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Did you bolt on Monday? [ The senior laws sport plugs as class h;tts. The boys are taking in the fine skatin on the rivtr. Prof. Vaughan was out of the city Wednesday. The cooperativo society boasts over 250 members. It is said that a certain senior law won $400 on election. Prof. W. H. Payne spent öaturday and Snnday in Adri;m. V red A. Travis, pharmic '84, spen Thanksgiving in the city. W. C. Brickn 11, law '85, returned from New York on Wednesday. '84 Palladmms are for s:iJe at half price at Willis Boughton's. D.J. Haff, law '86, is ab!e with the aid of a crutch to be out ignin. Severa! of the professors "bolted" reeitations oii Monday last. Dr.Heiulncks had a sMiopsis of bis I lecturas on anatomy printed. Two weeks from to-night the Ohrism b holiday vacation begins. L E. Bnel , law '84, visited the law departrm nt on Tuesday last. A. M. Ensmiuger, luw '82, enjoya a largo praetice at BucyniH, O. Ihe classes in qualitative analysis have about tinished their work. Both the Alpha Nu and the Adelphi literary societies held no meetings last week. Severa! of the boys attended the Caruival at the Princesa rink in Detroit on Tuesday evening. News was ree: ive I last week that Geo. A. Harding, medie '78, died at Suult Ht. Marie on Nov. 27. The lits of '87 will discuss important business in a class meeting to be hc ld in room A to-morrow at 2 p. m. The lits of '88 held a gospel song service on Monday evening in tne Students' ( hrratian -issociation rooms. Harry Crane, lit '84, a member of the Delta Kappa Epsiion traternity, is in he city on a two week's vis.t. Wednesday moming, after t)r. Hendrick's lecture, the freshmen medies overéame the juniors in a rush. Owingto illnesa Prof. Stowell did not meet his classes on Tuesday and Dr. Hendricks lectured in his stead. The co-operative societv wili hold a meeting to-morrow for the purpose of electin orücers for thu next year. The Chora 1 Union have stopped practioing Haendel's oratoria of "Samson" and will take up some modern work. The Eugby game which was to be played at Chicago on fciaturday was abandoned on account of cold weather. The officers of the Students' Chnstian association aretrymj; to secure Moody the livangelist, fur a few days in January. W. A. S. Keirstead, E. K. Horth and KHangster will represent the law department at New ürleans this Ohnstmas. Moot c urt cases will be heard every afternoon untü the Ohristniaa holida s, m tlie law lecture room. All are invited to attend. Dr. Herdman will lead in Snnday's meeting of the Students' Christiau association with a discourse on "Uhristian Greatness." H. J. Killilea, of the law department, who was mjured at the last rugby game, has so lar reoovered as to be able to attend lectures. Airs. Ellen Finnegan, of the fourtli ward, and motlief of Mr. John Fmoegan, died Sunday at the age of 85 years and 25 days. W. E:imdell, lit '86, has fully recovered and expeots to return the second semester, possibly immediate y afler C.ristmas. Complaints are heard because the roo .na iu ihe north wing of the maiu building are either over heated or else not heated at all. The Omicron chapter ot the Delta Kappa EpRilon fraternity held their au nual banquet last week at the Iiussell house in Letroit . Richter, lit '87, left tor his home at Laporte, lnd., last week. He hopes to regai his health in time to return after the GJiristmas vacation. Carrol Coe, formerly an assistant at the library, is now holding a remunerativo position in the land-grant office at Uolumbia, Dakota territory. Louis Fasquelle, pharmic '83, who spent a few weeks in the city with his uncle, Prof. Hennequin, left on Monday forHowell, Mich.where he expecti tö remain aboutoue month.


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