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Alpena had a 113,000 blaze Ftb. 3. Ths "drive well" patenta expired Jan. 14. A tobogganing club has been organizad in Hoe gh ton. A detective agency is to be organized in Bay county. Frank Vanconsant broke his eg at the rullet rink in 8t. John. Jan. 28, the thermometer registeiel 40 below zero at the " Boo." Michigan Bepnblioans meet in fia'e con v. n i ju at Lansing Mutch 11. Homeopathie doctois of Detroit want the Homeopathie college located in that city. E. Hayden, one of Charlotte'a most exemplary citizens and business men, is dead. H. S. Parker, one of tha earliest settlers anda leading merahant o! Ke.laniazjo, is dead. Rev. Geo. W. Harria of Bittle Creek, a pioneer o i the state, díed iu Buttie Creek, Febinsr S. Muskegon workingmen want ihe Legislatnre to crtate ihi . lli.;e oí Inspector ol Faclories and Mille. Owosso reioifteth because the Estey Manufactaring wotki have started up with ioll oreu on full tune. Baj City annonnces that ia the nt ar future ehe will have th8 finest aoadamy of muBio in the country. Grand Rapids furniture factories have orders for $1OU 000 worth of work to ba sent to the City of Mexico. L. U. Bailey late oe Harrari college, has been appointed Proftssor of Horlieultcre at the Agrieultural college. Conductor Pierce of the L. 8. R. R., a resident of Bhssfield, was run over and out in pieees east of Hudson. h.-asi wire work worth $700 is being m ade for tle goTernnient at Uraad RipiJs, for nse in the Cincinnaü postoflioe. 5 Rev. Edmund Dwjer of Dandee is Mead, aged 19 years. Mr. U#yer had been in the Congregational ministry over 55 years. Dr. W. H. Gunn of Howeli Is under arrest, charged with assault with intent to comrait rape on a 14-year girl of Holly. Aaron B. Gates cf Gracd Rapids mes Alfred Whitnorth for $10,0U0 for alienating Airs. Gatee' aiïections trom her lage lurd. The knights of labor of Battle Creek have oreanized a stock company with a capital ot $L0,00ü )or the manufacture of docrs, eash and blinds. Ftbruary 17, 18 and 19 arribe dates, and Lansing tbs place, icr tha a:zih annnal meeting of the meohanical engineers' society oí Michigan. The Governor has ajsproved the bill autnorizing the Oitkland County Agricatural Society td borrow money by mortgaging their property. Charles E. Estabrook, cashier oí the Flirit & Peie Marqaette ireight office ia Bay City is under arrest on a oharge oí forgery and eoabezzletnem. Wiliiam Pk-r3on, a Michigan Central fireman wís crushed ander his eDgine when he was at work ia the yards in Detroit Monday mornii g, Feb. 2. Aa Easton, Ionii coanty farmer, claims he is gettiog $L 50 per bosbtl for his wheat. He fóids it to his hens and sells eggs ter eigtiteen cents per dozen. Mrs. Sessions of Wayland waived exammaion on tae chargsofpsrtorming an a'xmion on iiri. Pck, and has been "bound over to the circuit conrt for trial. A Lavvton man has takeu all the fnniture ont ot his parlor, and uses it for a private skating rmfc. Several dootors want telephone conneotiou with his heuse. It is proposed to establish a jrermanent labor bureau in Orand Rapids lor men, after the plan of intelligence i Seca for women, and make it telfsappoiting. "Dr." Gaan of Howell, recently arrested for aaeaultiag a yoang girl in HolJy, has been smttLCid to 90 days' the De'.roit houee oí coriection. W. H. Evans, & colored barber of Bay City, killed James A. Williams, also colored, on Sandar the ist. Williams -was drnnk and created a row in Evans' Shop. John H. Kingry, for more than 40 ycars a ivuidtüt of Bactiacan acd vicinity. oommitted enicide by hanging on the tih inst. Financial tmbarjassment is suppesed. Presque Isle coniity has some of the largett et dar that grows and they are to be utiiized fur shingles, a mili having been erected for that purpose at Grand Lake. Godfrey & Co. ot Willington lost their Etore by