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FEBKUABY 3. Sen ate.- The credentials of Wm. M. varis, eUcted nited otates Senator trom [ew York 8tite, were presented, bnt as thej id 1101 ooiitiia the Uovenor's aertiticate they rere referred to tbe Committee on Privileges ad Electioua. The remainder of the sesulcn was spent in the diecassiou oi tie ínter - State Commerce bilí. The measure was debated in a very vtly manner, and be ore ad]ournmtiit the ouiinissiou was substnuted tor the Raigan UI. Hodsk - Mr. Bland of Missouri, froni the ominutee on coinage, repurted back a resiutiou cailing on the eecret.ry of the treas ry tor inlormauon whether the cltaring oase asüociation of New York or any paional bank retases to rtceive silver dojlarsor certifícales in settlement ot their balances, and whether any official oí the government ao cedes to sncti practic; also, what amount ot oíd carne into the treasur; in excbange at ar for sil ver dollars or certiiicatts daring jiLuary, 1885, and what amount of silver om was in the treasury en Jauuruy 1, 1879, nd every year thereaiter, nol held lor the edemption ot silver ceaiücatee; a'so, what mount ot tbe receipts ot the governmet have een received ia silver coin or certificates ; ito, what amount ol the receipts ot the kuyrcznant have been received in sil ver coin or' emficates since January, 1, 1S71J. Adopted. )n inotion of Mr. Eato of Connecticnt, the tienate amend inent to the House concarrent esolation makiag arrangements tor countng tbe electoral vote was agreed to. Mr. Cox ot New York, from the committee on naval aSairs, reported back a resolatien caIing olí the seoretary en the uavy ior mormation as to wbat smeunt ol money has beeu expended by the tfavy Advisory Board and what changes iav been made from the original plans ol hulls, boilers, etc, for the Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and. Dolphin, and the coat of such chaiiges. Adopted. A bili was passed to regálate forms of bilis of lading and the duiies and liabilities of shipowners and others. Mr. Holman of Indiana trom the 3ommittee on Appropriations, rtported back a resolntion reqaesting ihe Secretary of the freasary to transmit to the Hn Ba a list of peraons on the rolla of the department as ipecial agenta on November 1, 1884, and February 2, 1885. Adopted. The Ei ver and Harbor bilí carne np, discusdon of which cccapied the remaincer of the seesion. FEBRUARY 4. Senatk- The chair laid before the Senate he l'resident's message relatiog to Mrs. Grant'a offer to the government of sworda and other military and civil testimoniáis iate!y belonging to Gen. ürant, and reoommtndiug that cangress pats a bilí to mble the President to place Qio. Grant on the retiicd liat. Oonsideration ot the interstate commerce bill was then reenmed. The bill baving been ptrïected, it was reported to the Senate rom the committee of the whole, iead a third time and passed, yeas 43, nays 12. The Sécate decided to take np the bill tor the nrtiroment and recoinage ot the trade dollar. Mr. Morrill of Vermom, said ne did not leel that the government is ander the slightest Irüal or moral oblieation to jedieui the trade dollar. Mr. McPherson of Ne# Jersey, said thtre would be f 250,000,000 in silve in the treasary vaults by August, 1886, anc he Javored the immediate Buspension o coinage. He keliaved the government mor aily bound to redeem the trade dollar at it tace valué. Mr. Blair of New Hampshire made two unsucctssial attempts daring th day to secure oonsideration of the anti-ior eign contruot labor bill. Alter executiv eajioa the Sciiitj adjoarni house - Mr. Atkinson of Ptnnsylvania from the Committee on Riilvays and Canal reporttd a bill for the sorvey of a vate routs to connect Lake Michigan with Detroi river. Committee of the whoje. Mr. Match Ier of Punnsylvania, from the Gommiitee on Civil Bervice Reform, reported adrtrsely th bill prohibiting the rtmoval of Union sold un o: depeadEnt relatives in