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DO TDEY TROUBLE YOU? HAVE THEM EXAMINKD W1TH OUR NEW TEST LENSES BY WIIICH WE OKTEN SUCCEED WÍIEN OTHERS FAIL, ROEHM & WR1GHT. IMPORTERS JEWELERS, AND OPTICIANS, 140 WOODWAHD AVE., DETROIT MICH. The M. M. Benevolent Aseociation íor Unmarried Pereons. ORGANIZED APRIL, 1883. It is paying lts mcmbers wh.n thcy most need it, viz : At marriage. The assocíation la known as the Mutual Marriage Benevolent A6eociation of Marine City, having been lncoruorated under the law of Michigan in 1S-8, it is the only institutlon of its Kind in the state. The association is paying stveral thousand a month to lts memberfl. It has paiíl Georob MoHaïky of Marine Cit.y$l,((iO, Okville MoÜon-ald l,000, Mr Kose McDonald 1,0kj, YValtek Vvebbek $1 000. WM U. Fhillifs 1250, Fbbd ftovehion $250, E. N. Webber $l,U00. John W. Boyer and wife, Purt Co.barne, Ont., benefit on cinht certiücates. Doctor Fletcher Blatb rn, Marine City, John Fnrlonjr, Aluonac, T. T. McAnhur, Mcrriton, Unt., T. James 8tevenson, Merriton, Thos. Coulttr, Port RubiDEon. Ont., and many others. AN OPEN LETTER. TO TVnOM JT MAY CONCEKX : To the Mutual Marriage Berevolent Association, Marine Citv, Mich. Gentlemen: - I have much pleasure in au knowledüiuK the nceipt of jour riraft iu Iu!l of my cMm on certifícate C5 aud E6 íor the euniofföOO. Pieaae accept my thanks for the very prompt paymenl of my claim. I can recommend jour A-suciatlon as a vtry profitabe investment tur unmarr'cd propte. .). KEAKN8, Dentist. Wallaecburg, Ont., Nov. 5, 1884. The Marriage A"sociation of this city palil Wm. J. Phillips ,of West China, a bencüt laet öaturday. It also paid $2,0X) to eome of ittCanadi members last week, and Monday of thb week lt paid Fred Soverelgn, of Port HuroD, a benefit. It Is paying sevtral thousand dollars each month to ita members.- Marine City Reporter. Fred Sovereign is pretty well kno'm to the pcople of Fort Gratlot, especially to the boys in the rallroad shops. He appears to be well satlefied wltli his invc-btmerit. There are several other Fort Gratiot foiks who ezptct soon to reallze hand-omely from tha same institution.- Fe. Gratiet Sun. For further particuiars addres3 R. McNiil, Secretary, Marine City, Mich. It wil! pay you. "THE ELBERON. The new wood Parlor stove. "The Eiberon," oe' ter known astas "Cleveland WoDder," Is exeitlng the admiratlon and wonder of all who have seen it. The Ladles pronounce it "perfectly lovcly." In form lt resembles an elegant modern residencc, with bay window, Mans ard roof, corniees, dcxirs, windows, vernada, etc, and Is consldered by all ti' be the bandsome&t stove structure ever produeed It is a oase heater ; also doublé heater, andissaidto be simplv perfect in its operattous. Special induce ente are bdng onered to one or two influentiat parties in each town for introductory purposes. Wnte Coopera ttve Stove Co., Cleveland, Ohio, for ful) description and particuiars. "KOUGHONPAIN." yu lek cure f or Collc. Crampí, Diarrhfea. Aches. Pmtns, dyratns. lieadache. If afllicted with sore eyee, use Dr. Isac Thompsou'sEye Water. Drugjrlste Relt it. 26c .BRVOUS WoRkness, üyspepsla. Sexual Deblllty cured by Well's Health Kenswer. 1. runs ood-Livkh oil, made Trom aelectod Uvort on the soa-shore, by CA9wïll,Hazaiu) &Co., Ne Yc-k. ItlB absolutely pu?a and sweet. Patiënt who bave ence tanen lt to all othors. Phyalclan oave declded lt superior to anr of the other oíl n markcu CHAi'PID Hands facb, Pimplïs aud n akl byEiBuli ON KA'rsT' anM' mlce-:Ie"ed oul A. T a" who are suffering from errorsof youtn, nervous weaKneBS, early decay. 