iire on the 5th. Several socitties had rooms over the store, and all the regalías aad furnitnre were destroyed. Lesa about $8,000. Mrs, George McDonald ot North on committed suicide uy shooting a few ays snee. 8he had been iu the habit oí aki::g niorphine and her act is attributed to etpoHdency. A discrepan cy of $2,500 lias been diaoovred iu the accounts of G. M. F. 1 avis, erreasurer o) Orawford eounty, bat Davis' liends say it cali be satisiactorüy txplained nd made good. Henry Bellows, the tramp who outraj-ed Imma Lyoc, aged 14 ,a danghter of a wealihy armer near Lyons, lonia county, in JaJj E6t, has been Bcntenoed to 10 yéars' impnsnruent ac Jaeksjo. Dr. John K. Fmlty, one of the eirliest FetItra of Müea and ac one lime thu ieadiug ihysician ia that part oi the state, died Feb. , agtd 79. Ue was a brother Of the late butgton-Ueneral Finley. The January ontpnt of the Upper Peniaua mines is as iollows: Calumet, 2,385 on; Atlantic, 199 tons; Fianklui, 170 tona; Quincy, 100 tons; Allouez, 147 tone; Hurón, 19 ions; Hancock, 36 tons. The evening of the 17th inst. has been eUoted as the time tbr holding the dinner and reonlon ot Miohigan univenity gradaalej at Washington, and ior the organizalion of an alumni associacion. Ii is rumored that the Urge iron furnace at Bangor, Van Baren eounty, is to be started up Jane 1, alter lying idle for more than a year. It is said that burning of charooal will ba immediately commencad. The Belknap Wagon Works of Grand iapids has announcéd a redacción in wages ot ü;tefcH and twentyfiru cents per day lor tbose receiving over $2 a day, and will otherw:se eqaaliie the ecale ol wages. Near Norwich, Missaakee eounty, a cork )ine tree was reoently cat on Mr. Davcnjarg's land, frum which 22 logs were taken, ;he total scale of which was 15,722 ieet, The butt kg was eiftht ieet in diameter. Cal. IC. A. Sawjer of Grand Blanc, oue of the oldst resictótn of Gene:see county, died Ftb 2, agtd 97. He was a prominent Masón, beiug a memoer of the order for 77 ytars. His wife, aged 87, snrviveshim. Janus O. Jenson unhitched a norse fjoin a cutter and unharneased it in the piincipal business streel in Schooieraft in b.oad daylight and fled. He waa caoght before nigtit and tanen to Kalamazoo ai:d lodgel in jiiil. The people óf Irvirg, Barry county, a email station on the M. O. R. E., have raistd $l,0C0 atd given 30 cords ol atcne and coneiderabie tiiubtr as a bonua to A. U. ünghts of Gretnville, to bnild a roUtr ñour mili at that place. While sitting in a chair at har home in East Sagmaw the other night, Mrs. Alma Delavergne euddenly and without warnicg dropped dead. Her age was 77 jears ana she had lived in East Sagiuaw nearly hall her Uittime. Wm. O. Gil!, a member of the Middle Island hfe saving crew, is btlieved to be drownded. He went to Alpena ior the mail and Bupplies, and leJt for the island Jauuary 28. As he never ïeached the island, it is presumed that he npset ñis boat. Dr. Oeorge M. ïrowbridge died at hls residence in Gieenville recently. He was a resident of the town lor '' years and was hlghly estetiüed. He was assistant snrgeon ut ihu 19th Michigan infnntry daring the war, ana went with ISherman on hig maren to the sea. Otis 8. Kichards, the treesurery of Oampbeli lownoh p, lonia connty, elaimed to be hort in hi acoennts about $40,000, was arlested in tirand Sápida a lew days ago. When arrested he was Irying to run a game snpper in two different places, and was surrounded by a number of lewd women. Wm. Fisher o( Kalamazoo, who has bccn in jail for several dajs pending examination of the ctomach of his wife who died recently undei susuicions eircun8tanes, bas been released. Moiphiue was iouud in Mra. F.sher's stomach, tut the prosecutiug attorney thiiikH no cate conld bo made out against Fisher. The Lake Superior ship canal company offers to actual settlers a uumber of 40-acre tructs