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A minister of Southwest Virginia wrltee from Lynchburg, Va., unier date ol Nov. 25, ap follows: "The latest advices concerninji the epidemie in Wise, Lee, Dicktnson and Bucbanan counties are heartrending. Un Uuest's River, Wise county, within a radius of four miles there are tcirty cases of distase . instance a father, mother and six children died. Many persons died for want attenlion. Business is suspended, all being concerned with the sick and dying. Slx üersons were buried in one grave in one day. lhe disease is assumlng a milder íorm i ■ ? locaütics. Not lees than 175 of the b; ; :itizens of Wise county have died. During the last few days the dieease has made its appearance in Lee county, and several deaths have occurred. More worthy people never calied more loudly for relief than these. They need nurses, medicine and a committee of Intelligent phjsicians to diagnose the disease and stop its terrible march. a physician's crime. Dr. John Maxwell of Springneld, Ohio, af ter sending HÍ6 wife to town to shop a few dajs ago, administered to hls foar enildren, anea fium 4 to 18, a combination of aconiteand chloroform, then placed cloths saturated with chloroform over their faet s, and placed them on the bed. He adnünistered a similar dose to himself, and lay down to die with tnem. When Mrs. Maxwell returned the eldast glrl was dead, and the otbers unconscious. Assistauce was summoned and every eitort made to revive them. During the nicht two more of the children died. Maxwell revived somewhat, and was placed in jaii. He refused to. talk. He left letters eaylng . he was tired of life, and wanttd the children to go with him to avoid suffering. He had recently been indicted for libel by another puysiclan, and thie, toeether . with business embarraesments, is supposed to have incited him to tbis fearful act. A THANK8SIVING TKA6EDT. Hurry H . Edwards, a Ne vurk, N. J., farmer, who came to Niw Yurk, to spend ThanksIving with hls far,ner, was shot dead by hts parent in the afternoon of that day. He was trjiüg to quiet his brother Charles, the scape ïrace of the family, who was quarreling with hie father over sume money. The old man refused to give the money, and Charles rushed with a knife at hls fat.her. The lalter drew a revolver, flred, aml shot Harry, fatally iujuring hloi.. Charlee fiad f rom the hou6e and thfi fatht-r was arrested. He refered to hB dviog eon &s hls "best boy," and it is feared ttat the shock will niake him insane. A GUILTY COAOHMAN. G. R. Newbold, tbü coacuman bigamlst, whose latest matrimonial aüiance was wltb a daughterof C J. Wnitney of Detroit, and who has been awaltln tril in the Toledo jail for some months pasr, was convlcted of the charge of bigamy N v. 29, and remauded to j.tilfor sentence. Daring the progress four of the gay Lothario's wiveE were present ns witncs8es. He bore the ordeal of the trial with remarkable coolness and eífronterj, and waited hls senteLce almost indifterently. He bade good-bye to hls Detroit wife and childrin, promlstng at the exptration of hls sentence to return and f r hls children, b it r fusing to recoznize any of hls various wives as encitled to such honor save Miss Whitney. This immediately following the verdict of the jury. About. 10:30 o'clek, Sunday morcing, November 30, the bigamlst made a desperate tffort to take his life and end the fearful suspense. He took Foxglove and then tried to beat bis brains out against the eides of his cell. The jail physician pronouncee his case a yery critical one, the outcome of which ia urcertaiu. He injured himeelf seriously in hls attempts to dish his bratns out, and suflers excruiiating agony . It is believed the failure of Miss Whitney, hls lat wife, tn cali upon him at the close of the trial, led to this atterupt on his life, as in his ravings he calied for her continuaily. The jail physician prouounces Newbold au eDileptic and insane, and sajB that if on trial for murder he would be sent to an insane aeylum at once. On the morning of December 1, there waa no change in his conditiou.


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