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Hops And Malt Bitters Company, Detroit, Mich

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WlíiWIiÚíllslSif A&OUT Hops and MALT Bitters TO 1HE TB A DE AND CONsüMER: We guarantee HOPSarul MALT Jtitiers to be Equal if not Sujterior to any "ther Jiitters út the Market. lie -ure to cali for IIOP8 AND MALT Bitters. They are the bestl We keep them. James E. Davis & Uo,, Detroit.Mich. í L. A. King & Co., Chicago, 111. fj T. H. Hinchhak & Sons, " " 5 Morrison. Plümmkr & Co., '■ 5 Farrand. Williams & Co., ' Leuigii & Qlarke, Omaha, Nob. John J. Podds & Co. " L Mïïer, Bros &Co . Ft. Wayne.Iad Hazeltine.I'erkins& Co.G Rapids LEHiGH.VERLiNG&Co.Evansviile " s? L. S. 'Joman. Bay City, Mich. Reo A Eddy. Lwavenworth, Kan. l. Strong. Cobb & Co., CJovoland, O. Theo. Egersdorff, " " 3 West & lit.ux, Toledo, 0bo. Merell & Ryan, St. Paul, Minn. 3 . Lord üwkn & Co.. Chicago, 111. 53 Noyes Bkos & CJutler, " " ' Van aack Stevenson & Co., " a Lyman Kliel Dkug Co. Minnoapolis Chicago Drug & Chemical Co.," a Me-yer Bros Drug Co., Kansas C'y j) Hcmiston, Keiling & Co., " s Meyer Bros, & Co., St. Louis, Mo. fe Do not gct Hops and MALT Bitters confounded with other prpparations of similar name. Take nothing but HOPS and MALT. The best LIVER and KIDNEY cure. Nothing genuine unless manufacturad bv'the


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