of land in the upper península, the Efcttlcr to reside on the lands .ay the taxes, bnild a house and clear not lesa ilnn iwo acres of land during eaoh of the fiist three years of settlement. The company reeerrea all mineral rights. Hon. O. M. Barnes, now in Florida, has been appointed as a delégate to rt present the Central Michigan Agricultural So :1 at a National convention in the interests ot agriouUure, to be held in the grand hall oi tLe Exposition at lew Orleuns, ing Febrnary 10 and oontinuirg o&e wtek. - Landing Journal. It ia Tery probable that Mu&kegon will be lüaüe the terminus of the M. & U. raüroad, aLd that a line o' tteamers will run between that point and MUwaukee. The managers oi the road are mil pleased with Mutkegou h&rbor, it locatiou beiug such that the ice ör.its i uto the lake insttad of into the hurbor au at Grand Haven. Dr. UaJe'n medical sanitarium, the Frost house, in Eaton Kapids, bnrned Feb. 2, at 3 o'olock in the morninf. The fire caught ' from a bnrning smoke'stack. All the patiënte eacaped trom the buüdiag, bnt the oontents were nearly a total loss, as very little was sa ved. Loss $25,000; insnred for $2,000. [t was a close cali for tne entire business :ortion of the city. A on fooi to obtain the iiïht ef way 100 feet wide for a raüroad from Marine City to Detroit. The route as aiii out runs from Detroit to Mc. Clemens, ;henee via. New Biltimore, Anchorviile, Pair Haven, StatvIJle and Roberts Landing to M&riiie City. The capitol stock of the compauy is to be $4,000 a niile, and it wil! be nanitd the eaettrn Michigan raüroad. John E Laster, aged 61, died of hemorrhage ot the lang?,ocOstawa Bt.,GrandEiipids, on tne 6th mat. haviug lelt the cars on which ie cara from P'aiuwell only a lew minutes eíoe. He was on the way to Ionia to take the position of gate keeper of the prison, ander Warden Watkins. He was a prominent politician and a respecte! man ot Allegan connty. A coronor's iaquest was held and a verdict rendered in acoordance with theiacts. A black fiend ramt d Fnrdy kicked a colored boy named Kennedy so fearfolly in a Port Hnron saloon the otiier night, that the boj died the nest day. They were engaged in sliakmg rïice, wLen Furdy lost. 'He turnel to Kennedy and asked the loan of some money. Kennedy refused and started to leave the piace, bat Fardy sexed him and kioked hiw abcut the heid in a terrible manner. Furdy and Marphy, the proprietor of the saloon, have föetn arrested. The National party -e f the State of Michigan will rnttt i'i tta'e convenlion at Mead's Hall, LauBing, Wednesday, February 25, at 11 o'clock ia the forenoon to nomínate cand i - datea forjustices of the supremo conrt and regenta of the state university, and to transact auch ether business as may properly cjme before the convention. The basis of representaron will be as íollows: Two delegates at Jarge for eacti organizad oounty and ooe additional delégate lor eaoh 2U0 voten and fractions thereoi over even hundreds ast ior neiijamin F. Butler in 1884. o The next session of the American Pomologcal Soeiety metts in Grand Bapids in September ntxr. A committee of able men has been appointed to prepare a paper for the occasion, coneisting ot Wm. L. Webber oi öaginaw; A.ndrew J. Wtbber of lonia; J. G. Ramsdell of Traverse City; Byron G. Stout of Pontiac; Henry G. Reynoids of Grand Kdpids, and Wm. K. Giuson of - Jackson. The Execuiiva Boaid of the Hortioal ural Socieiy have orgamztd for.businets and tbey propese to take mta-surta that wiil maintain Micaigan's reputktion as a fruit growing siaie. bhe his aiready taken medals on sevtsral occasions, nocuoly at Kicliniond, Va., Uhicago, Lll., and dostun, ïfass., npon collectiona of lruit shown in oompetition with other tatss. , A pany stated in A. J. Fierce's oigar store one evening not long eince, figured out what a blae&sinith would receive to shoo a horse at