimer, who shot Judd. Grie;ware and hen himself in Kast Saglnaw, Friday, Nov. 28, ied Nov. 30 from the effects of the wound. The machinery and fixtures of the old whip ocketfactory in Tpsilanti.have been seized by ie Uuited States marshall and sent to Detroit. J. W. Otto was robbed of $403 near Niles he other evening. He was severely bruised, as tteobbers knocked him down wltb. a heavy tar. The 6ecretary of state reporta 32,893 bushels f wheat marketed In Clinton connty during )ctober at four elevators. - 3t. Juhns Repubcan. John Morrië, tbe man who 6hot Mayor Kobnson of Charlotte, was tried ín the circuit ourt for assault with intent to kill and conicted. Mrs. John Salter, near Three Rlvers, raised squash this year that weighed 60 pounds and measured iour feet, seven and three-quarter nchee. The rand Opera House in St. Louis, was eitroed by flre Nov. 23 , entaillng a loss rom $125,000 to $150,000, with but small inurance. The exoenses oï the steamboat and land serice for the past year was $20,699,117. In the tar service 4i)2 routes were added at an exenseof $350.463. Prince and Walter Allen, aged 12 and eight, lave been arrested at Omaha and bailed in 1,000 each, on charge of fatally kicking John Morris, a schoolmate. The Congregational Sunday school at Hanock haB rai6ed $422 90 towards the erection of n additionto the church, which Í6 to be used or Snnday school purposes. Belfour and Fournier, Bay City, arrested or log-stea'.ing, have been txamlned and ield In the sum of $500 for trial at the Decemer term of the Circuit Court. A Miss Parkhuretof Coldwater will leave or Auckland, New Zealand, about December st. She goes alone to joln her brother, aDd will travel nearly 13,000 miles. Mrs.Vanderhoof, who was accused of poisonng her husband in Gallen some months ago, tas been convicted of murder in the flrst de;ree. She will be genteneed Dec 15. Hon. Eilwiu Willlts, now principal oí the tate Normal schjol, has been tendered the iresldeney of the Agricultural college. Mr. Willits has the matter under advisement. Lewis Lemming has eeuned from the lonia rison. He got Üve years forpicking a lady's )ocket tn Detroit, and escaped a few days ago y jumping from a second story window. Samuel Bates of Leoni, has a 16 year old son who left home last summer. 8amuel has jaet eceived a letter from his son statiug that he was in África, where he went as a seaman on n Eaellsh man of-war. Isaac Jatwin, a Frenchman, living in Elmwood townehip, Tuscola county, feil down tairs at the Medler house, Caro, the other f ternoon . He struck on his head and shoulers and was instantly killed. Mrs. A. W. Knapp of Montague wants the world to know that the Lord eured her in nswer to prayer, and publishes a card showng people that she has feltu of even more han mustard seed proportlons. Mr, Preston of Ionia county thinks Michigan armers are doing vi'ry well with their wheat. He harvested 12,00i) buehels on his Dakota farm bis year and it is oniy worth 44 cents per jushel, acd it is worth 70 cents at Ionia. Persons dtsiring to attend the annual meetng of the state horticultural society at Ann Arbor, December 1, 2 and 3, should notify Secretary C . W. Garfield, at Grand Raplds, and ecure the reduced rates on the railroad6. For the flrst time in several years a Heen sed' loon is in full blast at Tawss City, having opened Ñov. 21. Temperance Tawas is co more, and it is claimed that two saloons will open in temperance Eist Tawas very soon. A wildcat measurlng eight feet from nose to all, was killed on the f arm of C. Bussellinan, near Brighton, ricently. The "varmint" had lilled off a number of sheep and other stocK belonging to the farmers in the nelKhborhood. There is great indignation at Otisville over he manner in whieh the Heme Mutual Insurance Company of California aci justed the losses caused by the late flre in that place. Citiiens ay the company will not get aDj more Insurance in that place. Capt. Weatherwax bas shipped the Colby nlll machintry to Washington terrltory, where ie has invested largely in flr itimber. The machinery goes by water from New York, and lied ten cars. Thefreight bill atoounted to [1,400.