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Architeetiirid Plans and Spccificatlons. People who want Houses built accordlEg to moderu style can obtain the same trom Andrew Cliinie. Heating and Ventilalion a speeiaUy. See houses of O. Eberbach, E. E. Beal and E. 8. Worden. Office at residenoe 23 Maynard-st., Ann Arbor. ïtv Locáis. Fof boliday presenta go to Lowis & Gibson's, LOand 12 west ihuon-st. Domestio Sewing Machines are sold by J. F. öchnli, No. 31 South Main street. To Kunt -A good piano choap. Iuquire ai No. 4 VoUand-st. Lost.- A Blaok and White Setter bitch. Reward tor hor return. 3. F Ijiiurciu'c, Ann Arbor. ff yon want agoodcigar, gotoRosey's in Hungsterfers bloofc. He keeps ill the leailing Branda, Christmas Cards given away with ever) pound ol I ea andOoffee purohased at Emanuel Wagner's. Por 30 days therc will be B grand reduotion sale of Beving Machines. Yo cun b-ivo froin floto $15 by oalling at 31 South Main street. Washee, Washee. Song lleng's Chinese Lanndry on Horon st., is the place to get wasbing and irouing done up browu. Shirts 10 cents, Collars 3 cents or30 contri per doz-n, Under shirts 7 cents, Drawera 7 ceuts, Night Shirts 10 cents, Hoeks 5 cents, Pillow Cases 5 . 11 ndkerchiefs 3 cents, Cuffs 5 cents per piiir, or 50 per dozen, Towels 3 cents, Sheets 10 cents. General washing60c nts per dozen, two shirts allowed m each washing. Clothes calle. I tor at the house and returned. Cash on d livery. Lewis & Gibson willsellatcostduring tbs holidays the following goods: Stee] Engravmgs, Etcliings, Watur Colore, Photographs, Albums, Bi onzes, etc. Nos. 10 and 13 West Huron-st. Framing of all kinds of Pictures a specialty at Lewis & Gibson's, Nos. 10 and 12 West Huron-st. Fomn. - A few weeks aero in the city of Ann Arbor, a lady's black wrap. Address Box 1,411. A fnll line ot Coal and Wood Stoves for sale cheap. Best prices in town. Either for cash or will exchiinge for corn, o: its or hay. J. E. Uarkins, 32 East Huron-st . Cali and get prices for roofing, evetroughs and conductors at J. E. Harkin's. J. E. Harkins, manuf;icturer and dealor in stove, tin and sheet iron ware, pumps and furuaces. Work of all kinds promptly attended to. A full line of coal and wood stovcs. A Drop in Flour. In buying Flour ask your grocers for the Roller King and Holler Queen, manhfactnred by Swathel, Eyer & Petereon. The above brands have been reduced to $5 75 and $4.75 per barrel respectively. Swathet, Kyer & Petersou have redneed the pnce on flour. Boller King to 86.75 and Holler Queeu to $4.75. För sale at all the principie groceries. A car load of Cider Barrels for sale at Emanuel Wagner'.s South Main streel. To Rent- Finely furnished Rooms to rent within three minutes walk of the univei sity. Cali at the corner of Caiherine and Ingall'B-st. Go and see the prices givcn with roods at Emnuel Wagner's grocery, South Main street. Lamps - A large assortment at Enuinuel Wagners, Hout Main-st. A cheap horse for sale cheap. A. WlIíSET. For California dryed fruits cali on Chas. E. Wagner, No. 17, Ann-st. The only pure Cider Vinegar that is sold is purchased at Emanuel Wagner's, No. 33, gouth Main-st. Rol'er King Flour only $5.74 per barrel. For ale by i 11 grocers. Everything is first-class bought at Chas. E. Wa?ner's, the grocer, No. 17 East Ann-st. I pay cash for Butter and Eggs, at 33 South Main-st. Emanuel Waonek. For all kinds of Salted Fish callón Chas. E. Wagner, No. 17 East Ann-st. A full line of Crockery Ware at Emanuel Wagneh's. Chow Oiiow and Mixed Pickles, Uried Beef, Smoked Siigai-Cured Meats at Ohaa. E. Wagner's, No. 17 East Ann-st. Oranges and Lemons cheap, at Emannel Wagner's store, No. 33 South Maiiistreet. 