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Small-pox has appeared among the British troops In Egypt. A lake has been discovefed in Hudeon Hay ountry, as large as Lake Superior. By the bnrning oí a colliery at .Wilkesbarre, 'a., 500 men are thrown out oí employment. Cholera has almost ceased at Paris. The anltary commission has closed lts daily sesons. The next President wtll have the appoint ment of two major generáis and sii brigadier eneráis. Distress among Lnglish shlpwrights is inreasing. Scarcely oue-tourth of the men are mployed. A steamshlp collision in the etraits of Doer Thankegiving day resulted in the death of 0 persons. A sensational libel suit is on trial in London, 1 which Lord Chief Justice Colerldge'a famy is involved. Mr Wait oí Conneíticut, wlll be the oldest member of the National House of Kepresentaves. He is 76. Capt. Payne, of the notorious Oklahoma atders. died very tuddenly at Wellington, ansae, Nov.27. The Eiryptian government has captured 81 rigands and dismissed a governor suspected of onnivance with them. Sheron Baker, living on a farm near Shelbyille, Ind , ehot hls brother dead because he heered for Cleveland The French government proposes a tax on ntoxicatiog beveragts and the reduction ol atlway passenger duty. Becretary Lincoln aeks íor $50,850,500 for ie expensee oí the war department for the scal year encting June 30, It86. It is thounht Germany will annex Eeveral Pacific IslaDds to New Guinea, on the plea of rote;tine them irom English barbaritiés. The insane asylum near Ohkosh, Wis., was amaged by flre the other night to the amount f f 15,000. AU the inmate6 were removed in afety. The annual report of the superintendent of he life-saving service statesttiat 4,412 persons were saved during the year by the efforis of membera of the 6ervice. From present appearances the strike in the locking Valley mines will not end before pring. AH attempts to compromise the mater have retulted in a íailure . The Germán government hag asked the [hedive of Eypt to appoint a Germán on the board which mknages the public debt. Frusia also wants to be represented. The Pennsylvania state board of charities ae discovered that Ntcholas Seidel, insane, Eed 77, had been chained in a log hut near If-adíng, íor 86 years. He was removed to an asylum. The eecretary of state h&s been notified that he international society for improving the ondition of the blind wlll hold a congress at Amsterdam July 31, 1S85. Dölesates from the Jnited States will be welcome. Inthel8H3 sales of Otoe Indian lands in Nebraska, 40,000 acr3 were sold and bids enered on the books at lower priees than were flered. Flfteen Indlctments for fraud have een found against those who managed the ales. Fred Heldt, who discovered two attemüts to wreek Unioa Pacific trains near Sehuy Ier, Neb., las been arrested on the theory that he placed he obstructious on the track himself in order o galn the good will of the company in informng of the daneer. The foreign mail report íor the last year hows that the nuruber ol letters sent from the Jniteii Rtatts was 33,338,014; received, 28,04,035; postal cards sent, 672,458 ; received, ,388 673 ;" papers and printed matter, pieces sent, 20,712,464; received, 21,747,784. Señor Romero, minister from Mexico, says, n reply to charges that American interests in iexico are in jeopardy, that the interests oí Americana are as 6afe in Mexico as they would be in the United States, and that Gen Cortei wlll protect thetr Uves and property wlth a trong hand. Senator Edmund3 is said to have declared that the civil service rules should apply to ctiiefs of divisfons and departmental cbief clerks, and it is believed that a classiflcatlon will soon be agreed upon making the rules so apply. In this manner the present chieí clei ks my hang on to their plsces during a portion oí the new adminlstration. The superintendent of the new pension buildint; says he cannot get the building in order for the'inauEuration ball. He cannot get the roof on the building in time, tt will be so very large. The local committee on reception is in a predicament now. Xt will be difflcult to flnd a building large enough to accommodate evem a email percentage of those who desre to attend the grand ball.


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