1O8 or manhood. 4c I wllisend yeu a recelpe tliat win cure you, h KKK OF CHAKÍJHl 'l'his great romcdj was discoveoed by amissiunary in South America Wend self:iddreed envejope to KKV. JOsiSPH T INHAK, Station u. New 7ork. STINGI.NU II rltation, InOammation, all Kldncy and Urinary ('omplalnta. cured by 'Bachn Palba." tl. In c ao of dspepnlfPWik ., sla. debi , tflPTt T T i. AL. L?;"%L- üöai t} t(K piamt, inactivityof fl CELEBRATED %& the kldneyd and f - ganic nmlaa es Hos . A ter s Is u tricd remÊrfïV MHlv 'TbPu IjowcJs has an unbMCSSHkF'-; bounded popv.arity (fjfjüjj For cale by drugw_ -.-■ u && Klets and dealera -o fTQWIAwn RockfdrdWatches Are unequalled inEXACTING SERVICE. Jfoè- -. Usert ly tho Chief tPtJTSS.wM'SS-) Sxechanician of tha CsifBSFi V. S. Coaat Survcy : S" iifaSÏSDviRr-by tlle Admiial JLvvl1 eomnmiidiuii n tho {SijËJSnlijffjliSnSrenoniical work ; and vWffíTJMW b y Locomotivo WS36fe(l'i"ti)ra and' ltailTlir ñrPTtíin aiSTeíiiibnity are r lUL AV liuiits. Sold in principal ■ HL ULUE PANY'S exclusivo ABent CloadisgJowelerB,) wlio nrlvo a Fuil Warranty. „ , BxrsnrESM cou.ege, . ff ' nstal)llshcdl87G117fil'hMnst. SZIf -r- betroit.Mlch.,18 tle placUc icJ sZ44 'i'ïy Í soruri a üiorough business eti - M"- Bookkccplng, arlthmHlcemmraor, business and ornamental pcnnuuish.n. Threuinoutlis,15, 1AÍ o scholaralüp, Ui. Home Items and Topic. -"All your own fault. lf you remaln slok when yon can (iet hop bitters that ncvcr- Fall. -The weakest womaD, smallest ebüd, and sickost invalld can use hop bitters wtth eafety and reat good. tiLiHmcn.totterIn(ï orouca fromRheumatlsm, kldney trouble or any weakness wlll be malc almost new by uslDg hop bitters. t3P"My wlfe and daughterwcre made healthv by lüeuseof hop bittere, and 1 rocommend them to my oeople.- Methodist Clergyraan. A6k any good doctor lf hop Bitters are not the best famlly medicine On earth III ' Malaria fever, Ague and Btliousness, wlll U-ave evcry nelghborhood as soon as hop bitters "My mothrr drove the paralysis and neuralgia all out of her system wlth hop bitters."- Ed. Oswego Sun. EgíKeep the kldneys healthy wlth hop bitter and you need not fear 6lckness." - Ice water Is rendered harmless and more refreshing and revlvlng wlth hop bitters In eacn draught. - "ltcvlKorof youth for the aared and lnfirmlnhop bltttrslll I -"At the chance of Ufe nothlng equals 1 Hop Bitters to allay all troubks Incident ( Thereto." . j -"The bsst pcrlodlcal for ladic to take mouthly, and from whlch they wlll recelve the greatest bcuerit U hop bitters." - Mothers wlth slck'y, fretful, cureing cb.ildren, wlll cure the chllilren and benefit themselves by taking hop bitters dally. - Thoueands die annually irom 6ome form of kllney dtsease that might have been preventod by a tlaiely uee of hop bitters. -Indigestión, weak stomach, lrregularltles of lh? bowtls, cannot txlst when hop bitters are usei. A tlmely U3e of hop Bitters wlll keep a whole farally In robust heilth a ycar at a Uttle cost - To produce real genulne eleep and cblldllke repose all nlght, take a llttle hop blttcr3 on rellrlng. t3F"None genulne without a bunch of rein Hups on the white label. 