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Frank Banister returued lo Owosso Fnday. There are 134 dogs subject to tax in this towuship. The secoud term of the high school began on Monday. Collier's LigUts 'o London are booked for Dec. 15 and 16. A leap year party was held last evening at .beethoven hall. Aliss Lydia Uanwoll retnrneil frota Deiroit last 8aturday. Jos. Stiibler is in Charlotte buj ing sheep, pork and cattle. The late Patrick Hoy, of Webster was m.sured for ;g4,ÜU0. The Knights of Macea bees elect officers V ednesday evening. Fred Kettich, Sr., as usual was the tirst to pa iiis taxes tuis year. The circuit court jurors are to be in attendance next 'i'uesday. Henry Richards is about engaging in the Üour and teed business. diaria Hoggard, of Whitmore Lake, died fciunday, aged t6 year.-. The ürst concert by the school of tnucio wili be given Duo. 16. The Anu Arbor polo club uill be given a benefit probabiy next week. Tue riuk wjll be opened Wedntsday aternoous insteadof 'iuesday. fcjonie of the olBcers ai e at their old game ut nuiamg uuwu trainps. John Jiuehligahipped aiiother lot of furniture to ünnibmg .Uonday. Aids. Vaughu and Luiok have beeu adaed to tiie geueral {unU coniiiiittee. Wm . Arnold lias sorütítlimg to say in tliia weeks p.per about üoliuay goods. Christian Walz, an inmate of the county, house, died Monda ol trichinu. The old committee on the tramp question has been continued by the oouucil. Mrs. M. Andreas is visiting her daughter, ira. Carrie li. Lewis, in East Sagi.naw. People naturally wonder at the amount of üsü tliat J. M. Gould disposes of every week. M. Sheehan gíves a masquerade party at bis iiaü ou Caiherme-sfc., oue week f rom to-mght. Frank Bower, managing editor of the Detroit Post, spent iáuuday and Alonday witli his irieuds. John M. Wheeler is the hea viest taxpayer in the township of Ann Arbor. Amount $2ay.35. Until further notice the regular timu for the m. eting of the councii has beeu tixed at 7 o'ciock. P. G. Mclntyreof Norihfield, returned Monday from a week's visit among friendsiu Detroit The annual liquor statement for Washtenaw county is published in this weeks Democbat. Yesterday afternoon a threc pound white lish was taken f rom the fiume at Swifts & Co's mili. Every business man in the city, with one or two exceptions, favors extending the electric lights. h. Mr. Geo Knight will hereafter teach history in the high school, Mis, bunderland ha ving resined. Eev. M. J. Süvage of B"8ton, will preach Sunday morning and evening at the Dnitarian ehurch. Probate Register Doty is again on deck. He reporta a Une timé during bis hort vacation last week. Many of the delegates to ihe state horticultural society meeting made the Oook house their headqu:,rters. Mr. Fred Smith of Pittsfield and Miss Lizzie Fellenburger of Bridgewater, were married Wednesday. The flrst Wednesday in January is the date tor eleeting offi ers by the tíeethoven gesaugverien society . Peter Vanee had nis arm broken Tuesday by being ciushed against a beam iu his bai n by a kicking horse. A youngman named Meyer is to receive $25 per year for takiug cliargu of the üfth ward engine house. By paying your taxes thia month you can save 1 per cent. The books are in the hands of 1 reasurer Watts. John J. Walker shipped to Cdifornia Monday by express, a pair of Múltese cats 1 or which he received $o. Mr. Jokn Loakes and Miss Mary E. Hoaan, both of Lodi, were rnarried last . week by the liev. A. i'. Bourns. Since the first day of last January Justice Freuauiï bas turued luto tíie couuty treasury $58 line mi ney. Beien K., wife of Geo. Collins, wlio had been ül ior the past year with caucer, died Friday in her 46ti year. Aisistant Manager Watts has arranged .for a polo game this evemng bet ween the Ypsilanti and ina Arborclui. Nettie Belle, only daughter of Charles and Susan Allmand, died ia Howell Sunday aged seven mom hs and ten da.x s. Miss Maggie ü'Hara, of Dunning Station, üook county, UI., is the cuest of Miss Maggie Douovnu, of the fit'th ward. Many persons from this city and vicimty contémplate gomg to New ürleans to attend the great world's expositi'un. J. F. Schah shipped a eewing macliine to Chattanooga, 'i'enu., Tuesday. Thus the fame of Aun Arbor business men is extending. A wild oat killed in the north woods, and shipped to this jiy Saturday, attracted considerable attention in the express office. ■ The Washtenaw mutual insurance company elect offiet rs and nold their annual meeling the first Wedn sday in January. Daniel D. Nanry, towuship