the civil service except íor cause, llouse calendar. Te Henee went int.) the committte o.' tfee whola t,r. tile Kiver and HarDor bilí. Mr. King of Louisiana, defeuded tte approptiation ícr the improvement oí the Miitiioippi llivtr and favored the levee system. ilr. White oí Kentutky, tlmoght ths pendiDK bilí eontaintd a Jarger percentage oí appruliriations for trout Htreama chan did tne bilí 01 1882 which was vctred. Mr. Hrr of Miohigan, while coaceJiíig that the bilí had btin lareluliy prepared, thoaght congrega shonld stop ouinping money mío Galveston harbor until ie Snew wlüt it waa atout. Ttie eommiues then rose and ttie House adjouriied. At 8 o'clock the Heuss met ia eveuing seatiou sml went into comujiltee of the whoie tj continue conslderatioD ot tae river and har uur bul. Lesa Ihan eighty luembera were in atttnaanue at the tginuing of the sessioi; . The point of no buoram was raised and the House adjuran FEBRUART 5. Sinatb - Mr. Huermau uf Ohio introducl a bilí to próvido lor atriking medala to oommemoraie the oompietion or iha Wathingioa luonumtnt. K-ie.-red. The bili proyides ti at oiiu inedal tihail be giveu e.-icti senator, reprtstntative and go vernor oí a ataie or trmojy, and that 10,000 medals hall Oesuueï vñ lor salr to lije general public atcost. VauWyckni Nebaskaiíffcred thelollowia rtsu luiion which was uuanimousiy uj;rt.el to Resolved, Tuat the SdCretary of the Interior ïufurm the Henate what amoaots wtire due the United Suites December 31, 1882, trom the Union Pacific Kailroad; aiso, what araounts have become due to iroui that date until December 31, 1884, according to rule laid down ia the decisión iately made batween the United otates and said ro&d in the Court of Claims, also whether the annual settlement was made Ptbruary 1 , 1885, as provided in the Tfcurman act. The biU or the redemption of the trade dollar was then taken up. Hüe - Yr, Eandall of PennBylvania trom tiiB committee on rnles, reported an acaendment to the special "ten ob)eütion" rule j as to pro vide that the objoctiona shall not be called for until uittr a ten-minute ktbate. Afttr lurther debate the amen 1ment tj the rale was adopted. A reeolution direoting the seoretary oi the treasury to iatorm the House the total amouut of expenses incurred under the law providing lor ihe appointment of eleputy marshals, chief supervisors and supervisors ot uieouons ,and n what states the money had been expended, was adopte i. februaby 6. Skkatk- A resolution waa offered by Mr. Seweli of New Jersey calling on the seeretar of war to report to the Senate whether any liana or preparations had been matured by .ríe engineer corps cf the arm y or by the war epartmtnt fur defending tne haibors on our ea coasc and lakes by torpedees or otüerwise u case of endden war with any ioreigB pow er, nd if torpedo stations had been entablithtd r are oontemplated tor sacn oeieiise. tsferred. Mr. Palmer of Michigan otained unanimous consent to eliver some remarks en toe womn suffrage oonstitational ameudment. t was agreed that the Benate shail mte at 1 a. m on and after Monday next. 1 ie ill to regúlate the (es oí pension agenta nd attornevs was then taken up end after iseushioa passed without división. The oonsular and diplomatic bill was then called up and passé 1. The chair then laid befora he Senate the anti-eilver coinage biil, tut without iarther action the Senate went imo xecutive sessiou, wid when the doors rtpened, adjourcel, leaving that bill as uniuished business lor to-morrow. Hsubk - rne 8enate bill was passed ameudng seetion 4431 of the reyised staiutts by diiiug a proviso that boilers, when contrnoted oi iron or steel platts not g 1-10U inch in thickness to whieti the heat s applied on the outside of the sheet may iu ne discretion otthe secretary of the treutury aulhorized and aeed in sieam vessels navgutiug the Atlantic or Pacific oc=an, i alt water bays or sounds and the great lakes. Cun sideration of the river and oarbor