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WHAT BACH&ïABEL ARE DOINíí Great Reduction in Cloaks for the AextThirty Days. News! News! Never anything like ït. Good news witliout any mixture of bad. From to-day until January lat, 1885, we will give you bargMins in LADIES CLOAKS unheard of, undreamed of- incredible almost. Somebody said oiice "I believe it because ït is impossible." You could not have imagined a more unlikely event and yet nobody has any ccea-ion to be sorry. We have more cloaks' than we care to have at this date, heuce they,inust go at some price.' When we make a mistake we loose; we are content to loose; we have to learn by the loss and make money the next time. Ottoman 8ük Eussian Circulars, $12,50; heretofore $18.00. Ottoman .silk Kussian (Circulara No 356 15.00; heretoiore $25.00. OttomanSilk Russian Circulara No 422, $18; heretofore !{;25.00. Silk Baraythea Eussian Circulars No. 365, $25; heretofore $35. ilk Baraytliea Buesians Circulara, No. 372, $35; heretofore $50. Silk Brocaded Bussian Circulars, No 311, $19: heretofore $25. Wool Eussian Circular, No. 365, $15; heretofore $18. Ottoman Wool Eussian Circular $20; heretotore $25. 10 Plush Cloaks No. 208, $33; heretofore $40. 8 Plush Cloaks, No. 210, $25; heretofore $32. 4 Plush Newmarkets, No. 406, $32 50; iieretofore $45. 31 Children's Imported Cío ks, very üue cloth. 8izes 6 to 16 year.s .6.75 to $11.50; heretofore $9 to $16. They are the cheapest oioaks shown iu Mioliigan. 15 Ouildren's No. 521, 6 to 16 years, 12-50 tofSj heretofore $3.5;) to $4.5o. 10 (Jhildren's Havelocks, No. 6ü8, 6 to 16 years, $2.20 to $3.50; former prices $4 to $4.50. Misses Newmarkets $5; heretofore $7 22 Ladies light cloaks $5; heretofore $10. 14 black clonks $6.75; heretofore $15. 12 cloaks, good quality, $1.5ü; heretofore H. 7 black all wuol Newmarkets $10; heretofore $14. üttomau 8ilk Dolmans, No. 351, trimmed with9 inch fui-, $18; heretofore $25. 5 Ottoman Silk Dolmans, No. 350. $14 50; heretofore $20. 3 Uttoman .silk Dolmans, No. 409, $28; heretofore ip35. 4 Brocaded Silk Newmarkets, No. 410 $18.50: heretofore $25. Brocaded Siik Newmarket $22.50; heretofore $30. Silk and Wove Brocaded Newmarket trimmed with 9-inch fur, $31.50; heretofoie$40. These are the greatest bargains ever offered to I he public. It will pay those in need of these goods to remember the number and come and see. 1 his is no advcrtisement to catch the eye. BACH & ABEL. A profane interiogaiion - Damask. lt is the oíd, oíd story: Lo ve at flrst sight! A walk in the beautiful moonlight uight; both o tcli a dreadful cold and give up ail liope, but fiually find relief in a bottle of I)r. Buh's Uough Syrup; get married and are at 1 ist happy- A pohte profession- Civil engineering. Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The best salve iil the world for Outs, Bruises, tíores, Ulcers, SaltKi'eum, Pever Sores, Tetter, ühapped Hands, ChilblaiuK, Coras, and all Hkin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no ay requirud. It is guaranteed to givu perfect satisfation, or money refuaded. Price 25 cents per box. Por sale by Eberbaeh & Bon. The corn croo- The chicken's. An end to Bone Scraping.- E Iward Shepard, of Harnsburg, 111., says: "Hav ing reeeived so much benefit fiom Elec trio Bit Iers, I feel it my dm y to let suffering humanity know it. Have had a running Bore on my leg for eight years; my doctors told me I would haveto have the bone scraped or leg amputated. I us-d. iustead, three bottles of Eletnc Bitters and even boxea Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and my leg is now sonnd and well." Electric Bitters are sold ai. flfty cents a bottle and Bucklen's Árnica Halve at 25c. per box by Eberbach & 8on.


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