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A IIOBRIBLE CONFESSION. A Cincinnati Times Star special fr om Peteraburg W. Va., says: Snnday, Feb. lst., Elijah Wease, aged seventy-five.was arrested tor the murder of Iiiram Ault, in Ootober, 1801. Wea-e was arrested at the time and confined ia j il at Moorefiald. He was then removed to Harrisonville, hut was released by the TJnion soldiere. There were on!y two witnessts to the mnrder, George Reed and Aune Gnn. Reed was killed in the war. Aune Gun disap' peaied. Wease went to V.rginia and siayed till two years ago and men carne back. R;cei:tJT a sibter of the murdered man visited in the Wesf. 8he there met Auna Gau and was tel J the itory of her orother'a mnrder. Sne c&me baci and had Wease ar joited. The taot ot nis iormer arrtst was proven and he was boud over to the Giaad Jury. Lmter in the day ibe astounditg diseovcry was made that Wease was captain of a band oí de&ptradces, ho committsd robbery und marder. Twlve niurders are charged to the oM man. Be has cocfeesed to six, among otlers that of his own son. The method was to tke the vicüm to a place malled ihe "Leap" and throw theo over. At the pl&o designated remaias ol ñve men wck fcuud at one time. Taey were diecovernd by dojrs trinuingtceleg aud arm ota man home. Tue uiurdertr was nos tmspeoted iheu. Túe men killud, with two t-aceptious, wtre fcilled btcause they were Union men. He abo conlessed burnirg roany houtes. The whole conntry isaroused. Owingto the lack ot telegraph iacilities names and full details sre diüicuU to get at. The WhttJing R-gister pablishei' nearly a two-coluinu articlti and says "Wease killed a dozen men. The names ot but three are given." LYNCH LAW NKEDÏD. A Lonisviile Courier-Jourier speoial tells of the daings oi a band ot Ku-Klui or regulators in Giayfeon Co.,Ky. wuich ot late have !).d goin; the roundo at night whipping and otberwise cutraging persons who feil under their ban. Abcut 70 ot them surrouaded the toase ot a family named forbes, bnt the Koibes brothws fired upwo them aud euceceded in running them away, kiliijtg Jamts Shiley, one ot the regalaiora. ItiHfai.l that the rtgalators have whipped belpless women, ana have by thrtats run l artiea out of the country, and not long since whipped an old man named Torn Grten nairly to death becauee he didn't go with hu iamiiy. Bud Graham was a!so whipped so that it is thought he will cot recover. STATE MILITIAS. The secretary of war ha tr&nsmHted to oongressa statement sbowing the number of militia men organizad and unorganized in ifierent state of the Union. The total nmber of commisaioned oiliiers in the oranizjd miliii service is 7,311; the non-comlisoioned cffijers, privtites, etc, number 3,979; the total number ot unorganized militia mn. (or men Bvailable for military uty) is 6.530,506. Ne Yoik ranks ilrst in umoer oi orgtnizad men witíi 11.6S6 men; 'enns?lvania kecond with 8,380; Florida hird, with7283 and Ohio fourth, with 5,843. nG8rgia, Kississippi, Arkansas, Tennese utnd Oteon there is no organizad militia ervice. QUEEN VICTOKIA'S OFFIEK. The Queen has exprttssd a dtsire to conrifeute trom her private purse a sum suffleint to supplaut aLl make er ective any reard whioh the govemment may decide to fer for the arrest and convittioa ofcriminll gniity ot the recent dyna.mite outrages. 'ao annoUDCfment of this wish on the part t Ier Majesty has so stimulated popular etling tbat it ia believed the immediate reult will be the o.