34.75 per liiurel is the price we are now selliiifi Koller Queen Flour. Tryit. ÖWATHBL, 1ÍYEK & 1'eïEÜSON. "Wliere do you get your püke cini.i; viM-c;ut?" At Emanuel Waguer's, of oourse, N'o. ïi, South Main-st. For Bargains in Groceries cali on Cha. E. Wagner, No. 17 East Ann st. Smoker's Articles of all kinds, choice Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, etc, at No. 33 South Maiu-st. Emanuel Wagnbr. All kinds of farm produoe purebaeed at Emanuel Wagner's, No. 33, South Maiu-st. Bananas, Cocoanuts, Lemons, üranges, Oonfeotionary, i fine line at Chas. E. Wagner's No. 17 East Ann-st. Chas. E. Wagner's is the place to Imy your grooeriee and get bargaios. Dry and Wet Groceries, nice fresn stock to select from. Emanuel Wagneu. Chas. E. Wagoer paya cash for l)iitt-r and eggs. Oaunod Goods in great variety at I'. MANUEL WaGNEK's No. 33 South Main-st. Go to Chas. E. Wagner for smoked hams and dryed meiits. Try a Davis Sewing Machine for a Dhristmas present. A. L. Noble is showinjï tho fine t issortment of Fur Caps in the oity. Bu intf direct from the factory gives him special advantagee. for all kinds of Sewing Machine Oil, and Kepturing a specialty at 3ewing Machine headquarters, No. 31 South Main street. J. F. Sohtjh. A. L. Noble is offering great tmrgains n ovEBcoAis, having purchased these goods at a fi-arful sacriftce, bvt he prososes to give his customei e the benefit. Taking the stamp- The street urab. "A buil in a china shop" is out of place, but a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough syrap in the china closet or any other iandy place, is sometliing thnt every sen sible housekeepir likes to have. for croup, bronchitis, sore chest and colds it is a prompt and efficacious remedy. A minor singer - The baby. An Important Discovery. - The most important discovery is that which brings the most good to the greatest number . l)r. King's New Discovery for Consumption, C"Ughs and Colds, will preserve the health and save hfe, and is a priceless hoon to the afflicied. Not only does it positively cure consumption, but couglis, colds, bronchitis.asihma, hoarseness and all iffections of the ihroat, chest and lungs, yield at once to its wobdcrful cnraiive powars. If you doubt thi , get a trial bottle free,t Eüerbach & Son's drug store. Go the drop- The recent murderer. One Bottle Instead op a Dozen. - "Andittook only one boitle to do it," said a gentleman, speaking of Purker's Hair Balsam. I had a run of fever, and when I got well of that my hair hegan to fall out so last aJ to alarm me. I really diiln't know wh it to do, until one duy a fnend said, "i'ry Paiker's Hair Balsam.' That was some time ago. What surprised me was the fact ihat one bottle was enough. I expected to use up a dozen." Clean, highly perfumed, Dotoily, Qot ;i dye. Restores original color. Slip hod- The winter sidewalk. Eas! to Sbb Terouoh. -How can a vatoh no matter how costly- be expeeted to go when ihe mainspring won't opérate? How eau anyoue bê well when his stoiiiiich, liver or kidnoys are out of ordei V Of oourse you will say "He cannot." Yet thous.mds of people drag along miserably in thnt condition; uot Hi'k abed, but not able to wor.k with comfort aud energy. Hou foolieh, when a bottle ortwool Parker's Tonic wouid setthem all n-ht. Try it, and gei back your health and pint-. Au elevated road Tue toper's homewaiil paih. TlüT A WTI'Ö I lsothom ""'' imdyou 1 IM 1 11 Wl" "8' tllem again. sopa uro i be the best on the marBAIiERATUS. I ket or money refunded. Hfill Life - A tramp at work. KDVVAliO PATE, MACHINIST, and repairer of Sjurgical InstruTiirnts, I.Di-ks, rmlirellas and Parasols l Macoineand Bicycle Worka Spm-ialty. No 35 North Jlain-st... Ann Arbor. Jlich. ui W f 8 UI W ffi I O. L n c uj . r- cri MMi LU H 8 O g ' ËN fl f I . i TJ EU CC I Ü o" o i JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturers of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND-" JDttJTJSr TILE. All our Dfftln Tile are made of Flre Clay, ar of unueual atrengtb and Uaht wciyht, which ma teríally reduces the breakage and expense oí ran-.portation. The ditching for thiselass of tilingisleRsexpeti sive, as they do not. requlre to be laid below f rost but only deep eiiongh to escape the plow. Whflethlsis ■cntHiiiiical it also aids obtaininabetter ''fall1' or grade to the drain. A f uil assortment of 'I1 slzes, for ole in sm qiiantitiís, orear load lot al 'ha FERDON LÜMBER YARD JAS. TOLBERT, Aften. "Tile, the Createst Labor-Saving Machine of the Ase." Ho Om EtMtorot TheChieaoo Trtoune. Dwioht, 111., Mareh 16.