treasurer of Superior uill be m Ypsilünti every Saturday this month, after to-morrow to collect taxes. The Chequamegon band and Prof. Wilsey's quiirtette furmshed the music at the elosing meeting ai, hoi ticultural society Wednesday evening. The petit:on frora the citizens le-ine ■1 to a special committee oonsi ','d Biggs, the major anf Aid. I . that (i n. Orant shonld be penaioned at the rati i per e;ir, isnrd. He bas beea welJ p.iid for render d. Fall & Hendiqks, as will be seen by refei-ence to their change of advertigement, aie oflferinsr extraordinary bargains iu overcoüts, Huits, etc. Barney F. Wade, of Manchester, was thrown from a rarriage in this city, Sunday ard severely injnred. He is laid up at the St. James hotel for repairs On account of the duilness of the times, the Courier has cut down the prioe of composition to 25 cents per thonsand eni's imd ouly work eight hoursa day. John Alleu, of Fourth-st., was thrown from a load of hay Tuesday afternoon and was qui'e severely mjured, having I two of Iris ribs and collar bone broken. Ottellia Nemz was convicted Friday before Justice Freuauff o[ the charge of assault and b ittery upon Minttie Yerkr, and tined $1649 costa, wliich she paid W. B. Chamberlain and Chas. W. Oarman were dslegates of Michigan cliapterto he semi-centennial son ven! ion of I Delta Upsüon fraternity at New York city Deo. 3 and 4. The ladies of St. Andrew's churcli gave an oyster supper at Firemen's hall, Wednesday evening, and also diaposed of a uumber of laucy articies suitable f Christmas prtsents. A noveltv in the shape of an orange race will t ke place t tlie rink to-morrow eyening. The contest will be open to ladk-s ouly. Tlie winner will reoeive one-half bushei of oranges. Geo. Steeb of Lodi, whs thrown un der aLiHil of wood neartiie Toledo railroad crosaing the last of the week, and had his shoulder disloiated. He was also bruised in other portions of his body. The oommittee appointed by the board of supervisors to look after the "tramp musance" should be convened at once, for eert ïin officers are at their old game and costs upon costs are being piled up. Chief of Pólice Fall 'lrew orders on the contingent fnnd tor the month of I November for the indigent poor of $181.61. First ward, 27.31; s cond, $20.50; tlurd, 160.92; fourth, 56.87; fifth, $16.01Mate Sohafferpleaded guilty Wednesday to the charge of selling liquor without a license, and was linea 4'5() and 829.3!,' eosts by Justi e Brennm, Wednesday. Mie was also giveo uutil tomorrow to leave the city. A special meeting of the council will be held Monday eyenúig for the purpose of giving the general furui comuiittee further time in whicli to prepaie their report, as to ihe best means to be adopted for lighting the streets. Alfred ü. rozier, h.s been elected eounrillor, and ii. K (rozier finmciai secretary of the district lodge of tie Indapendent Order of Good Templara The district embraces Wayne, Washte naw, Uonroe aud Maoomb counties. A large number of the delegates to the lior:i ultutal meeting, visited the uuiversity Weiinesda , and were shown about the grounds. Someofthem were astonished at the magnitude of the institution, having never visited it before. John VV. Nanry, of Superior, lias been appointed by Kobert Beverely, of Va., president of tlie larmers national congress, a delégate to the national congre-s to represent the agricultura! mterests of this district at the New Orleans exposition. Cari Edmunds. tre;isurer of this township, wül be at the office of county treasurer Belser on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of each w; ek to reoeive money for taxes. The remainder of the time he wül be found at his residence on West Huron-st. The following are the offlcers ekoted by the state horticultural society : President, T. T. Lyon, South H.ven; secetary, Chas. W. Garfield, Grmd lt.pidstreasurer, S. M. Pearsoll, Grands Kapids; librarían, Thos. H. Fosler, Lansing; executivi- commi: tee, E. H. Scott, Ann ArUor, C A. Sessious, Oceana. At a meeting of Fraternity L dge No. 262 F. &. A. M. Wednesday evemng the lollowing offlcers were elected for the comiug je r: W. M, E. J. Morton: S. W., Wm. B. üverest; J. W., J. H. Stark; secretan, E. J. Johnson; treasurer, W. B Snaith; H. D., l. P. Howe; J. M., M. D Müler. Washtenan chapter No. 6, B. A. M. elected the foliowing offlcers Mouday evening: H. F., I. O. Handy; K., Wm. G D.ty; S., J.L. Stone; C. of Ei., J. A iates; P. S, O. E. Hiscock; 11. A. O., L.