8hun all the vile poieonons stull wlth "Hop" or "Hops" t ' helr name. lLSm VEGETABLE COMPOUND Hw-SB . IS A rOSITIVE CURE Oiï # M All thOSfl pnir.J'iil ComplainM )Zdtn! and Ueakni'sscs so comiuon ifiL t00Ur be8t txtffFf FKMAtK rOPtXATIOX. , Frke $1 la Haid, pill or .oienge fora. Tf purpote U sotcly fc ■ the Ugitimatt ficaltng V disease and the relief of pain, and that it does aU íí clalm-é to do, thott&andsofladles can gladly Utify. It will curo cu tire ly all Ovarían troublcs, Infl&mn tion and Ulceration, FaUiíig and bJsplftcembrts, tn co;iH:quent Spiii.'U WVakneus, and is paxttcukuil adapted to the ehange of Ufe. %## ttranoTM Faintnoiw.FlfltulencT.dostrorsallcraving tor ötimiiliintH, and relieves Weakness of the Stomach. It !urea BlOftttngi Hi-ailafihes, ííervoua Prostration, (!n;ral Dchiliiy, EQoopleuiMa, Dcpresslon and Indt golioti. That fi.-il.nii of Ixuring down, causing pain an backachn. is always pvrmanently cured by lts uee. bend stamp to Lynn, Mass., for pjtmphl't. Itttora o.' inquiry oouüJontiilly answcretL For mie atdr.?gitê, I BSnR Wielo awako Agent HV arcmakinu' from 910P Bj „JS to S''0ü per ïiiotith - ' " stiling the original MISSOURI STEAM WÁSHER. Over 40.000 Ul. A nr nrinciple. Bavlnv of ClOthc. Labor. Memiintf and Hr.ilrli. jlailo of im-tnl. Control of tt-rritnry Brlvon. Wrlt for tfrins aníl circular. TIIK HO. 'STKtM HASIIHI! CP - IllgUtaM., ( rUM J1O. STEUl W.ISIIKH HO., ouu ... 3ln SU, SI. Looi., o. B In overy town can obtaln an IllujsrtS tratrd ."O page Story Book as a rJ- iX-MAS PRESENT FREE fl AM I Send 3 twocent stamps to tho PubKllf Ilishers of tbe best or all the BOYS & I iGIBLS'MagazInes.WIDEAWAKE, LJ'Jand get Instructlons at omc. Address : Bf i). L0THR0P Jt CO., B& 32 Franklln St., Bosto.v, iLiss. HWArman A -tbnia Ccre ueTeajogiveiml BmfL inte rtlitfhí tlie worut casos, insareo oom] Hfortablöelwp; effocta cures whcre all othexn f&ilfl MA trial convinca the mott êkepUcal. Piioefl ■50c. an 6 l.OO, of Droguista or by mnti B ■Saii.ple Free for stamp. Dr. R. SOHinl rrt. x.x]vc?TTigii's KSpinal Slisgo'Waigt SI 75 SpinnlCorset, ü 00 SpinalNnrsingCorset,... i SpinalAhitoniinalCorsct, ii 75 Recommcnded by leading physlcianB, delivered free anywhore in tbe U. S. on rüccipt of pricc. Lady Agrata Wanted. Dr.Limiiist'!.SpintlCorL8tCo.,4r2B'wai-,yi;wYork. ÏREEJQthANY,LADY SocnceuieaforOR. WewIUeunrt yon free, poet-paid tWO fnll LDUBS GOSSAMER RL'UBER WaTKK I'líOOP GARHEN 13, ar iwraplei, and oneof o ur liandaomo Colorad Covrt M jvac Cnt&Iojjufl wi th wholrslo prlre Hst Bliuwlng ïiw you cD mak e a nice profil right at honra. Bcnd 20 One cent ilupi to py pMtact, pwliinB.etc, Cutthlsont anr end il lo L K fiAUíJÜCR fc CÜ. Cemcrbrook. Conn. #R. U A WARE Lorillard's Climas Ping bearlnpr a red tin tag; that Lorillard's Rose I.eaf fine cut; that Lorillarü's Navy Clippiiiffa, and that Lorillard't Snuffs, n:o i and chcapeet, quality considerad ? CONSUMPTION. I havo a positivo romody for íliti abovo dlscaso ; by lts po ttioaflantlsof casosot tlio worst kind and of long etftodlntchavelieenciired. I inleo!, vost ron 5 Is myftiltn laitsetllcacv.tliat I wl ! sonlru'0 IÍOTTLE3 FIÍKK. tagelberwlt)iaVAI.I."Alll.ETKKATISKonthlsdlniie toany suff.'ror. Gív.xiros8una P O.addrn. DB. T. A. BL00UX,IU 1'oarlSt., Kow Tork. LPARH TELEQRAPHY. or SH0RT-HAND and unan TYPE WRIÏINO hpre. Sitaations fnrnished. Addrcss Valcutlnc Bros., JanesTille. Wl. fl IlfcttS;imnlc book, premium list, price list Mnt V.iHIiJfree. V.'S. CAKD CO., Centerbroli, Com. W.N. Ij. U-l- 49 llPlB III toïöiny. Rpa;tillCnA U] Vlafi ! STKl'aitNS. Libanon. Oblq


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