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The Egyptian War

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The iollowinis was issued f rom the war office .ia London at 12:30 p. m. F.b. 5: Telegrama from Gen. Wölselcy aunonnce that the tall of Khariou m took place on Jnuary 26. H eay Col. Wilaou ariived at Khartouru Junaary 28. He was greatiy snrprised to firdtne tnemy ia possessicn of that place. He im mediately sUrted on hi3 return down tbe river and proceeded nnder a heavy fit e from tbe rebels. When so ne miles below the Saubiaka cataract Col. Wilson's steamers ere wrecked, bat ke and his who'.e party managed to reach an ialand ia saiety, where tbey are secare. A steamer has gou e to bnng theni ba ;k to the British at Metetumh Gea. Wolsely &ay h i has no inrormation legarding the late of Gin. Gordco, and does nit know whether he is dead or aJive. A ja1 er dicpatch saye: There is no longer any d; uüt that tr.e Mahdi holds posaeesion ot Khartoam. Borne hopea are entertained tbat Gen. Oordoa may still be holding oat in the citadel ot the town. Nativa reiorts are that the Mahdi had 60,00ü men in the yicinity of Khartoum, and he introdnced a nnmber of his emiasaries icto the city. These emissaries mingled freely with the native troops onder Gen. Gordon, and by bribe, threata and working their re ligions ieelings, indaced theru to mutiny. Seven thousai-d of the garrison deserted to the rebels, ltaviug Gordon only 2,500 faithiul soldiers. Wnh this small forcé he attempted to hold the city against the Mahdi'a gieat army, bnt after stvere fighting, ia 'which a large nnmber of rebels ere killed, he was.compelled to snrrender. Jlumore concerning the fate of Gen. Gordon are many and varied, bat all sgree that the Mahdi has captared Khartoam by treachery. The mosi. reliable reporta point to one Faraz Pasha as the traitor. It is eaid that he, bding left in charge of th ramparts, opened the ga tes Janaary 26 au d admitted the enemy. Samé ramors state that Gordon, togetner with a lew Levaniines, were cooped up m a ehnrch. Uthers say the Mahdi was seen wearing Gordon's aniiorm. A majority agree, however, that Gen. Goidon was killed. A Cdiro diepatch saye: Kumors have reached here that 2,000 men were maseaored at Khaitoam. Thn news of the disaster has cast a eloom gloom over the entire Jaropean colony in Ügypt. The English garrison now consiste oí 1,200 men at Alejandría, 3,850 at Curo, and 150 marines at Suez, There are no loroes at Fort Sai 1 excepting one gnn-boat. The war Monarch is at Alexandria. The oonncil at the Wr Offloe Jat on the evening of Ft b. 5, decided to ad vise the dispatch o 1 8,000 traops to Suakin immediately. Gen. Stephenson telegraphs that 5,000 men will be needed to clear the road to Berber, aa the news of the fall et Khartoum wil] induce the central tribes to join Osman Digma. Gen. Stephenson aleo adviiss that the prtsent streagth of the troops iu upper and lower Egypt be mainteiiea and reicioroements drawn trom England and India. Gen. Wolseley has renewed hio demind tor an txpedition to Soakin ei 3,000 men onder Gen. Greaves. Adrices trom IÍ jrae on the 9.h eay that it ia eemi-cffijially snnonaced that the Italian foi ces took postession of Maesowah on the 5th inet. The nativts welcomed them, but the Egjptian anthorities formally preteated sgtiinsc tbeir occupation of tlie town. News rtceiyed from Gnbat on the 9th is that the rebela are actiyely prepaiiag for anothr eiicounter. Loopholes are makiug in the housesof Mettmuea and the rebel videttes mamtiin an avave lcokout, fearing a British attaok on the town. A council was held In Cairo on the 8:h, at which tima Gen. Staphentcn advistd the retreat of the troops from Mettmneti on Korti aod concentration of the entire force towards Berber, and after the capture of Berber await the rzpeditioa coming lrom Suakim before makmg an ad vanee on Khartoum. The military authoriüea estimóte chat tnia plan involves a déla; in the advasce upon Khartoum until autamn. The hot weather, whioh beglns utxt month, will make it imposiDle for the Kiiglish to stand the marches. In the two recent battlei the Mahdi lost 6,000 men


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