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A Serious Disaster

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A collision occurred between a freight and n oil train on the iron and wooden bridge ot ihe I'ennsylvaaia railroad spanning tbe Ruitan river at New Brunewtek, N. J., hhortly before 3 o'clock on the niorniug of Heb. 7, resnlting in tbe loes ot fonr Jives. the dtstruction oi two locomotives and man y caxs, tbs i artial wreek of one apan of the bridge and the buining of two fapiories, six dwelhus and one hotel in this city. The darasga ia plared at netween $8C0,l)00 End f 1000,(00. The colusión, ao lar as can re learued, was oua to tbe csreleatneES of the conductor of th forward train. The train consuttd of frrijjht and oil cars, the lattw being in the rear, and was astboand. Kor (.ome unknown reason, the train stopptd on ihe bridge wirh the tail lUnding on thötihore .pana. No flagmen, it is alleged, were tem back to wam the approaching trains oí danger. The resalt was, the locomotiva of a Tast east-bound freight train planged into the rear ot the oil train. Tse shock was teriifi j aud cansed fa e explosión ot an oil e r. Streams of baraing oil sptediiy overepread the bridge and run down to the ttieit belovr, ignitin tverythinx oombastüe in its course. Two brakemen of the oil train feil throngh the bridge to the street with the car on wfcich they were, aDd were buraed np. The eusir.ecr and fireman ol the rear train jamped trom the cib at the Qecrge etreet croseing, seeing the colusión was inevitable, ai; cl sttved tfaeir hves. Tue hoek of the txplosion aroased the people jrom their slambers and, attraoted by the bright light oí the burning care, they ran tq the bridge acd attempted to stuy the progies of the ames. The entire fire depatmtnt aiso was on band prompt1 bat the gatten were filled with ültziog oil, which coull uot be turned irom its coime toward the livtr, and soon Janeway & Son's immense wail paper factory, close totaerivai, caught fire. The chitfof the ure department, recognizing the dangeroas straits in which he was placed, owing to his s'nall force, telegraphed to Elizabeih and Jertey City for assistance, bat btlure s.eamers from that place arrived Janeway's factory burnt d to the gronnd. John Doagherty, an employé, entered the office of this building to try and save the books, bnt as overeóme by the smo e and perished. The fire extended to the large tactory of the New Brunswick coneolidatid irnit jar company which was 'toan totally conMinud. Ntxt the ttream of oil reached the row ot dweiling honst 8 on Washington street oppesite the two factories, and they barned, toeether with the hotel adjoining. lt is beiitved they were pirtly insnred. Among the cars bnreed wt-re two containing 12 horses. The mjttery is that the whole tovrn was not bnrned . The accident is now said to have been dae to the carelessness of the telegrai'h operator on the catt bank of the Raritan, who opnated the block signáis, lie caonot be foündí


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