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Tbe Chinese dictionary reoently published eontorina 40 Yolumns. There are 10,000 ir. en, womoa and girls out of work ia Manayunk, l'a. The Frefloh force in Tonqiiin consumes $1,800 worth ol quiuine a ucnth. Ttdfc of forming sn international secret service bureau to traik out dynamiters. Paris will raise a loan of $40,000,000 for the public works, to supply empoyment. i Qunpowder woiks near Cantón, China, txloded recenll killing 250 employés. The Maine legislatura bus resolved that Gen. Grant should be placed on the retired list. Can gres h is tú be atked to help the Nw Orleans exposition out of its present difficultieB. The old liberty bell reached New Orleans sa'i ly, lts arrival was heralded by a befitting reception. Tha French intímate their williagneas to have a finger in th S judan pie il Ëagland cannot matter it. An txtemive Lre id raging in a coal mine at Eltrvale Fa. All tllons to check the ñames prove unavaiiing. Fire in Lexisgton, ;Ky., on the 6ch inst., destroyed tne opera house and oiher property value 1 at Í60.000. Tne cidzens la and order leagues of the Uiiited States wul holl a meeting in New York Cuy Fcb. 22 and 23. Dr. Christopher O. Uraham, 100 years old, died at L juisville, Kv., Feb. 3. He was an associate of Daniel öoone. Tuikey very modestly requested Italy to keep out of the Egjptian uuuddle. Ititly is mtie, but phe saya ehe wun't. Explosions of gas in a coal mine in Iadian Tirrr.ory, on the 2J, killed thiee men, Inj ïrtd eighty cice seriously and forty two büghtlj. United Irelaod, spiakingof the ihooting of O Doncvaa IK-eaa, bay, "Kjsu caiinot with ai, y show of rtaeon squeal over the oocortnce. A iich vudow Jidj oí as. Kochp, yac, 74 jeiu-s cf age, was inarritd ca the ód at Si. Rochs chureh to her coachniau, s. youih 19 ytara of ageLaura De Forcé Gorrión of Ban Francisco, the tecond wo jian alJowed tu practico befo re the U. 8. mpreme coort, ha been admiiud. She is a LVlitornian. Tne natives report that L1 Mahdi has 30,000 mea soattered bstweea B8rbtr, Bbendy aud Metemneh, and that the Utter plaue ia daily rtceíviug reinforcemsnU. The friends oí the New Orleans Kxposition are hopefal of securiag $511,000 add tioaal aid from the United Statea Government. A soJioiting committee is now at the oapitttl. Mrg. Morasini Hatlskirap has ai offsr of $10,000 to traytl wjtii Forepaugh's circaa ntxt season. Siie has net answered t, and itiscUim.d she has steretly signd wiih Barnom. President Arthur Eeut a messge to the House on the 3, tracsmittíng Mre. Qrant's offer to give tn tfae goyernnpent ia perpetaal trasc Gen. Grant's ooliection cf relies and memoria Ís. The naicercus inuaiaiary nrts which ('estrojed ruillions worth ot property in Cleveland, O., some months ago, it is claim ed, were startert by a Chicago soeialit who has escaped. Dr. Henry T. Hembold, the in-ventor ol the famous Hembold ' buchn," is nowia a Innatic asylam, while his wiie claims he is pcffcctly taue. A tuik ia now in progress to prevé his sanity. Tne North Oirolin honse of representatives has passed a bilí to pension ex-coufed' érate soldims who lo-t Jimbí in the servic ot the state or who 'oy reasen of wounds are incpacitatrd tot labor. The diaft of the txlradition treaty whioh has bsen agretd to by ihe United Htates and iJritish goTernments has been snbmitted to and apptoved by the Dominion government and rtturned to Londoo. Franc had her day at the World's Eipohiüon Sumiay, the 8th, and thtre was the largest crowd ever gathered wiihin the grounds. The Frenos cousul opened the ceremonies by au udiires. A fctatemmt has bten made by a Chinese orphau girJ i a Chicago ciutoms offleer that her sisier roM hr in llong Kong lor $i(i'2, and she was brcught lo (.'hicago to bay her freedom by nigfigirig in a life of ihanie. It, is stated tLat fivi AraericaES, effleors of the ('binoie army, have ariired in Eugland anda:e matirg contracta lor tho supply o ( war stores. When these arrangement are completed they will prooeed to Otiina via the 8utz Canal. In view of wariiings ol the iutentions of the dnamiters to deatroy toe Victoria Bridge, at Montreal, wooden ehanties have been built on the ice near both ends of the bridge, and three guards posted at night. It will be maintaiued all winter.


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