- One of the stront" anil nijst (:oiivjnt'iiir faots that I have yet with regard to tile drainage is bronght out December report of the Aprieultural Depart ment of Illinois. It ík this: ACHICAOK. Aereage in corn ín Livingnton County, 1881 368.5R7 Acreaee in rorn in Logan County, 1881... 140.S59 Livingston over Logan 1Ü7.738 V1BI.I). Yield of mm in UvlnggtOD Oounty,1881..S,9SS,523 Yield of corn in Lorhii i 'ounty, I8H .r.UTn.%M Livingston over Logan I,9Q8;fi06 In otlicr vords, Logan County has raifwd near ly as inueh corn on 140,859 acres ag Livingston county has on 2i8,5!7 acres. Put it in aiKjther form, tlif taimen in Livingston County have been obliged toplov neorly doublé the ftcreags at lanfl (atiK.Mi"), and have raised but a vítv Bmall percentage of lnornase of corn over iin-ii brethern In Logan County, who only luid to plow I4U.86Ï aorea. Letui gire il anotoer twlscl A a rarmerwho luis his land well tUled Deed only work eighty acres of land and grow just about asmuencorn as the man who plovs ïmi and uiki's all I.lit' r-isks of (irouth and much besides. It is not fair, then, ut oonclude that the greateet labor-savlng machine to-dayof the age is the tile il m in y Prom the same aouroe of informal ion i eather the following as regarda the progress of ule-drainage in these two oountieec Fecl. Total nuinhcr f ffet laid in Livingston ( ■oiiuty upto ltif 1 1,140,793 Total number of feet laid in Logan County lip ui 1881 3,!KMti:i This t;i ble provea leyond all theory that owlng to the tree uae of tile that one county hns been able to produce nearlyaa much corn on TKI.OOO aores of land aa another county bas produoed upon 268,000 aerea, whloh is nearly doublé, and the beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the work : Mr. Editor, nuppose a kind Providence should ien'then out the BDln of our days untii we saw Illinuis tiioroughly tile-drained, whcre would be jiut the corn that this State would produce, and whut would we do with our "silve.r doUaref" öamukl T..K. f kihk. NEW MARKFT C. W. VOCEL, ■ Proprietor, [Lat of Ohelsea.] - AT- Thomas Mathews' Old Stand, on Ann Street. Fresh and Salt Mcat'fki'pf. on hand. C. W. VOGEL. HENfiY MATTHEWS, Fïas'the pleasure to Infonn the public thnt. heil ready to receive them in hlsnew orick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOB KAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything in his line wül be flrst-class, and At Reasenab.e Ratos. He return nis Sincere thanfcs to all his oM cds'tomers for the'r generous patronage, and coriii ally invites them, anl all new cu-stomers to hig uew quarters, where he hopes by fair dealing ti nlarge liia sïveady erowüut business. &♦ COLLIES, stonEjUmTwaterlimei CALCINED PLASTER, CEMENT, B-R-l-C-K, PLASTERING HAIR, -And all Kinds of- ■WOOD. HiOFFICE:- Corner of Fifth & Huron-Sts._ Aim Arbor - Mich. For Sugars That are Strictly Pure, FOR COFFEES That are Perfect in Flavor, FOR GROUND SPICES That are not Adulterated, Ira o r Toets That Never Turn Red and SALT BY THE BARREL ! GO TO- J. D. Stimson ANN ARBOR, MICH. LJ m i II ' I - J 1 . g I To clear ont my ïmmeufle assortmen of liquors, I will sell Four Suramers Olc Hand-made Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey At Detroit Prices. Coiniiiissloiier's Xotice. OTATE OF MIOHIOAN.County of Washtenaw O The undersigned having heen appointed b the Probate Court for Raid county, commifision ers to receive. examine and adjust all vlaiin and demands of all persons against t:ie estáte o Milan Kidder, late of said county deceasei hereby give notice that six months from dat are allowed, by order of said Probate Oourt. for Cn ditors to present their claims against the estáte of said deceased, anj that ihey will meet at the store of Williara H. Davenport & Son, i thevillage of Saline, in said county. on Wednee day, the eighteenth day of February and on Monday the eighteenth day of Mao next, at ten o'clock a. m. of