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The ancient ArgUR, the olj, old Argus, the Argns of mylholocry, w;is a watchful creaiure with ahundred ejes. The modern Argus, our Argus, the Ann Arbor Argus, is a nondescript beast with no eyes, but with wonderful ears constructedon a liberal plan, and for service at long range only. It can hear what Mrs. Grundy says in Wayne, Lonawee and Jackson counties, but it never hae heard of thciufamous tramp swindle right here in Ann Arbor wheieby the couuty has been victimized during the past few years to the tune of thousands of dollars. It has heard how the rascally board of auditors of Wayne county has allowed outrageously large bilis to its greedy office-holders but it has never heard how the democratie board of supervisors of Washtenaw county exposed au attempted steal of thirty per cent. in the bill of J. N. Bailey alias the nondescript aB can be seen by reference to page 40 of the printed proceedings of the board of supervisors for 1884. It never has heard the complimentary reeolution of this same board of supervisors to The Democbat for its aid in suppressing the tramp nui-ance. It never bas heard of the gift of $100 by this anie board to the publisher of this paper for what he had done to stop this uamnable tramp swindle. It has heard f rom Auburn, N. Y., and it has heard from one of the law societies in the university. It can hear in the distunce B-a-a-a-a-ley for postmaster, B-a-a-a-a-ley for postmaster, but it c in't hear ihe densive laughter at home which that proposition always brings. "O wad' some power the gif tic gi' us, To see oursels as ithers see us." Few people realize the immense extent of the country in which the British army is operating in the toud .n. Khartouni, which :ias fallen into the hands of the Arabs and Negroes is 1500 miles south of Cairo in the heart of África and is the commercial center of a región nearly as large as the whole of India. The city is situated on the point of Lind formed by the jurction of the Blue and White Nile. Gordon had several steamers and the full oomm.nd of the river; he could not be star.ed out and the position was believed impregnable againt assault. ünlya month ago his messeugi r brought the word that he could hold his position for years. No wonder that the Euglish people are terribl.v exciied over the fall of the place. lts loss can only be explained by treason or treachery. It is hinted that Gen. Gordon has himself turned Musselman and surrendered the place. This theory is not likely to be true.although Gordon is a religieus crank and was sent to Khartoum because of bis sympathy with the JM ah omedan rebels. It is about time for somebody to explode another fire cracker in London. The first news we got in regard to the late explosions was that the House of Commons, the old hall of Wilhom Bufus and the most ancient and solid building in the tower - known as the white tower - were blown into smithareens. It struck people at first that it was a little singular that such tremendous explosions taking place in buildings filled with with people, should hurt nobody . The truth is John Buil bas been more scared than hurt. The truth is the explosions . were trilling, and as it turns out harmless af- fairs. Nobody bas been hurt. One Amercian woman on the towc r Green when he saw the notice of the explosión in the news papers went into hysterics und the poleceman who held the terrible dymanite in his hands two minuets before it "weut off' in Westminister hall is alive and well, and when he hears an excited Enlishman describing the terrible explosión, that policeman"grins a ghastly smile" and moves on. TnE report of the recorder preseDted to the common council the first of the month shows thai there is $10,000 in the city trea8ury. When the license money is paid m the last of April, a little more than two months henee, there will be $10,000 more paid into the treasrary. Twcnty thousand dollars in the treasury andnodebt! Where is tliere a city in the country that can make such a showing as this? At the same meeting of the council, as we stat( d last week, it appeared that not a single arrest was made during the month of J;inuary, simply for the reason that there was no disorder and no occasion for an tirrest. The truth is ihereisnot a more esonomically orbettergoverned city in the country than Ann Arbor. We venture to say that there is not a city in the world with löOOstudents in its borders,released from the restraiuts of home that gets along with three policemen, and that is as peaceful, orderlv and quiet as nur own. The newspapcr correspondent are annoycd because they can't find out whi Cleveland is going to put into his cubinet. We can be sure of one thing he will appoint none but first-claas democrats - men who will conimnnd the reBpect of the party and the conñdence of the country. Cleveland beheves in a reform of the civil service and he has prac tical common ssnse cnouh to know that I to reform the civil service he must, the flrat thing hc does, flre out the scamps whose rascalities have made the reform necessary! Kepublicnn office holders who have been netive in party politics uid pnrty management will have to go. Immediately after the fotirth of March these patriots will be put in a position where they can attend to their private affairs without violatingthe spirit of the civil service rules. - ♦ - - i Our spring election approaches and is it not about time for Brother Sessions and ihe cranks to commence booming that "law and order" party? It is the fashion for a few of our people to begin to adyertise Ann Arbor as a corrupt, lawless and drunken town just abont the first of April each year. The illwtrious ('onway will not be present to "whoop it up" to ub this year. But we think for ten dollars a day some disinterested and eloquent individual could be secured to start the Boom. - - - - -. - - Brother Stearns of the Press is a candidato for postmaster in Adrián He ought to have the place. He has done splendid work duriug the Ciimpaiprn. He has brains and the courage of hls opinions . He bas made the Press one of the most spicy, valuable and inrluential journals in the state. His appointm'-nt as po8tmaeter of Adrián would be i just recognition of valuable services and gratify ng to the demoerats of tht' state.


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