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Curious Electioa Bets

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Two Thorndyke, Me. men agreed that the loser should ride a bullock through the streets. ' A Housatonic, Mass., man wagored his gravestone and lost. His gravo will be unmarked. A Meadville, Penn. girl bet fifty kisses against a winter wrap that Blaine woald carry New York. C. M. Brown and William Laven of Salt Lake City, bet on tke national election, the loser to tako a hand-organ and monkey and play on four different corners in the city, takng up a collection for charitable purposes. Laven bet on Blaine. Bob Mills, a colored barber of Warsaw, has lost an election bet. Ho will havo to .Iress in white pants, coat and vest, havo his hands and faco whitewashed, and promenade Main stroet, carryiag a string of sausage and a bottle of St. John whisky, to pay his bet. Henry Schmulbiich, the leading brewerof Wheeling, W. Va., agreod with the president of Elm Grove Moter l-iino as follows: If Cleveland is electod tho former is to tap 1,000 kegs of beer to all comors: in caso of his defeat tbe Motor Line is to haul persons freo to Hooibrook Park any day Schmulbach dirocts. At Now Haven one election bet calis for tho loser to black his oppononta aoots twice a woek for a month. Another calis for tho Ios6r to make his weight equal to that of tho winner, the sresent differenco being forty-eight ounds. The most idiotie wager of tho ïampaign waa mado at Bridgeport, Conn., tho loser being compelled to shvo off his whiskers, hair and eyosrows. A singular election bet was made at Norwich, Conn., As Cleveland is elected William Haretly is to furnish a mrouche drawn by a yoko of oxon, ïarnessed with Willimantic thread, over a lino of march comprising the )rincipal streets of the city. Had Blaine rron Frank S. Stuart was to pay for the out. The principáis in tho wager, with tvo invited guests, aro to occupy seats in tho barouche.


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