one cent ior the firot naii, and doublé very nail, eight naiis to a Blioe. The conlus.'cn rached was that lm would rective the nice sum of $42,949,673 b5. This reminded Bul Burcb, who was present, that tuitty years a ;o he let a farmer hve eight chiu&ens to doub.e every year, and he thought ii wss aboac time 10 have a stttlemtut. The matier was figured up, aud it wus found that Bill had 17,179,867 264 ehfcens coming, and he s,a,a taey were worth at least 30 cents each. Figure this up, and Bill owns the wnolu United States, or $5,153.960,179 20. &r. Barch relates this tor a l&ct, and saj s he has four living witceises to the traneaction . - Cold water Repu blioan . Tne öagioaw Courier has the following uiioasb'tol historj: Ia 1836 RibertG. duKee, wfco uow üvea at Eaton 11 ipids, loaïJit a survtjor's compaes ot Meueely üjiiiout, ol West Troy, N. Y. He uaed ie rota 1836 to Jb40 in Cmtou, Bkiawaotst.e, and Iügham couuties, in the time stufcyiug and plailiug part ot iha city ol Liasiue with t, aboat the time the state capítol was looated ihere. In 1S4L F. T. Maine, then coanty uryeyor of Bh awassee oouuty, bougtit and ased it untü 1855, when h soid it to a Mr. Ferry. In the winter ol 1856-7 F. C. Leavenworta, Jr., dow ot Lanisng, bought it. In the spring ot 1861 I. H. Learenworth bought t ol hiin and has used it in the Sagiuaw valy ever einoe, aud has never seen one that he would be willing to exchange itfor. Il nothing happeas to it it will be good tor another halt eutary. Mus4-gon was the scène of another shootng afiair on the'6(h inst. Aboat 1 o'clock a man iiaaieü Fhilip Ivet, while intoxioattd, shot hid wite in the abdomen, and then killed hiinself. The woman will rtcover. The tronble arose bettreea ihem over the support }f the family. The woman olaimed tint Lves had not done tvro days' work. in the twelve years they have been married. The rïay belore the thootiug the couple had paried. Tne husband tullowtd her to he place where she had gone with her ohildren, ïnd told her if she dld not return and live with him he would kill her. She retused, and ttarted to go tor help when he íired as stated ' the ball passing through a portioa ot her abdomtn down into the groin. Htr wound is not considerad fatal. Ivet shot himself twice. The &rst shot graze i his lorehead end the second shot entered his breast aud jiBssed through some vital organs and killed him almost immediately. He was 46 years old and hu wife 25. As an illustration of the ridiculous result prodnced by bill-stickers posting one bilí orer another, Mr. C. Spurgeon, son of the great preacher, mentioned in a recent lecture that on one occasion in London when ho and another gentleman were announced to preach ho was astonished to read tho following announcemont: "Ten Pounds Reward. Lost - ïwo fat hoifors, Mr. J. J. Knight and Mi". C. Spurgeon." Another read: "Pigs fattenod in six weeks on thoEnglishman, editod by Dr. Kenealy, prico 2d weekly, and killa floas, beetles, insects, and all kinds of verrain, Perry Davis' pain-killer cures snioky chimneys and notico to mothors, feed jour infants on Bond's ruarking ink, 6d per bottle." James Uulhane was rnurdered in a saloon on Michigan Ave., Detroit, on Sunday Feb. 1, by Michajl Horrigna Both mea had beon drinking hard, ani engaged in an angry dispute which le( to blows. Knives were freely used, and Culhane was literally hacked to pieces Horrigaa escaped but subsequently sur rendered himself. The king of Sweden is said to be tr ing to marry his second son, Prince Osear, to Princesa Louise, eldestdaugh ter of the Prince of Wales, his recen y isit to Ecgland having tuat objoct in view. Mrs. Francos Hodgson Burnett, the novelist, who has boon ill for severa months in Boston, is now rapidly re covering, and returns soon to her hom and hor litorary labors in Washington


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