bill was then resumed. The committee then ras and the House took a recesa uttü 8 p. ui., he eTeniLg sessiou to be tor the consideraïen of pension bilis. The House at the vening session passed twenty-six pension nlls (iacluding one granting a pensioa ot ïlO eauh to the minor children ot the Lite .aeut. Kislingbury, asd one inoreaaing ' tu 50 the pension ot the widoir of Commodore TiHebrown) and adjourned. FEBRüAKY 7. Sexati- A uew set of credentiala of Wm. il. Evrtrts, senator eiect trom New York, i're presented and filed. Mr. (Jameron ot WiscoiiSin presented joint resolutions ot the fginlature of WuounBin nrging congress to purchase ihe Stuigaon By and Lake Michi;un Canal; also u, jont rtsolution relat:nx o the purobase ol the Portage Iake canal; Mr. Büerman of Oaio, frooi the comminc oa librry, rtported a joint rsolution, wiiijh laistd, acceptiug the offer made the governmenc by VVm. H. Vanderhih and Mrs. Oram ot snords, meJals, irouZds pamiinga and oiher a.tiuies preteated to Oen. TT. 8 Geant oy varioas governments of the wond a ukenx of appreeiütion of his iliumrous ter as a soldier aud statesman. Tne n Am i u expresststnethaukaoí congreis to Mr. V.-nlerbiltand Mrs. Grant, and provides ihit ttit anieles be placed ín cnarge of the Librarían ot C.mgress, the Secretaiy of War, huwever, receive tnem for sale keepmg uutil a proper repository ruay be provided lor them Id túe ougieasional libmry. The Chair named áesurs. linar and Pendluton as ttllers on tne pan ot the Beuate la the ooant of the electoral 'ote on Wednesday mxt. Stsveral private ilJs were pabsed, among tnem one grautiug a pension to Margarèt G. Halpine. A biil to norease the pension of the widow ot Maj.Gen. ueo. 11. fnomas gave rise to saine dis cassion. The House bul woald give her $2,ttO a year. The m&jorily ot the Sánate com mittee rtcommtnd oniy $1,200, but the minority ot tiiat committee lavor the larer imouut. Tne discassion wan participated in y Messrs. Calloiu, Blair, Fiatt, ('..kteil, klitcaell, Fiuaib and Miller, of Califuruia: Ihe bill was pas.ed aa it carne liom the iouae. makiog the pension $2,000 a year. lr. Van Wyck of Nevada moved aa amendment to one of the private pension bilis, pro - viding that all soldiere' widows or minor childien wno, by the existing law, ara or may becoice tiuitltd to 18 per month shall n luture receive $12. Agreed to. Mr. Mitchell ot l'öunsylvium moved to add to tne biil fdrchtr pruvisioas of the Mexïoan pension bill camely: First, that ia coouidenng oases ot depeiideni prents ik shall 3b sniScient to show that tuch prents are wittüut ether means of omlortable support .han their own manaal labor or oontribu,iuii8 from persons not legaily baand ioi their sappurt; second, that proof tbat the applicant was regularly mastered into stivius shall be presauiptive evidenoe ot sonndness ttt tne time, bat nubjtct to rebnttal; and third, that no person shall be entitled to mors than one pension at a time nnless epecially deolared by act of cougr-ss. The amtndments were agreed to. A. bill was passed to rectore ïheodora Ten Kyck to hisrankin the army and place him on the retired list The bill was passd. It does not inclade pay tor the term hehas been out of the army. A-ttr executive session the Senate adjoarned Bousjt- After stveral iatffeotual attempts to ccnuder various questions, reoesi was ordered Irom G o lock to-day uniil 10 o'clock Monday and the House then went into com mittee of the whols, Mr. Hammond o Georgia, in the chair on the Ui ver and llarbo biil. FSB. 9. Senate - Oaio pablUhers eeatïn apstiticn praying lor a rednetion of postage on sec ond class mail matter, The antisilver coin age bill and the pension appropriation bil ou'upied the atttntion of the Senate daring the rest of the session. House - A llttle tilibustering ensued at th opening of the session, and the House at one went into commlttee of the whole on the rive and harbor bill. _


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