Í.. Goodmh; G. M., 3rd V., N. D. Gates; G. Ai., of 2nd V-, W. F. PettG. Al, oflstV., W. C Hulland; treasurer 1. O. Fail; secretarv, Z. lioath; T We had supposed that the "officials" who wre in the tramp business a year ago understood what the supervisors nieant when they appomted an attorney to brake up their little game. But they üieatit atrain, and unless something is dono at once thousands of dollars cosis will be piled up, which the tax-payers will be obliged to meet, and simply to aid a few av:mcious officers, who are too lazy to work, and r sort to the method of running in tramps. The recorder Monday evening preseuted the f olio wing report of the condition of the fund of the city ending Nov. 30, 1884: Contingent fuud, #6,088.54; general fund, overdraft, $1,35.95; general street, overdraft, $62.60; tirst ward, on hand, $334.61; eecond ward, on hand $43.85; thiid ward, on hand, $61.69; fourth ward, oveidraft, $39 25; fifth ward, on hand, $34.26: sixth w;ird, overdraft, $478.87; city cemetery, overdraft $16.07; dog tax, on hand, $72; delinquent tax, overdraft, $720.23. The Ann Arbor gaslightcompany has made three prop sitions to l;ght the streets with gas the coming year. Tliey will furnish gas for 74 lamp osts at $22 each per year, under the old contract; increase the bnrmng capacity of each bunier for $25 each per post, or they will fu nish gas for $2,35 per thousand. It seems to us that either of the above charges are too murh, when taking into consideration that it only costs about 80 cents per thousand to manufacture the light. At the shooting match Thanksgiving day John Armbruster scored 62 and received ürst pnze, Fred Graf, getond, H. Armbruster, third and Dr. George fourth. In the shooting at the flag target the followins? marksmen were winers. J. F. Schub, 6 fiags; Fred Graf tied with Schuh, and FredHoelze and R. Armbruster Bcored 5 ü.igs each. Creedmore target practice, out of a possible 50, John :Duffy m;ide 41, I)on Lowry, 38, John Sweet, 35, and Geo. Apfel, 3u. The total number of shots fired by the Ann Arbor Schutzeubuud was 5'J7 ngainst Company A 431). The former made 15 centeis and the members of Co. A 18 centers. One of our reporters had the pleasure last week of meeting Miss Kate Ma:orrey at Obicago. The oung lady, who has many triends m Anu Arbor, is n.w a membi r of the Lawrence Barrett company. Miss Maloney has been spoken quite well of by Chicago critics and her hiaccess in the theatrical piofeasion Beems to be certain. This season she will take thg following p irts: Ada Engott, David Garrick; Portia, Julius CieBar, Neri-sa, Mere hapt of Venice; Manan De Lorme, Richelieu; Player Queen, Hamlet; Úrsula, Much Ado About Nothing; Lady Aune, Richard III; Mildred, TheBloton the 'Scutoheon ; Marie, The Marble lleart. An entertainment will be given in university hall, Friday eveningDec, 12, by Mark Twain (. L. Clemens) and George W. Oable. This cmbination has been aptly termed one of "versatility and genuis." The programme íh a nove one aüd will oonsistof .ach giving selectionsfromhis own works. '1 wain and Cable are making ihe eason together and their immense eastern audionces well j prove their popnlarity. It is about ten yonr, si oo the Ann Arbor people have had the opportnuity of hearing Twain, and his reappearance on the stage even fora-ingle season wül be hniled with pleasme Cable's power as an elo cutiomst adds mach to the strength of th progi-amme. Besi-rvod seats at Moore and Ohíiis' Wednesday morniiif,' 10 Admission 50 cents. Dr. Nathan Weeb, a resident of Pitts üeld since 1846, died at Tpsüanl Weduesday night of apoplexy. He was a descendent of Christopher Webb, who emigrated from Esex or Devonshire Eng., i o America about 10 yeursafter the Puritans had landed on Plymouth Rock In 1882 the doctor shipped as ae.iman on board an oeean vessel. Af ter ayear's service he retired from that kind of life and began the study of medicine under Dr. Appleton, of Boston, Mass. JEedefrayed lis expenses by teaching school, and in 1836 recieved his diploma from ihe state medical censors, of N. Y. At the mg out of the rebellion the doctor and three of his bods went forth in the service of tlieir country. i)r. Webb enhsted in the regular army for three years as assistant surgeon, but served only a portion of iiis term, returning home to practice. In 1860 Dr. W bb was elected to the st.ite senate, which office he filled with credit to himself and honor to the citizens of this county. He was bom in Ontario county, N. Y„ and would have been 77 years of age in Januury had he lived.


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