-ginization o a national und ior the ooject sugested by the Qaeen BAI FOKCUNNINGnAM. Cunuingbam. the dycaraite tuspeot, now onfitedin Clerkenwelipii-ion, wasunexpsetdly brucght into the tx&mination room ot ie Jil the ether morning and conirontcd by number oí persons, sonie of whom at once denti&ed him as the man seen by them actmg in a baspicious mauner in the ntighbor hoad of the undtrüroandrailway explosiona. Among these who confronted him were a policeman and brakeinan oonntcted i .h the underground railway. They positively ïaentifiect him inving travel ed on the train f ron the car winciow ol the dynimite i askge was thrown on Jan. 2 last, between the iiaiious at G jwer s;reet and Kings' Cross, wnictt partially wrecked several ot the railway carriages and destreyed a p&rt oi tne wall ot the tucnel. Several "accompiiais" have been arrested . BURSTING THE BOXES. The appropriatiou of $100,00u made in 1883 for Taulis, etorage and trauaportation üt silver doliars is now txnausitd. The assstant treasurer at San Francisco repoi t a thai he has no more ipice in his office for vault, and thoíe a ready built are inll, corjtaining $19, 459,100 siber dollars, 7,898,97O (rctional suvtr ai.d $S6,490,l0ü ot gold coin. The storage vaults at the San Francisco mint art lull to the Jast limit, aad tfce departmect is urgrd to rtuiove at ltaat a portiou or $33,000 000 now stored thtre. The vauJie at tho Cdrtou braoch m'n1. are aJso rowded aud transfers are reqatsted. The ssastant treasurer at Oii.einij&ti leports that .la vault io lul]. The Aanmat Treasurer at Pniladelphia Jiolds $9,927 310 01 süyer dolara aud $3,825,070 oi fractional siivtr coia. ie report that no fanher amourits can bu aceornmodated there uuless a sub bsstuum oom, not origiually intended lor tb. moiage ot bilver, aud net burglarprooi, b uatii. Phe totai coiuagd oi ttaudard siiver dollar for the eisuing twelve no itha is expeeted to be not lesa than f27,OJU,0CO. Ju erder to avail itself of the sierage-room memioned aboye the depar n,en: must transport the coins (regardless, it may te remarked, ol any qatstion o' oonvecimoe couuecttd with litir poBible ultímate uee as nieves) 'rum Le sevtral atsi&tiut trtasurera' offices, and rom the miLt where coined, to Wasliiugon, theüce to be reshipped to other plasea, nould they be required for cireu!atii;g purjoses iu ihe future. The adopüou of this souree doubles thocost oi transporcation. To ake caro ol this mass of süver Sdorctery tícCalloch recommends the epprcpri&lion of $500,000. X PENSION DECISIÓN. Aasistant Secretary Joslyn, of the interior depurtment, has readered a d cisión in the ■ase ot the aptliia.ion for pension ol Martha, a rumor child ot a private soldier. The qatstion pretextad naa whether he soldier at the date ot nis deaih was in he line of dut, and the decisión broadens seo&ibJy the oonêtruction beretotore placed on the penaion laws. Mr. Joslyn says: In his case it arpeara that ti.e soldier was grantt.d prmission by his superior oflker to go to bis borne tor the purpose of ittUg his ïife, who was vu y til. Atter h s arrival at ais home hio wife died and immcdiatal; atn-r er death and betore her burial tbe solditr started back to his company, aud while on hiB way back was cap ured by the enemyand tuk. n to Anderaonviilu prisou, where he died, S.ptember 13, 1864. Hia absence from his regiment was autaorizsd: hs actemp'.el to return and was prevented by an act of the enemy from doing so. Alter the expiration of his farlough, which must be conbidered to have expired at the ti:ae when 'ie would have arrived at his company, if he had not been oapturtd, which"was within a few days. Crtainly, alter he had bc en entered upon the government records as a deserter, he was no longer on a furlough but waa either a deserter or in the lite of duty. The evidence shows that he waa not a deserter, and tht re fora he was in the line of duty. The soldier's distase, whicbjresulted in bia death, having been received while in captivity, and a.fte tha expivation of his furlough, and wbile i was beyond his rower to return to his regi ment by reasen of such captivity, his dis6as and dealh should be treated as inenrred in the line oi duty. cniEF sroorENDYKE. A special írom Btauding Koek Indian asreney states thit by the recent death ol Young Antelope, Stanley Huntley, the newspaper nnu, who was at oae time connected wnh the Dakota pret, now in NewYoik, bt comes