- Ionia Mail. Peter Burke, a tniner employed at the Perkies irou mines near Nogaunee, was instantly killed the other day while eularging a drill hole preparatory to flring a blast. The stick of jdant-powdir stut'k u the hole, and when ie trii d to force it down an explosión followed. EdwardPrice, 16 years old, lives in Big Rapids, and the people are proud of hlm. While returning from a hunting trip recently a wild cat jumped on his ehoulder. lustrad of running he coolly turned the muzzle of his gun toward the anima! and nearly blew its head off. There (Is considerable doubt about the method of appolnting a successor to the late Prosecutiug Attorney Hewlett of Jack6on county. Some think the board of supervieors bas that power while others contend that it belongs to the sheriff or governor to cali a special election. Charle6 H. C. R. Rynd, a son of the late Dr. Rynd of Adrián, has bren arrtsted íor stealing money from the United States mails, and is now ín jail In Detroit. Rynd is a postal clerk on the route between Adlian and Detroit. When arrested he made a written conf esslon ir which he admitted having stolen over $100 from the mails. Two mortgages for $13,000,000 and $3,000,000 have been (lied with the registers of al countles alonii the line of tbe Grand Rapidi and Indiana Railroad. given by that railroad to John E. Davidson, W. H. Barnes and Conrad Baker as trustees.. They are a continúan;, of mortgages to 6ecure the Penusylvania Railroad Company. Wm. Relmers, a Germán tailor of East Sag inaw entered the house in which his divorce wlfelived and flred several shots at her and a boarder by the name ef Grigware. Mrs. Reim er was uninjured, but Grigware received the several shots and will probably die. Af ter flrtng the shots Reimer left the house and walkdd to hls shop and flred at himself. He will probably die. James Wynn shot and instantly killed hl stepfather, Thomas Kyau, at Norway Hal] seven miles southwest of Reed City, fhanks glvlng nlght. Ryan and Wynn had been drink ing together and commenced quarreling. Ryan threatened to whtp Wynn, who started to run Ryan followed hlm, when he drew a revolve and shot him through the heart. Wtnn carne to Chase and gave hlmself up to the authoritle i The State Central commlttee of the Union Prohibitlon party met at the Hudson house in Lansing, November 28th. Treasurer Taylor reported the committee's campalgc expenses as $1,750. The unpald balance was provided íor by a temporar? loan. The State convention to nomínate Regenta snd Judges for the 8upreme cnurt was called to meet .at Lanstng Fi bruary 24. The commlttee will issue an address to the Prohibittonists of the state and the spring campaign will bc vigorously pushed. Frank Duncan, a well-known resident of Pinconnintr, Bay County, comtnitted a murderous assault upon the person of his wlfe the other night, in a fit of jealoualy, by flring four shots from a revolver at her, one of which took effect in her hand and another in her neck. He then attempted to shoot his atep daughter, a irl of 13 years, but this was unsuccessful. ' It is tbouiht the injuries recelved by Mrs. Dunean will prove fatal. Dunean was taken to Bav City and lodged in jail to await the result of his wife's itjjury. bail $2,000. In the United States court in Urand Kapids, suit brought bv tbe Exchange Bank, of Boston, aerainst Frank H. White & Co., lumber ■■alers at Montasjue, composed of Frank H. White, George E. Uowling. and E. P. and Thomas W. Ferry, to recover $16,000, waB declded, the verdict belng no cause oí action against White, Delaney and Thomas Ferry, the lattcr, because no personal strvlce was obained against him, although he indorsed the notee and negotiated theni. A judgment of $17,122 10 was given aeainst E. P. Ferry. The uit grew out of tae Ferry Bros. failure two cars ago. At the Adrián skating rlnk, jast built, and owned, controlled and managed by Republiins, no little excitement hae been created by rule that prevente any colored peraon from dmision to the rink. A few days slnce a colred girl waa skating, and aome white woman of tily notified the management that she conld ot patronize the rink il ' Nlggera" were alowed in. The girl was given back her money nd turned out of the rink. In the evening dmitslon was refused to some colored boys, nd the matter is causing quite a eommotion mong the colored people. The 6on of Austin (la ir ia in charge of the floor, and a Mr. Mcjavjghlin of Detroit, ia chief proprietor. The ction in this case is irore keenly feit by the olored people than anything ttiat has ever ïappened to them before.


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