each of said days, to receiye, examine and adjust said claims. Uaied. November 18, 1881 William H. Davenport, A. M. Clark, Commissioners. Commissioners' otict'. STATE OF MICHIGA N , County of Washtenaw, ss. The undersigned bartagbeen appointd by the Probate Court for said county. ''omniissioners to receive. examiiiean I adjunt all claims and demands of all persons againKt the estáte of Maria Elizabetha Scnmitt. late of said roiinty deeeawed. hereb give notice that six months froni date are order nf said Probate Court, for creditorH to present their claimR against the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the store of L. Gruner, Esq . in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, on Saturday the 7th day of February-, and on Thurday the "th day of May next, at ten o'clock A. M., of each of said days, to receive, examine and adjust saiil claims. Dated November 7, 1884. l.EONHARD (IRUNElt. JOHN UOETZ, Jk , l'iiinmissioners. Estáte of James -H. Smitli. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Oounty of Waahtena k ss. At a ses ion of tin' Probate C'ourt for tUe county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probati Office in the city of Aun Arbor on Monday, the first (lay of December in the yoar one thoiisand eitfht humlred anfi eightyfour. present, William D. Harriman. Judge of Pro bate. : In the matter of the estnte of James M. Smitli doooinciii On reading and the petition duly rerlflei f Martha Ann Sinith, praying that a certain instrument, nowon file in this court purporting t be the last will and testamento! said deceaaed. may be admitted to probate, and tbat Kilwaro D. ilowell may be appointed executor ihereof. Tfttieuixnt U is Orden K That Monday, the 29th day of December, instant, at tan o dock in the forenoon, be aasigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the devisees. leñateen, and heirs at law of said dei'eased, and all other persons interested in said eslate, are required t appear at asessiou of said oourt then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the M(y of Ann Arbor, and show cause f any be, why Ihp prayer of the petitiitncrshonld not be granted: And it is furtner ordered, ihat said DtJtioner give notice to the pt'csuTis iutfifsicil in said es:ati', f the pendency of said petition .and the nearing thereof. by causing a copv -f iliis order to bepublihed in the 4ttn Arhnr Demoeral, a lewspaperprtnted and drculated In sid oounty stii.-'-i-sivt' ueeks previous to said day of ïearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN. ( true copy.) Judceof l'roliate. Wx. G. DoTY, Probati' n-j;is er. Estáte of Patrick Hoy. OTATE OF MICHIOAN. County of Washtenaw lo ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate )fflce in the city of Ann .rbor, on Monday, the Irt dav of Deoembfl in the year one thousand ilght hundred and eiithty-four. present, WÜUam l). Harriman, .ludiré of Proate. 1 n the matter of the estáte of I'atrick Hoy, de'fasod. On readingand flliiiR the petition, duly verifled of Daniel E. Hoy, praylng that administra Ion os said estete mayb6Krant6dto Daniel K. loy and Michnel H. Iloy. Tliereupoii il la imhmi, That Baturday, the 27th day of December, instant, at ten o'clock in he forenoon. be assitrned for the hearing of ald petition, and tbat the bi-irs at law of aald leceased and all otlHT persons tntereated in aid estale, are required to appear at a sessinn of suid court, then tobe holden at th Probate Dffice, in tb city "f Ann Arbor,and show cause, f any there bc, wby the prayer of the peiitioner houldnot be graiited. And it is further orlered. that said petitioner Kive notioe to the per BOM interested in said estáte, of th' pendency ofnaid petitiou, and the lieiiring thereuf by ■ausing a copy of this order to be published in ifAiiu Arh'iirlHiniH-mi. a newspaper printed andclrculatedin said county three successlve weeks previousto said day of hearing WILLIAM D. HAKKIMAN, (A true cooy.) Judge of Probate. W, O. Doiy, Probate Register.


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