chier o f the Tetón nation. The manner in whiah Huntley became ohief oí all the Sioux trines is like a table. Years ago, before SittiEg Biill eurrendered, Hantley was seat by a Chicago paper to Northera .Montana to iuttrview ihe warriors. Tired c f ecouriag the plains he crossert the border, aiid became the gutst ol Maj. Walsh at Wood mouLtain, ín the Britihh northwesteru territory. Here camped around the major's post wtra oíd men and squaws, among whom were ;Liitlo Knife, hereditary ehiettain of the Tetona, who was too old lor war and bnffalo trails. Little Kni Ie inj ared his leg whiie dismoanting from nis pony and bis medicine man failed tft giye him any relief, and tbe old chief was given up to ie. Hnntley apeared on the scène, acd with a newspaper mn's extenaive knowledge bonnd it aronnd with kaves ana oil and Litne Knite recovereo. Hnntley was adopted, and last fajl when Sitting L'nll and troupe went east an adopted sister of Huntlty's was with them and reconzd HnntleyLittle Kuife had two son, Mouutain Dal 1 and Young Antelopt; tho formar was killed sume lime ugo and now by ADielope's de&th Huntley bccoines chief, as a nula rtlatiohby adop.ion is asstroDgRsthtongi bloed araoag Inujan, lluntlov's Inrii&n name is Wauk pay Wntan er Uoly Laaf. Huutley is the au. hor of the well Bu0v7.a ' Spoopendyka papers." A FATAL SLEIGH-KIDE. A sVighing party, : onswtisg of nina pêifBons, was rau down by the limite) txpreis on 3he Lake Shore road early on the morning ot Jan. 31, at Fort Clinton, O., 40 miies west oi Clevelan:. Btephen Salí oí Dttroit, Midi., and Mis Jennie Hople, of Oak Harbor, O , were nüla .t!y kiJltd nd toni 'Iy niiigld Mr. and Mrs. CnarUs Vogie oi Oak Harbor, were latally ïnjured. Mm. A. D. Tatrweeter was so terionsly hart that there aro no hopee oí Ier recovery. The horaes ware killed inscamly aad ihe sleiga totally dtmolished. Xheirjireil wtre convtyei to üik Hatbor with thiir dead oomcaiiions. Tius driïir of the team, and in fc et the whole party, either failed to hear the rumble and warnmg whistle of the traiu or did nut sse it, tor the nortes mounted Itie track jast it the moment the train as dashing by. No blaaie ia attachtd ti the railroad company. DEFIANT RÏBELS. Gen. Wolseiey ie'egrsphs from Xjrtita the War Offi 'e on the 6;h that a conrier has arrived irim tbe Eritinh camp neir Metemneh, who reporta ttiat the rebels ttt Mettmneh have becotue dtfi&ut tiúoe tea ring of the iall ol Khartoom. Tbe eourier al:-o eays an attackon Gubat msy be lookcd for at any Eooaient. as the rebels expect reinforjemeiits from Kbartonm. Lwd Wolseley tates that he wiii remain qaiet pending farthjr orders from the j;overnmtnt. At a Gibinet meeting on the morning of the 6th, to consider what ocurse shnuld be taken in regard to the pretcüt Egyptian tmtrency, it was de cided to eend ttlegraphij orders to India for the dispatc'a of Indiaa troops to Snakim ind meanwhile rintorce the garrison at S-mkira by dralts ot troops irom England and the Meditemceat). The consensns of opinión in the ministry is in favor of a stronif, aotive and v.gortus poHcy. The miniatry sanction any demand' ei Lrd Wolteley which will aid in the defeat cf the mahdi and will sectue the release of Gen. Gordon, if alive, or wreafc veugeanoe npon the Arabs, if slaia. Gen. Wols-ly says the necetsary cperatfons wiil be diffionlt aud hkzirdoas, and that it will rtqaire fire weeks to reach Khartonm. A BKOKEN UAIL DID IT. A síiíous accident occumd about tsn miles west of Cfetton, la. on the 8ih. Aa tiain No. 3, wís', bonnd, appnaohed the bridge acrosu a small strearn it strask a broken rail and tilttd iljuc: on the ties natil it ran upon the bridge, which went down, catrying with it two coaches and a sleepsr contamine ir jin twenty to tweiity-five pas sengeri Six pasengera were killed, aud several iüjared. The accident was dae to a breken rail cansed by tlia cold weatber.


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