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How Toombs Carried The Vote

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Col. Nat Hammond saicl the other day: "The most appositc help ever given one speaker byanotherwas given to me by Judge Lawson Black, during tlie convention of 1868. I was opposiug granting the Legislature certain powers and extravagantly exclaimed, 'Suppose the very day this came up tho Legislature should be drunk?' An opponent asked, 'Can the geneman eonceive of such a thing happening?' As quick as thought Judge Black aroso and stated that such a thing not only could happen, but actually did happen, and that he was in the Legislature when it occurred. "He then explained that before the war, when the Trezevant claim was before the House, the lobbyists for the claim had given a big wine supper, at which the whole House was present. ïhcy had imbibed very freely and were all drunk. General 'Toombs opposed the claim. At the night se on the vote was taken, and tho House roared 'Yes.' General Toombs almost alone, voted 'No.' He was shrewd enongh, however, to cali 'División.' 'Those in favor of the mot ion will rise,' called the Speaker. A full half minntc was given. Not a man ou (he aftirmative was able to rise to the división, (ioneral Toombs did arise when the negativo was called, and defeated tho claim


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